BodyGuard 2

BodyGuard 2

A Chapter by Love U Stylinson


I looked to where a group of guys that were walking down the hallway and towards me and Jake. I could tell that the kid was scared shitless right now I mean the look in his eyes was of fear also the look of horror written all over his face didn’t help either. Looking at him all 

I wanted to do was give him a huge hug to make him feel better.

“Hey Jake how’s ya wrist feeling,” one of the guys taunted. I saw Jake move a little closer to me still looking at the floor; I know in this situation I shouldn’t be thinking this but I was pretty happy that Jake could trust me even though we just met.  

“What you forgot how to talk or something?” another said. I looked at the guy who was in front, I guessed he was the leader of his little group thing or whatever the hell ya wanna call it. I really hate when people just follow one person around like that, it’s like they don’t even have their own mind. Sighing I knew I had to do something because one this guy was pissing me off and two I could tell that he was scaring Jake.

“I’m pretty sure he’s not talking because he doesn’t want to talk to you,” I stated. The blonde who was in the front stared me down….’like that’s intimidating’ I thought.

“And you are?” he asked.

“Christian Booker, hero of the day,” I said proudly as I bowed in front of them. I heard a giggle come from beside me and I noticed that it was Jake with a small smile on his face. 

At least I got him to laugh I thought as my attention turned back to the blonde in front of me.

“And you must be the idiot blonde jock?” I asked. Uh-oh I think I did it now, the look on the blondes face was of rage….I think I’ve angered him a little. The blonde was in my face now and Jake was standing behind me, I was going to say he needed some tic-tacs but I think now wasn’t the right time. Just when he was going to say something a teacher poked his head out the door staring at us disapprovingly.

He shoved me away, “We’ll finish this later,” he said as he started to walk off with his little posse. I watched as they walked but one of boys that was in the back held out his hands to shove Jake but I was a step ahead. I caught his hand before he could touch Jake’s shoulder I looked at him with a murderous glare, “Touch him you die,” I hissed. He didn’t say anything and walked off with the rest his group.

“You okay,” I asked Jake. He smiled up at me his green eyes shining, “Yah im fine…..thank you,” he said.

‘Ooo he’s blushing again how cute’ I thought.

“Well then let’s go get some lunch cause im starved,” I said.



Im really glad that I met Christian today because I don’t know what would happen if he wasn’t there in the hallway with me. I probably would’ve ended up with another sprained wrist or a bloody nose. Now im just glad that I have someone that can defend me, im still a little worried about him though. It’s not everyday someone sticks up for me like that especially to those idiots. I think my favorite part out of the whole ordeal is when Christian introduced himself. It was pretty funny seeing the look on that jerks face oh and when the other guy was going to shove me, Christian stopped them. Im not gonna lie to you guys, my heart fluttered when he told them not to touch or they’ll die. I only knew the guy for two hours and he’s already defending me like this. I felt…wanted.

“Hello come back to earth Jakey,” Christian said from across the table.

“Jakey?” I asked.

“Yep that’s your nickname for now on,” he said as he ate his pudding.

I looked at him a little confused, “Um thank you?” I said not really sure how to reply to that. He laughed, “You’re too cute,” he said. To embarrass to say anything I just focused on eating my pizza, this guy is to straightforward I thought.

“Jaaakkee,” came a high pitch sound.

“Oh great,” I muttered under my breath.

“Hmm what’s wrong?” Christian asked looking up. I sighed when I felt small arms over my shoulder and a chin on top of my head.

“Hi Nikki,” I said.

She sat down next to me a pout on her face, “Is that anyway to treat a friend,” she said. I was going to ask how we ended up being friends I mean I didn’t know being someone’s lab-partner meant that they were automatically friends but whatever. I just decided not to say anything I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with her, she could be real loud and whiny sometimes.

“So who’s your friend?” she asked looking over to Christian. I looked up and smiled a little, 

“Christian this is Nikki….Nikki that’s Christian,” I said.

“Hero of the day actually,” he said and I couldn’t help a giggle that escaped my mouth. 

Nikki looked at him her eyes wide as saucers, “How did you get him to laugh?” she cried. Christian just shrugged going back to his pudding, “I make everybody laugh it’s a habit,” he said. Her head whipped around back to me, her black curls swaying over her face.

“How come you don’t laugh for me?” she asked. I looked at her a small smile on my face, 

“Because you’re not funny,” I said.

She huffed and turned from me, “How rude,” she muttered facing Christian again. I was going to say something but she interrupted me completely. “So how are you the Hero of the day?” she asked. Christian looked at me but I just nodded my head, she was going to find out anyway…..if it has something to do with me and getting beat up Nikki always finds out. I was kind of surprised she didn’t notice the bandage I had on wrist yet. As Christian explained what happened this morning I watched him silently as he talked. I know I’ve said this before but he was cute very cute, he’s pretty much everything that I wanted in a guy. He was tall and lean he was probably a swimmer or something I guess, I really like the way his hair curled at the end and don’t get me started on his eyes. I was snapped out of 

my daydreaming when Nikki slapped my arm.

“Those b*****d are after you again,” she cried. I could tell that she was about to go into one of her rants, she always does this when I get hurt.

“I’m fine,” I insisted trying to calm her down before she really went off.

“You’re not fine,” she yelled, “Look at your wrist Jake.”

“It’s just sprained Nikki it’s no big deal,” I said calmly trying not yell at her back.

“Yes it is!” “You get enough torture at home an�"“Nikki! I said I was fine now f*****g drop it,” I yelled at her. She crossed the line there, I was highly aware at what happens at my house I’m not a damn idiot, and I really didn’t need anyone telling me when I already live there in that hell hole.

“Jake I’m sorry�"“I’ll see ya later Christian,” I said as I got up from the table, I was already 

irritated from this morning and hearing this from Nikki didn’t help at all. I walked out the cafeteria and to the art room it was my next class after lunch so I didn’t need to worry about being late; it was probably the only place I really belong. When I got there Mr. Oliver was at his desk eating his lunch, he didn’t even look up to me as I sat down in the back. I pulled my sketchbook out my bag and set it on the desk; opening it I sat there trying to figure out what to draw, I went back into my book bag to get the color pencil but realized they weren’t in there. Thinking for a minute I tried to figure out where I put them…..ah still in my locker I thought.



I watched as Jake left I really wanted to go after him but something told me he didn’t want to be bothered right now. I looked back to Nikki who still had a scowl on her face but I could tell that she was sorry for what she said. I really wanted to know why Jake got so upset it was in my nature to know things so when I didn’t know why he was upset I wanted to know why he was…..make sense, well it does in my head. Anyway I wanted answer and I was determined to get them.

“So what was that about?” I asked Nikki who turned to look at me. Okay now see if I wasn’t gay I would defiantly go out with Nikki, she was a real beauty; telling by her skin color one of her parents must be black, hair was really curly but short it really suited her……anyway getting off track back to the situation.

“He doesn’t like it when I talk about you know…” he sentenced trailed off. I looked at her waiting for to finish but when she didn’t I spoke.

“No I don’t know that’s why I’m asking,” I said. She huffed, “Really it’s not my place to say anything….so it’s probably better for you to ask him,” she stated. I thought about this for a minute I only knew Jake for like what…..two hours maybe I can’t just go around asking personal questions like that. I know that when we confronted those idiots in the hallway 

Jake moved closer to me but I wasn’t sure that he trusted me enough.

Speaking of those idiots, “Who are the guys that’s always on Jake’s tail?” I asked. Nikki’s 

face instantly went sour, “Those f*****g football players can rot in hell,” she hissed 

“They’ve been after Jake since freshman year,” she said.

“Yah but why?” I asked curious as to why anybody would just beat up some random kid for no reason.

“Because he’s gay,” she said.

Wait a minute hold up what f*****g century are we in, I mean seriously were still beating guys up because there gay.

“What the f**k,” was all I could say.

Nikki nodded her head, “I know I wonder sometimes what century were in,” she said. I looked at her for a minute and she stared back, I could already tell that me and this girl were going to be good friends. They bell rung and I said bye to Nikki as I headed to my fourth period class I was kind of happy because it was my photography class. As I was walking I heard something that sounded like muffled scream coming from around the corner and I had a pretty good feeling that it was Jake.

So you know me being the hero and all I ran over to see the blonde guy from earlier holding Jake against the locker by his wrist. I could see the tears falling down Jakes face and his face was really red; seriously what the hell happened to the world.

“Come on Nathan lets go,” the brown hair kid said.

“Shut it Cameron…don’t you want to finish what we started earlier,” Nathan said. I don’t know about you but I could tell that he didn’t really enjoy bullying people around like that. I walked over calmly and shoved Nathan of Jake who slid to the floor.

“The f**k is wrong with you,” I said. Nathan looked at me with anger in his eyes, “You little dick,” he said as he got back up his arm pulling back for a punch. I waited for his arm to straighten out and when it did I took hold of it and flipped him over onto the floor. The look on his face was pretty priceless it made me laugh actually; I looked up to Cameron who had a look of shock to.

Looking down at Nathan I smiled, “You did say you wanted to finish later right,” I smirked. I looked back to Jake who staring at me with those hopeless green eyes of his….so cute I thought. I reached out my hand and he took as I helped him up, he wobble a bit and his arm instantly went over my shoulder. I looked down to see that his ankle was bruised; I looked at Nathan who was still on the ground in pain.

“Listen I’m going to say this once,” I started, “Leave Jake alone and if you don’t I’ll lay you out on the floor…..again,” I said. I then looked at Cameron who looked guilty, “You don’t look like the type to torture people……don’t follow dumbass people around like him,” I said before walking back down to the nurses office.

“Thank you Christian,” Jake said quietly I looked at him from the corner of my eyes; he looked so sad and defeated so I decided to cheer him up.

“You know I’m new here right,” I said.

“Yah,” Jake answered.

“Well this is my first time here,” I said with a smile, “And I never would’ve thought that I would miss all my classes on the first day.”

‘He giggled…mission accomplished’ I thought.

“I’m sorry I took up all your class time,” he said, I could tell that he was serious but was playing around at the same time.

“Please I would rather be hanging out with you then go to class,” I said.

“Really?” he asked.



© 2012 Love U Stylinson

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AW! I love the way this ended. I'm seriously falling in love with this book. I can't wait until the next chapter gets here. This is just amazing. And it keeps getting cuter by the second. This is awesome. Keep it up. Epic write. Well done! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

Love U Stylinson

11 Years Ago

Thank You!!!!! Stay posted because the next chapter will be up soon =)

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Love U Stylinson
Love U Stylinson


Um im a huge 1D fan and I ship larry!!!!!! more..