BodyGuard 3

BodyGuard 3

A Chapter by Love U Stylinson


It was finally the end of the day and I was totally exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep. I just stepped out of my last class when Christian jumped out of nowhere and scaring the s**t out of me. He smiled at me before slinging an arm over my shoulders, “Hiya,” he greeted. I looked up with a smile, “Hey,” I greeted back.

“How’s your ankle?” he asked. I looked down at my now bandaged ankle, “Its fine nothing to worry about,” I reassured.

“Hmm if ya say so but anyway do you want to hang out for a while… know show the new guy around town,” he drawled. I thought about it for a minute there wasn’t much to look at around here so it would probably be quick and I was pretty sure Tyler would be working late today.

“I guess I can but let me get something out my locker before we go,” I said. As we walked to my locker we ran into Nikki and she looked really upset for some reason. I was going to ask what was wrong with her but she flung herself into my arms. I looked at Christian but he just shrugged so I gently pushed her away and asked her what was wrong.

“Im sorry about earlier I didn’t mean to say it,” she cried. I sighed Nikki was a very overdramatic person and when she did something that she was sorry for her apologizing is really something to see actually. I let a small smile appear on my face as I wiped the little tears gathering by her eyes, “Calm down Nikki its okay I know you didn’t mean it,” I said, 

“I overreacted a bit anyway,” I added.

She sniffled and looked up to me,” No it’s not okay I knew I crossed the line there at lunch and I want to make up for it,” she said.

“Sounds like fun we were about to go out anyway,” Christian said as he smiled over at me. 

Nikki looked at him then to me with her eyebrows up and a curious look on her face in that moment I knew what she was thinking about.

“Whatever is running through your head just stop,” I said as we all continued to my locker.

“What im not thinking anything,” she faked mocked. I didn’t say anything because I knew she was lying, she probably thought Christian and I was going out on a date or something which we weren’t. I mean I’ve said it before he was really cute but im really not looking for a relationship with anybody right now.

After going to my locker and getting my sketchbook we all headed outside I really didn’t know where to take Christian since he was new around here.

“So were exactly are we going?” Christian asked as they walked out of the entrance gate to the school.

“Honestly I don’t know,” I said still trying to figure out where to go.

“How about we go to that Ice Cream shop across from the park,” Nikki suggested. I looked to Christian to see if it was okay with him, “It’s cool with me,” he said.

“Aright….Ice Creams on me,” Nikki shouted as she hauled us down the street and around the corner. I wondered how this girl can be so damn hyper and happy all the time I just didn’t understand. But whatever I thought as we all walked into the Ice Cream shop. After Nikki paid for both our ice creams we walked across the street to the park where I usually draw. We all sat down by the little pond and talked about random stuff.

“So you’re from New York?” Nikki said asked excitement etched onto her face.

“Yep born and raised….until we came down here,” Christian said as he licked his ice cream. 

I watched the two talk for a while as Christian explained why he moved and how it’s so different from where he used to live. It must be fascinating to live in such a big place with a lot of people, I always wanted to live in a livelier place, meet more new people.

“Jakeeyyyy,” I looked up and noticed that Nikki was staring at me, “What,” I said stupidly, she laughed.

“Such an airhead, I asked if you wanted a soda or something?” she asked.

“Oh um no im fine I said,” taking a lick from my own ice cream. I watched as she got up and went over to the vending machine; I jumped when I felt a cold finer on the side of my lips. “You had some ice cream there…..but I got it,” he said with smile. My face went so red and looked down at my ice cream not wanting to look at his teasing face ‘how can someone be so straightforward like that’ I thought.

“Im starting to think that you like embarrassing me,” I accused lightly focusing my gaze on the ground. I heard him laugh before pulling my chin up to look him in the eyes.

“Nah I just like to see you blush,” he said smoothly as he pinched my nose. This (if possible) made my face even redder than it was, I watched him as he leaned in closer his eyes focused on mine the whole time. You know if you ever been in this situation it’s only natural that you would pucker your lips and close your eyes right. Well that’s what I did but I didn’t feel the anything on my lips so I opened my eyes to see him reaching across my shoulder to take my sketchbook that was on the ground.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

‘Okay maybe today is just not my day’ I thought as I turned my attention to my melted chocolate ice cream.

“Nothing,” I muttered under my breath.



I think its turning into a habit to make this kids face turn red, I mean it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like Jake has this innocence around him that makes you want to just hug him and kiss him all over the place. I think im starting to really like him and that’s kind of a bad thing because from what I can tell Jake is going through some things and im pretty sure he doesn’t need a boyfriend right now, just a good friend.

“Can I look?” I asked looking down at the blue sketchbook in my lap. He looked at me and nodded his head yes; I chuckled he is so adorable when he’s flustered. Anyway I opened the book and I was amazed at how talented he was I mean it was so detailed and it was just beautiful. Most of his pictures were more natured themed and some were animals, I wished I could draw like this but im probably better off just capturing thing with my camera then draw them.

I was almost to the last page when he snatched it away almost making me rip it off completely. I looked at him but he had his head down looking at the ground I was going to say something but Nikki came back.

“Jeez Jake you need to leave that thing home sometimes,” she said gesturing to the sketchbook as she drank her soda.

“You know I go everywhere with my sketchbooks,” he replied back.

“Mhhhhm you’re obsessed with drawing is all im saying,” she said. Jake scoffed, 

“Whatever,” he muttered. Nikki giggled, “Im just kidding Jake don’t take things so seriously,” she said patting him on the head like a dog.

“I know how ya feel,” I spoke up as I went through my bag, “I never go anywhere without my camera,” I said as I held it up.

“Ooo neato you’re a photographer,” Nikki exclaimed. I blushed, “I wish but that’s my dream I guess you can say.”

“We should take pictures,” she said as she stood and started to pose. I stood up to and got my camera ready, I looked down at Jake who was still on the ground.

“I don’t like getting my picture taking actually,” he said softly.

I was going to say something but Nikki beat me to it, “Oh pish-posh get up,” she said as she took a hold of Jakes arm and hauled him up, she straightened out and slung an arm around his shoulders. I smiled because Jakes says he doesn’t like being in pictures but he’s a natural, I mean all the pictures that I took it caught all the beauty in his face. After twenty shots Nikki wanted to take some with Jake and me together, at first I wasn’t sure if Jake wanted to but he gave me a smile as I walked over.

“Alright you guys say cheese,” she drawled.

I put on a huge smile and put my arm around Jakes shoulder, it was meant as a friendly gesture but out the corner of my eyes I could tell that his face was red again. ‘So very cute’ I thought. After some more shots we were done and just relaxed on the grass until Jake got a call from somebody. I watched him walk away from us so he could talk, I didn’t know who it was but I saw the look of fear in his green eyes and was a bit worried.

“It’s probably Tyler,” Nikki said as she stood and brushed of her pants.

“Tyler?” I asked, ‘Who the f**k is Tyler’ I thought.

“Jakes a*****e of a stepfather,” Nikki said quietly. “He’s probably wondering where Jake is,” she said.

“Why I mean every teenager has a life,” I said looking at her strangely.

“Well unlike most teenager Jake doesn’t really hang out with anybody,” she started, 

“Sometimes I can convince him to hang out with me but its really rare,” she sighed.

“So he pretty much goes home right after school…..every day,” I asked.

“Yep….Jake is really reserved in a way,” she said.

“Well that�"“Hey guys I gotta go,” Jake said as he picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder; sketchbook in hand.

Nikki gave him a smile and hugged him, “I’ll see ya tomorrow okay,” she said. Jake smiled then looked over to me, “See ya tomorrow,” he said as he started to walk off. I watched him until his figure was completely gone sighing I got up and brushed off my pants it was probably about time I head back home to.

“Well I guess we should go to huh,” Nikki said.

“Yah,” I muttered.



I was seriously dreading to go home right now I totally lost track of time and Tyler supposedly got off a work earlier than he was supposed to. I made sure that I was out of sight of Nikki and Christian before I started to haul a*s all the way home I didn’t stop until I reached my driveway. My stomach dropped when I saw Tyler sitting on the porch a cigarette in his hand and a beer in the other. I was so terrified that I just stood there like an idiot in the driveway.

“Where ya been Jake?” Tyler asked as he stepped of the porch. I started wring my hands behind my back I really didn’t know what he was about to do but whatever it was it probably wasn’t good. I watched him carefully as he walked towards me a look of anger written all over his face.

“I asked you a question boy,” he said.

“I…was out w…with a friend,” I stuttered.

He stopped in front of me blowing smoke in my face, “I thought I told you to be home by six,” he said glaring at me.

“I….just lost track t…..time im sorry,” I said. I watched him closely and waited for him to say something back. He might just let me off the hook since im always on time when I get home so I was pretty sure he wouldn’t do anything……hopefully.

“Mhm,” was all he said before turning around and to be honest I really didn’t expect that. 

But I did see the bottle flying towards my head so I ducked just in time. At that moment I didn’t even give him the chance to grab me because I ran to the porch and inside the house. I knew he was following me because every time he would try to drag me bag and beat. I slammed the door to my room and locked it, I got lucky today and was real happy for that. I jumped when I heard a bang and then the yelling started; I just moved to the corner that was away from the door and waited till he stopped. He went on for hours until I heard ‘I get you ya little prick’ signaling that he was done. I went over to my bed and flopped down on it.

And the only thing I could think about is wishing that Christian was here with me and just give me a hug.

© 2012 Love U Stylinson

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Love U Stylinson
Love U Stylinson


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