BodyGuard 4

BodyGuard 4

A Chapter by Love U Stylinson


To say that I was a little worried about Jake was an understatement I was completely terrified for the kid. I mean no one has that look of some much fear by just getting a call from somebody and going home with horror filled eyes. I was finally home and sitting in my new room, it was much bigger than the one in New York but I still would rather be there than here. My dad asked questions non-stop about my day, I can understand though he just wants to make sure that I was adapting alright. Sighing I rolled off my bed and grabbed my camera, I wanted to develop those pictures that we all took today. You all are probably thinking you just want the ones with Jake it and im not gonna lie I do.

I walked out the room and downstairs, I looked in the living room to see my dad on his laptop and my little sister watching CSI Miami. Rolling my eyes I headed to the basement where I keep all my photos and equipment. A good two hours later I was completely finished and I was now looking at Jake pretty face next to mines. I really liked the way he smiled it wasn’t big but it wasn’t small either it was just right; fitting perfectly on his face. After putting everything away I went back upstairs my mind suddenly on Jake again, I really should have asked for his number before he left the park earlier. ‘Got to remember to ask him’ I thought.



Ah I really don’t like mornings as I yawned on the way to school it’s just something about waking up at so early in the morning bothers me a lot. It was really humid outside and I hated it I really wish I was back in New York. I was more of the cold type of person, never like spring, autumn was just ick, and I hate, hate, hate summer.

As you can I see im not fond of it at all but anyway as I walking I felt a poke on my shoulder. I looked over but didn’t see anyone, so I turned back around, “Morning!”

“S**t…..Nikki!” I shouted as I looked at her, she smiled up to me with excitement.

“Is that anyway to treat a friend,” she scowled.

‘I really don’t understand how Jake can put up with her sometimes’ I thought.

“Well you’re the one scaring people to death,” I retorted.

She gave me a look, “Your point?” she asked brows up in a curious manner.

I opened my mouth to say something but she completely cut me off, “Have you seen Jake?” she asked as we sat down on one of benches by the school entrance.

“Nope why don’t you try calling him,” I suggested; playing with ends of my hair.

“I did!” she cried, “Five times in a row and I texted him like a million times,” she added.

This instantly got my attention I know I’ve only known Jake for a day but he didn’t look like the type to just completely miss school, so in my head something was wrong. Suddenly Nikki’s phone rang and I watched her as she answered her face set into a serious yet relief look.

“You’re not okay,” she said seriously.


“Are you coming to school? “She asked.


 “Okay I’ll tell Mrs. Hartz,” she said.


“Okay bye.”

I looked at her and waited for her to say something, “Jake’s gonna be late but he’ll be here,” she said as she sighed running a hand through her curly hair. My mind went to Jake again I was worried about him again, I mean what if he was laying in his room bleeding or bruised or something. We didn’t have much time to talk about it because the bell rung Nikki and I got up and headed inside.



 This morning was something I was really not looking forward to, I knew that Tyler was going to be mad. And when morning came he wasn’t shy about it either, he literally dragged me out my bed and into the living room and started to kick me. It hurt but I didn’t scream I didn’t want give him the satisfaction at all, so I laid there on the floor till I realized that he already left for work. Finding a bit of relief in that I headed to the bathroom to see the damage; I had a bloody lip and another bruise forming on my arm from where he gripped me so tightly. Not wanting to look at myself anymore I took a quick shower and got ready for school. I really thought about skipping because I was pretty sure 

I was going to miss first period but I didn’t want to face Nikki’s wrath so I just decided to go. On the way out I checked my phone and come to find out that I had a lot of missed calls from her.

‘Im in trouble now’ I thought as I dialed her number, “Jake where are you?” she screeched into the phone.

I flinched, “Im sorry but last night….Tyler he got mad again,” I said, “B….But im okay so don’t worry,” I reassured.

“You’re not okay,” she said seriously.

I sighed and rubbed at my eyes, “Nikki I said I was fine,” I hissed.

“Are coming to school?” she sighed.

“Yah im on my way now but I’ll probably be late for first period,” I said.

“Okay I’ll tell Mrs. Hartz,” she said.

After saying bye to Nikki I continued on to school, I really wish it would start getting cold this humid weather was seriously starting to bother me. I lived here all my life and I still hate the weather it just doesn’t add up in my head that it should be humid in the middle of October. Whatever I pushed all those thoughts and focused on a problem that I was trying to solve for a long time.

See the thing is my mom died a long time ago from cancer and I was just brokenhearted over it, I mean anyone would be. I loved my mom to death ‘no pun intended’ even though her boyfriends and little flings got annoying sometimes but she loved me and took care of me. She used to tell me stories about my father my real one, she told me that he left saying that he was going to come back rich and support my mom and I. We really didn’t live in a good neighborhood then and out apartment was no better and all he wanted to do was help. However one day he just didn’t come back and I always wondered if he would one day but I highly doubted it. I haven’t seen him since I was five I think….six? One or the other but I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

Anyway back to the matter here my mom met Tyler�"“Jake!” My mind stopped and looked up to see Christian smiling over at me waving his hand in the air. What the hell is he doing I thought as I walked over to him, he gave me a hug and smiled.

“Why aren’t you in class?” I asked as we walked back into the school.

I watched as a light blush covered his face, “I was just a little worried… know you being late an all,” he said.

Now this made me blush, “Im sorry….woke up late,” I lied looking away from his face.

“Right,” Christian muttered.

“Well I should probably get to class,” I said not really wanting to talk about it anymore.

“I’ll see ya after class I guess,” Christian said as he started to walk away. Before I went inside the classroom I watched him leave and for some reason I felt bad for lying to him. I mean I just couldn’t tell him about Tyler but it felt like I was deceiving Christian for some reason. I thought about it as I walked into Mrs. Hartz class she looked at me with a sympathetic look but didn’t say anything as I took my seat next to Nikki in the back.

I could feel Nikki’s brown eyes glaring at me so I made it my goal to ignore her for now, I really didn’t feel like dealing with her. I was half focusing on what Mrs. Hartz was saying to the class and half drawing in my sketch book. I really wanted to finish the sketch I started yesterday in art ‘mind you the one Christian almost looked at yesterday’ but I was pretty sure right now wasn’t the time to do that, so I just drew something random.

“Thinking about your mom again.” I looked up to see Nikki in front of me sitting in her chair backwards, staring at my sketchbook.

I looked down at the city I drew, “I guess I am,” I answered as I started to draw another building. My mom and I have this thing for cities, she wanted to move to New York but then she got sick and we just didn’t have the money. So anytime I would think about her while I was drawing I would most likely end up drawing some type of city back-round.

“It’s really good,” she said.

“My sketches are always good,” I said not looking up from what I was doing, she was really starting to work my nerves; it’s too early in the morning for this s**t.

“Cocky much?” she asked poking my arm with her pencil.

“Annoying much?” I hissed looking up at her with irritated eyes, when I saw her face I instantly regretted saying what I said.

I sighed I need to fix my attitude before something happens, “Im sorry,” I mumbled putting my head down on the desk. I felt a pat on my back.

“Don’t apologize I know I can be annoying and you’re not much of a morning person,” Nikki stated.

“Damn right im not,” I said peeking a look from under my arm; she smiled before patting me on the head.

 I was pretty happy that first period was over because by the end of class I got an earful from Mrs. Hartz for not paying attention the last five minutes of class. It really pissed me off because why did she yell at me for something that I was doing since is stepped foot inside the classroom. Anyway as she yelled at me I saw Christian from the corner of my eyes at the door with a smile on his face. When Mrs. Hartz was finished I walked out to see Christian with a smug look on his face.

“Getting chewed out I see,” he says with a smirk.

“Yah I wasn’t paying attention,” I said with a shrug. “Did you find your class?” I asked.

“Oh yeah with some help,” Christian said.

“Help?” I asked.

“Yeah he�"Hey Christian!” I looked behind my shoulder to see some short blonde kid running after us. I looked over to Christian to see him smiling in delight….who the hell is this guy.

“Hey Ronni,” Christian greeted happily. I watched as this Ronni kid wraps his arms around Christian’s shoulder, he was pretty much hanging off of him. My face scrunched up in the slightest he looked like the annoying type blondes.

“I thought you said you were going to wait for me,” he whined loudly.

‘Yah I was right….annoying blonde’ I thought.

“What….when did I say that?” Christian asked putting on a confused face. I looked at him and I could tell that he was joking around I could see the playfulness in his eyes. I looked at Ronni he was short he came to Christian shoulder, his hair was to his shoulders and his eyes gray…..I didn’t like him, suddenly he looked at me.

“Who’s your friend?” he asked as he dislodged himself from Christian shoulders. I fixed on my fake smile and pushed every bad thought about this kid out my head.

“Im Jake,” I said my voice hinted just a bit of annoyance but I was pretty sure he didn’t hear it. His eyes narrowed.

‘Okay maybe not’ I thought.

“Hmm nice to meet you…..I guess,” he said sweetly. Wait a minute did I hear that right, 

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Oh nothing,” he said.

I said nothing at that as I started to make my way to second period, I didn’t know why I felt so….jealous for I mean Christian can make anyone his friend if he wanted to, why should I give a damn? But as they followed behind me talking like they were friend forever, I’ve already murdered that kid in every possible way in my head.



© 2012 Love U Stylinson

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love the last line of the story lol

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Love U Stylinson
Love U Stylinson


Um im a huge 1D fan and I ship larry!!!!!! more..