BodyGuard 5

BodyGuard 5

A Chapter by Love U Stylinson


The air was tense and I was pretty sure I knew the problem that was causing it. Ronni and Jake pretty much hate each other, why? I really don’t know but it was kind of funny to see Jake all mad….because it made him cute. However Ronni on the other hand was a happy camper and I think he was doing it on purpose, he just kept on smiling over to Jake. I wanted to say something but if you were there and could see Jake’s face you wouldn’t want to say anything either. Thankfully Nikki made her appearance and sat next to Jake who gave her a small smile.

She looked at me then to Ronni then to Jake again, “Something wrong?’ she asked Jake. I watched as he opened his mouth to say something but Ronni completely interrupted him.

“Nothing’s wrong….right Jake,” he said happily.

Nikki snapped her brown eyes up to the blonde, “I wasn’t talkin to you,” she said icily as she turned her attention back to Jake.

“It’s nothing just Christian’s new friend,” he said a hint of annoyance in his voice. I sighed the only reason I invited Ronni to lunch with us is because he was new to…well he was new for couple of weeks but he knew the classes and I was just being nice. Nikki then looked at me and I smiled sheepishly at her and her eyes narrowed.

“Anyway,” she said slowly looking back to Jake, “Im having a party this weekend and you’re coming,” she said with a smile.

“A party for what?” I asked.

She smiled, “Parents are leaving for Cali Friday night for some for work,” she said.

I looked at her as if she was crazy, “So you parents would let you have a party without then knowing?” I asked.

She waved her hand in the air dismissively, “Oh they don’t care,” she said.

“Lucky you,” I muttered, “My dad never lets me do stuff like that,” I said.

“So can you come out and have fun for once?” she asked giving Jake the puppy dog eyes look. I watched as Jake ran a hand over his face and sighed he looked like he really wanted to go but something was holding him back.

“I don’t know Nikki you know I have to ask Tyler,” he said with a sullen look.

Nikki’s face scrunched, “Who gives a f**k about Tyler,” she hissed.

“Well you’re not the one that has to live there,” Jake muttered as he sipped his soda.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ronni asked looking at Jake expectantly. I was starting to doubt inviting this kid to eat with us because he was seriously pissing Jake off and I could tell. He had this little habit of scrunching up his nose when he was mad about something and I mean it was really cute but there was a point where you need to just chill out ya know.

“None of your damn business,” Jake hissed looking at Ronni with anger. Nikki’s eyes went wide for second before nudging Jake in the ribs who stopped to stare over at her.

“Language,” she said in a warning tone.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

Well as the awkward silence continued we just pretty much ate in silence and I was kind of grateful for that. I didn’t understand the whole language thing but I would ask Jake about that later. I could still feel the tense atmosphere between Ronni and Jake but I just chose not to say anything. When the bell rang, Jake and Nikki got up so fast that I didn’t even get the chance to say bye to them, however Ronni waved bye a little smirk on his face.

I got up from the table, “You really should stop doing that,” I said as we walked out the cafeteria and to class.

“Do what?” he asked all innocently. This made me a little pissed off, “Bothering Jake like that….just quit it alright,” I said warningly.  I didn’t even say bye as cut the corner and continued on to class, if Ronni couldn’t be nice to Jake than he wasn’t going to be any friend of mine I thought. I walked into my photography class and got to work on a project they were doing. I was so engrossed in my work that I didn’t notice the person tapping me on the shoulder until they flicked me on the back of my head.

“The f**k is�"“Cameron? What are you doing here?” I asked now looking up into green eyes. He smiled sadly at me then took a seat on the floor where I was putting all my pictures together.

“I thought about what you said the other day…..about the whole bullying thing,” he said softly.

‘Eh was he blushing’ I thought.

“Well I just don’t want to be like that…’s not who I am,” he said. I watched him carefully trying to see if he was lying or not, he wasn’t but I still didn’t understand something.

“Well im glad that I could help or whatever…..but what are you doing here?” I asked.

He looked at me with a huge smile before going in his bookbag and pulling out a camera….actually it was the same as mine but his was more of a darker blue. I looked at my in astonishment, well who would of thought.

“I quit the football team, that’s why im here because the class I had before was weightlifting,” he started, “and I guess I don’t need it so I chose something that I’ve been dying to do for so long,” he said.

I started to laugh, “Well I’ll be damned….new kid help’s idiot jock find’s himself,” I said as I clapped him on the back with a smile.

“Yah I wanted to thank you…and I wanted to apologize to Jake,” he said.

“You can come with me I usually walk him to his locker after this class,” I said.

Cameron’s brows went up, “That’s very nice of you… his bodyguard or something?” he teased.

I thought about it for a minute I did help Jake when we first met, defended him when he was in trouble, beat up some jock that was torturing him so I guess I was his bodyguard. I smiled at that, “In a way,” I answered.

Cameron smirked as he cleaned the lenses on his camera, “So are we cool?” he asked hesitantly.

“Dude we were cool since you pulled out that camera.”



To say that I was little upset that Christian invited that blonde idiot to lunch with us is an understatement. I officially hate the kid I just don’t like him; he was lucky I didn’t jump across that table and punched him in the face for being so rude. I could tell that Christian was getting mad at Ronni for how he was acting but I didn’t care I just wanted him gone and away from him.

I was so mad that I actually broke the tip of my pencil, sighing I brushed it away before putting my head down on the table. I don’t even know why I was thinking about that little blonde prick, it’s not like he trying to go out with Christian or anything……not like im jealous. Okay maybe I was a little but that didn’t matter I wasn’t looking for a relationship anyway. I sat back up and got another pencil out to finish the sketch I was doing.

‘The one of Christian’

Okay okay maybe I do like him a little he was just so nice to me when we first met and everything about him was just so….I can’t explain it but it was starting to dawn on me that I had a crush on him and that was bad. ‘I don’t want a relationship’ I told myself because I know the consequences of trying to have one. I don’t want Christian to go through what Traci had to go though, after what Tyler down to him I couldn’t and wouldn’t date anybody else….for their sake. I looked down at the sketch that was almost done all I had left was his hair and the beanie hat that he always wore. I closed the book and stared out the window not really in the mood to do anything anymore.

Once they bell rung I all but flew out of my seat, I was tired of listing to Mr. Cruz’s voice he was so annoying. I don’t even know how that guy became the art teacher I mean he knows absolutely nothing about art or drawing for that matter. When I was out the classroom I didn’t see Christian at all but who I did see was Cameron walking down the hallway….towards him. Panic instantly seized my body; I started to back away from him I was in no mood to get beaten to a pulp. But before I could haul a*s down the hallway he caught me by my shoulder and my instant reaction was close my eyes and wait. However when I didn’t feel any pain I looked up to see him with a sorrowful look on his face…..’I’m confused’ I concluded.

“…..Um c…can I help you?” I asked a little hesitant. I watched as his face turned a bright red… im really confused.

“I wanted to say that im sorry,” he said looking directly at me. “For all the stuff we did to you,” he added.

Wait a minute did he seriously just apologized to me…I didn’t know what to say to that. I mean Cameron was probably the only one that didn’t touch me or called me names in any way. He was usually in the back just watching, I guess he felt bad or something I thought.

“Well thanks I guess,” I said giving him an approving look.

“Jakey!!!!” I looked past Cameron’s shoulder to see Christian running over to them.

I scowled at the nickname he gave me, “Would you stop calling me that,” I said as he threw an arm over my shoulders.

“Nope I like it,” he said to me as he looked over to Cameron who was staring at them with an accusing look in his green eyes and for some reason he reminded me of Nikki with that look.

“So did he apologize yet?” Christian asked looking at me.

“How’d you know he was going to apologize to me?” I asked curious as to why Christian would know.

“Were in the same photography class,” Christian started, “and he just poured out his little heart to me,” he cried dramatically as he clung to my shoulder a fake sob escaped his mouth, making me laugh.

“I did not pour my heart out,” Cameron cried out and I detected a slight pout on his lips.

“Oh really….shall I repeat what you told me then,” Christian taunted.

“No… you don’t,” he said quickly. Christian smiled, “That what I thought,” he chided.

“Wait a minute you’re in Photography?” I asked.

He smiled sheepishly, “Yeah the class that I was taking was only for the football players…..but I quit so I switched,” he said.

“….You quit football,” I said incredulous.

“Yep he sure did,” Christian butted in.

“But what about Nathan,” I asked, I mean Cameron was pretty much his right hand man he was bound to get some kind of punishment for that.

“Who gives a f**k about Nathan,” he yelled, “Im tired of his bullshit,” he added.

“Well then…you guys want to hang out or something,” Christian asked as they started to walk out the building.

“Wish I could but I gotta be home,” Cameron said, “Maybe tomorrow,” he said as he left. Leaving me and Christian together….alone, he looked over to me.

“How about it?” he asked. I really wanted to, I really did but something in the back of my head was telling me not to go; this morning flew through my head and I really didn’t want that to repeat itself….ever. I guess Christian could tell what I was thinking because his face fell into a frown and instantly felt bad.

“Im sorry but I should probably go home,” I said softly.

I heard Christian sighed but his face lit up, “Let me walk ya home,” he suddenly suggested. 

I considered saying no to him but the look on face…I couldn’t say no to that face.

“Sure I guess,” I said.

We were just walking out the entrance gate when I heard that annoying little voice. And once again I was murdering the kid a second time in any possible way in my head however 

I didn’t let it show on my face.

“Were ya off to Christian?” Ronni asked as he bounded next to him. I looked at Christian and I could see the slight annoyance on his face and I let a smirk come to my lips.

“Walking Jake home,” he said simply.

“Oh,” he said his face falling for a second but then he looked at me, “Im real sorry about lunch….im just naturally rude around people I don’t know,” he said apologetically. My eyes narrowed and I scrunched up my nose I didn’t believe him for a second.

“Naturally rude my a*s,” I muttered under my breath. Whoops I didn’t mean to say that out loud…….oh well.

“Excuse me,” Ronni questioned his arms crossed over his chest. I stopped walking and turned to him, “You’re excused,” I hissed.

“Oookay,” Christian said as he stepped in between us, “Ronni I’ll see you tomorrow okay,” he said as he grabbed my arm and a hauled me down the sidewalk. I was a little ticked off at what happened but when Christian’s hand slipped from my forearm and to my hand all that was chucked out the window.

I blushed, ‘he’s holding my hand’ I thought.

“I would’ve never thought you had a temper,” he said.

Yeah a temper alright I thought, “Only when needed,” I said casually.

“Aha right oh I got a question,” he asked suddenly.

“Mm,” was my answer.

“Do you have some kind of non-cursing rule?”

I chuckled at this, he must be talking about the time in lunch, “Yeah I used to curse….a lot and when I met Nikki she told me it wasn’t very lady-like,” I scoffed.

“Lady-Like?” Christian questioned.

“Yeah we just met so I explained that I was gay or whatever….and for some reason she thinks that every gay guy was girly and flamboyant,” I said shaking my head.

“Mhmhm,” was all he said. “So are you going to Nikki’s party,” he asked.

My face dropped to a frown, “I honestly couldn’t tell you,” I said softly. “Like I said at lunch I have to ask Tyler,” I added.

“Jake lis�"“Can we not talk about this,” I said curtly. “But Jake can we�" but I cut him off again, “I really don’t�"I just….my stepfather is an a*****e alright, a complete and total a*****e okay I hate him so I don’t know if he would let me go,” I yelled.

Christian didn’t say anything as we finally reached the corner where my house sat; he looked at me with this look on his face. It wasn’t the pitied look that teacher’s usually give me when Im late to class, I didn’t know what it was but it made me feel a little guilty for yelling. I watched as he took a pen and piece of paper out of his bag, he wrote something on it then gave it to me.

“Call me if you need me…..for anything,” he said seriously, “If you need help I’ll be there to protect you,” he added.

I didn’t realize that we were still holding hand until he squeezed it then let it go, I watched as he walked further past my house and around the other corner. I looked at the piece of paper that had his number on it and I instantly put the number in my phone. For some reason I felt safe knowing that he was just a phone call away if something were to happen.

I smiled a little the word’s he said echoing through my head.

‘He’ll protect me’ I thought as I walked up the driveway and into the house that I called my personal hell.

© 2012 Love U Stylinson

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Love U Stylinson
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have a feeling that kid Ronni is going to cause issues great jon i like it

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Love U Stylinson
Love U Stylinson


Um im a huge 1D fan and I ship larry!!!!!! more..