BodyGuard 6

BodyGuard 6

A Chapter by Love U Stylinson


It only took me a couple of minutes to figure out that Tyler had one of his flings over. The noises coming from his room was pretty loud it sounded like he was have a threesome and something about that was pretty nasty. Using the time I had before he was done I went into the kitchen to make something to eat and head up to my room. I think it was better to ask Tyler about the party in the morning, especially since it was Friday and he’s usually in a good mood since he doesn’t work Friday’s. When I was done I headed to the stairs but before I could even put my foot on the step I heard Jesse……I hate Jesse as much as I hate Tyler.

Let me inform you about this guy, he is a blond headed sadistic b*****d that gets kicks out of torturing people and f*****g around with them. Also every time he comes over something happens to me, I think it’s his favorite hobby to get me in trouble with Tyler and to see it actually happen just wait for it, because when he sees me…..

“Ah Jake yer here…how’s it going buddy,” he asked smiling at me as he fixed his pants. 

You’re probably thinking why I just didn’t bolt up the stairs when I heard him coming from Tyler’s room, well Jesse is some of the few people that im terrified of so when I heard him I was pretty much paralyzed with fear. So I stood there; bookbag on one shoulder, a plate of pizza rolls in my hand and I was sure that I had a horrified look in my eyes.

When I didn’t say anything he got a little ticked off; walking over to me and getting into my face, “Something wrong with your mouth boy?” he asked. I smirked on the inside this guy reminded me of Nathan. When I still didn’t say anything he balled up the front of my shirt, “Jesse, leave the kid alone,” Tyler said as he sauntered into the room with that afterglow of sex written all over his face.

He let go of me and headed over towards Tyler a huge smile on his face, “Your kid is boring,” he muttered and I watched as he started to bite on Tyler’s neck; my skin crawled I really didn’t need to see this.

“S’not my kid….go home Jesse,” Tyler said pushing the guy away. I smirked when I saw the disgruntled look on Jesse’s face….ahh the face of rejection that’s what he gets, I mean im pretty sure that he and Tyler fucked like bunnies before he even got of school.

Tch…whatever,” was his reply when he stalked out the house.

‘Whiny b***h’ I thought….’Language’ my conscious told me.

Not wanting to stick around anymore I started up the steps but before I could I felt a hand on my shoulder….do I ever get a break.

“Who was that kid with ya in the driveway?” he asked.

“Just a…a friend,” I said simply.  He watched me closely eyes narrowing and for a minute I thought he was going to hit me. However he just turned around without saying anything else; I don’t know why I asked because I was just going to wait till tomorrow but I felt like it was good idea to say it now.

He turned, “Whose party.”

“Nikki’s,” I said softly.

“Do whatever ya want,” he said as he walked back to his room.

I watched him leave without saying another word; I stood there with my foot on one step, my pizza rolls getting cold. Did he really say yes……well who would of thought. As I went into my room I was pretty happy that I could go but something was telling that it wasn’t right, it just lingered there in the back of my mind. I thought about calling Christian but I just didn’t have the courage to so I just threw my phone on the bed.



As soon as I got home I was bombarded with questions from Kristi, and if you don’t know who im talking about just listen for a minute; Kristi is my twelve year old sister and she looks nothing like me, instead of my brown hair she has black, and instead my blue eyes she has gray which is weird. My dad tells me she takes after mom and I could obviously tell from the pictures of her. Anyway when I got home she ran up to me with my folder of pictures in her hands, which I snatched away from her.

“Is the boy in your pictures your boyfriend?” she asked.

‘Yes my sister does know that im gay’

“What?! You finally got a boyfriend?” my dad asked as he walked in the room a handful of papers.

‘Aaannnd so does my dad’

“No he is not my boyfriend,” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

Kristi stared at me trying to figure me out, “But you want him to be don’t you?” she said smugly. I scowled if she wasn’t a girl I would so punch her in the face and some of you might think that’s wrong, however I really don’t give a f**k about what you think… moving on.

“Why were you in my room going through my stuff in the first place,” I asked.

“You don’t need to concern yourself with that,” she said. My eye twitched and I heard my dad chuckle from where he sat on the couch, did she seriously just say that to me.

“It’s my room I have every fuc�"“Language Christian,” my father said I sighed and rephrased the sentenced I was going to say.

I didn’t even get a chance to open my mouth because she said something before me, 

“He’s really cute….I like his eyes,” she said

‘His eyes are gorgeous’ I thought

“Does he have a younger brother?” she asked.

“Not that I know of,” I said slowly.

She didn’t say anything as she walked away and into the kitchen. I plopped down onto the couch not knowing what else to say to that. My sister can be a little creepy sometimes, like odd creepy but whatever. The question she asked early was still ringing in my head, did I want Jake as my boyfriend.

‘Yes, yes I do’ but I honestly don’t think he needs something like that in his life right now. 

Something was telling me that he liked me back but he just doesn’t want a relationship, god this is difficult I thought.

“Something wrong?” my dad asked. I didn’t say anything; I really don’t like talking about stuff like this with my dad. He always suggests something crazy and then I go out and me being an idiot I do it, but sometimes it works…..sometimes. So I just threw caution to the wind and see what happens, the f**k with it.

“Well you heard Kristi….but I just have a feeling that he doesn’t want a relationship,” I said sadly.

“What’s his name?” he asked looking down at the papers he had on the coffee table.

“Jake Johnson,” I said his name just rolling sweetly off my tongue. ‘Tasted pretty good to’

“Looks like?” he asked.

“He’s has brown hair with blond highlights, usually wears a hat, he’s tall almost as me but just a little bit shorter, and his eyes the lightest green I ever seen,” I described him to my dad, all the things he did, the little habits that I notice about him.

“Jeez stop your making sick,” my dad finally said as he relaxed on the couch. I stopped my rambling and looked at him…how was I making him sick?

“You sound like your sister when she had her first crush,” he said. Eww gross I don’t want to sound like my twelve year old sister, but I do remember when she came home that day all happy and my mom asked what happened at school. And she went on and on about this kid she met�"and holy s**t I do sound like her.

My face went red….that’s really embarrassing.

My dad laughed, “It’s alright that just goes to show that you really like this person,” he said.

“But I just don’t know if�"“Have you asked him on a date yet?” my dad interrupted.

“Uh no I just said I don’t know if he wants a�"“See that’s your problem you don’t know, I don’t think you know this or even if you’re doing it, but your very anti-social about these kind of things,” he said.

“Anti-social?” I questioned, “But I like talking to people,” I argued. My dad waved a finger in my face making a tsk tsk sound.

“Yah but not to people you like,” he said a smile on his face. I scowled at this, “How do you know all of this….its weird?” I asked

“Because you act just like your mother,” he said his smile dimming just a bit, “It took her forever to confront me about her feeling for me,” he sighed. My eyes lit up at this I love being compared to mom I always thought it was a compliment to me. I know that I said that Kristi looks like a replica of my mom but she acts nothing like her, me on the other hand (like my dad said) I do.

“Yeah but it’s not a good thing though,” he said to and my smile slipped off my face.

“When you like someone….or love you gotta take it as soon as ya realize it,” he said as he patted me on the shoulder.

I watched as he gathered all his paper together and walked out the living room. I sat there on the couch for a minute to think about what he said. He was right I never was really good at confronting the people I like, but that’s going to change im going to take Jake on a date. I got up to go take a shower, I needed to think.

‘Showers are the best place for thinking.’



Ah the smell of Friday how I love it, I woke up with a smile on my face that’s how happy I was. I just felt good today, maybe it was because Tyler was actually being nice to me (which is still weird) or maybe this all of this is just a dream. Whatever it was I didn’t want it to stop, after I got out the shower I looked at myself in the mirror. I was pretty much glowing then I look at my eyes….I look like my mom, great there goes my mood.

Not wanting to look at my face anymore I quickly walked out the bathroom and back into my room to get dressed. It looked like it was going to be another hot day so I just put on my light blue Aero shirt and some khakis and to top it all off my good ol’ converse.  For those who don’t know I have this obsessing with Converses, if you look in my closet that’s all you see I pretty much have every color and style you could think of. It’s the only expensive thing I have in my room; actually those shoes are the only expensive thing I have in general.

I grabbed all my stuff and headed downstairs to grab a pop-tart before I left for school. I know that the change of attitude in Tyler was very weird but seeing him cooking breakfast….I repeat breakfast, he had the apron on and everything. I slowly sat down at the table and when he turned to me there was a smile on his face. When he set the plate down on the table I couldn’t help but think that something was seriously wrong I mean have you ever see somebody smile at you and it looks like they were thinking up some diabolical plan in their heads, or its like they know some big secret and you were left out the circle; Well that’s how I felt.

“Eat up kid I’ll catch ya later…..maybe,” he said as he walked out the kitchen.

I watched as he left then looked back down to the plate of pancakes in front of me. Yeah something was definitely up and I was going to figure it out. Meanwhile I grabbed a plate and some syrup, I couldn’t remember the last time I had pancakes. But before I took a bite 

I couldn’t help but think.

‘Did he poison this?’

© 2012 Love U Stylinson

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Love U Stylinson
Love U Stylinson


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