BodyGuard 8

BodyGuard 8

A Chapter by Love U Stylinson


Great I thought I totally forgot my sketchbook on my desk this morning. I really wanted to finish it today because I know I probably won't get the chance to do it tomorrow because of the party. I sat in my desk and sulked, my chin in the palm of my hand as I listened to the teacher drone on about a test that half the classed failed. After a while she passed out some worksheet we had to do that I completely ignore until Nikki came and sat in front of me with this look on her face.

"Are you okay?" I asked giving her a curious look.

She waved her hand dismissively and smiled, "Oh nothing…it's just that I completely embarrassed myself this morning," she said casually.

"You're happy because of that?" I asked confused as to why someone would be happy about something like that.

"Because I got a date with that cutie that I slapped," she said cheerfully. I shook my head, Nikki is really something else. "However I don't understand why he tried to help you though," she. I sighed and told her that I would explain the whole Cameron-Turned-Over-A-New-Leaf thing later as I went back into my sadden mood.

Nikki flicked my forehead, "What's with the tude?" she asked.

"I forgot my sketchbook at home," I said, she sucked her teeth, "Everything isn't about drawing you know," she said waving a finger in my face.

"I know that but I was working on something and I was really hoping that I would get it down today because I know I wouldn't have time to finish and I really need to before Sunday," I cried. Nikki's face suddenly went serious as she leaned in towards me analyzing my face.

"Hmm and why is this oh so important sketch need to be done before Sunday?" she asked slyly as she looked down on me.

I looked away a blush on my face, "Well….I kind of figured out that Christian's birthday is Sunday and…..yeah," I trailed off to embarrass to even continue the rest.

Nikki let out a bark of laughter slamming her hand down on my desk, "I knew it!" she cried, "You guys are going to be so cute together….this works out perfectly," she said.

"What will work out and stop laughing…I was just curious about him is all," I muttered.

She stopped laughing and put on a thoughtful look, "You'll see during lunch," was all she said before teacher told us to get back to our seat and go over the worksheet. I sat there trying to figure out what Nikki meant, what was going to happen during lunch. I hate how she knows these types of things and Im left out the loop…..whatever I thought.

"Jake please answers number four for us," Mrs. Hartz asks. Snapping out of my thoughts I looked down at the worksheet about chemical reactions and realized I didn't even do it.

'I hate this class' I thought

- (Moved on to second Period)


I really don't like gym class it's not like im bad at sports or anything (I've been on the swim and lacrosse team) it's just the people I have them with. Meaning half the f*****g football team and we were currently playing soccer out on the field, but it felt more like fighting to the death. I can't tell you how many times 

Nathan's goons tripped me up, aimed the ball at my head, or shoved me out the way. I tried to keep my temper in check because if I didn't s**t was going to happen and im pretty sure if it did I would be getting suspended.

I was being the goalie because the coach kind of caught on to what was happening on the field. I saw Nathan running down the field towards me with the ball at his feet. His eyes were trained on me a smirk was on his face, I had a feeling that I needed to prepare myself for what he was about to do. I waited for him to kick the ball but he stopped, I straighten from crouch position and stared at him while he just stared back.

"The f**k is your problem?" I asked glaring at him.

"My problem is you and your f****t of a boyfriend," he hissed. I started to count in my head to calm myself down, I realized that the entire gamed stopped everybody on the field was just standing there watching. I looked over to the bleachers to see that coach was gone…..well great I thought.

"First off he's not my boyfriend and second I don't appreciate you calling him that," I said icily.

He started to walk towards me that smirk on his face, he was inches from my face before he said, "I'd bet you appreciate him sucking your dick like a little s**t."

…Now I've already mention that I have a temper and when I pushed to the edge I f*****g lose it. So when he said that to my face the first reaction was to head-butt him….and that's what I did. Yah it hurt a little but seeing Nathan's head fling back in surprise was funny and what made it even funnier is that he tripped over the soccer ball by his feet.

"You f****r," he growled out before grabbing at my ankles and yanking them down. I didn't expect him to do that so when he grabbed me I fell on my back and not a second later was he on me and landed a punch. However that was the only one he was going to get because I brought my knee up between his legs, making him roll over in pain. I had my arm back to punch him but one of his goons pulled me off and that's when I heard the coach yelling and running over 

to us.

"What the he�"is going on over here!" he yelled as he helped Nathan up off the ground.

"He f*****g head-butted me, because I was talking his f****t of a boyfriend!" the blonde cried. For some reason this made me mad and I lunged at him again getting a good punch in the face. I was going to do more but the coach pulled me back and said, "You get your a*s off my field and go to the office."

"And I deal with you at practice," he hissed before giving me a slip of paper.

As I walked back to the locker room to change I was still mad as hell. I mean how come Nathan hadn't got sent to the office….this is some overall bullshit. 

Slamming my locker shut I walked out the room and headed to the office, I was glad that the bell didn't ring yet I didn't want to talk to anybody right now.

When I got to the office the lady at the front desk looked at me with a disapproving look;

'Well f**k you too b***h' I thought as I walked into the principal's office. He looked at me and told me to sit down.

"Mr. Booker….you're the new student that just transferred right?" he asked. "Im 

Mr. Roberts," he added with a smile.

"Yah that's me," I muttered looking down at my bloodied hands.

"Care to tell me why you're here?" he asked leaning back in huge chair.

I sighed before telling him what happened out there on the field and what Nathan said. When I finished he had this look on his face like he wanted to go kill something. I looked at him curiously before opening my mouth again.

"I really didn't mean it�"okay that's a lie I did mean it, I just didn't like the way he was bad mouthing my friend because he was gay," I stated.

"Hmm I see," he said still looking at me with that look on his face. "I'll let you off the hook….but not because you're new but for what you did," he said.

"Wow….um thanks," I stuttered a little surprised as I started to get up from the chair. But before I opened the door he said something else, "I understand why you were mad…..I wouldn't want anybody bad mouth my boyfriend either," he said with a knowing smile. My face went red….what….the….

"Tch h….he's not my boyfriend," I muttered as I walked out the door, "Yet," I added. I looked down at my hands…I need to go see Dr. Stelee. As I walked down to the nurse's office I couldn't help but think….who would have thought that our principal was gay.


I come to realize that I hate my classes, especially second period because my English is so very annoying. And I was more than happy to get the hell out there when the bell rung….actually I was more than happy because it was time for lunch. After going to my locker I headed to the cafeteria, got lunch and sat down next to Nikki who was flirting with Cameron who sitting next to her. When I sat down Nikki smiled at me with a knowing look in her eyes, I looked to Cameron but he merely shrugged his shoulders. I was just about to ask where Christian was when I spotted him in the crowd walking towards us with an angry look on his face.

Holy s**t what happened to you," Nikki exclaimed taking in the bandaged hands and forehead. Christian sighed before completely ignoring her and turning his attention to me.

"Grab your lunch and come with me," he stated before walking off again. I gave Nikki a questioning glance before picking up my sandwich and water and walking after him. I didn't know what happened to Christian but I was getting really worried about him, I never saw him mad before and he looked pissed. We never did say anything to each other until we reach the staircase that led up to the roof, now why would be going to the roof.

I watched as Christian pulled out a key and unlocked the door he held the door opened for me and I walked outside. I watched as he walked over the far corner and sat down motioning me to sit down next to him.

"Sorry if im being a little bossy…just having an off day," he said leaning his head against the fence. I looked at face, he had scratches on his cheek, and a bandage on his head. Looking down I noticed that his hands were wrapped to…

"What happened to you?" I asked thoroughly worried about him. He opened his eyes and looked at me; my heart skipped a beat…..maybe to, I blushed and focused on my food.

"Nathan was being an a*****e during gym and we got in a fight," he said rolling his eyes.

"Im sorry," I said softly.

Christian gave me a look, "What are you saying sorry for?" he asked. I looked up at him, "Because im pretty sure he was saying something about me, and you probably got mad and defended me and hit him, causing him to hit you back then you probably got in trouble and its all my fault," I cried, I knew I was rambling on but I couldn't help it. I don't like it when people get hurt because of me.

Christian laughed, "Jake its okay…I like defending you," he said smiling brightly at me. "You're cute when you babble like that," he added.

I blushed….again.

I didn't know what to say to that so I just played with the loose end of my shirt.

"I actually brought you up here for a reason," Christian suddenly stated. I looked up from playing with my shirt giving him a curious look. "Yeah….what for," I asked, "Nikki was talking about this meet up thing all morning actually," I said.

"There no other way to say this but….do you want to go on a date with me?" he asked his eyes boring into mine. I sat there for a minute thinking; yes he finally asked me and I was really excited, however there was still a trace of doubt in the back of my mind. I started to bite me lip; when I didn't say anything he got this discouraged look on his face and I instantly felt bad.

"Uh….when exactly?" I asked.

"Sunday I'll take you to a movie or something….dinner later I guess," he said, his face turning a bright red.

Sunday? "Wait but isn't that�" Christian gave me a look, and I quickly shut my mouth, "Sounds perfect," I said smiling a little.

"Great, we should probably head back downstairs before the bell rings," he said grabbing my hand and pulling me up. However I lost my footing and tripped falling into Christian's chest…God how embarrassing.

Christian chuckled, "I found out the craziest thing today," he said, feeling the other boy's discomfort.

"Yeah what?" I asked forgetting about out positions.

"Our Principal is gay," he said.

My eyes went wide….I knew it, "Nikki owes my ten bucks," I cried.

© 2012 Love U Stylinson

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props on the gay principal

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Love U Stylinson
Love U Stylinson


Um im a huge 1D fan and I ship larry!!!!!! more..