Chapter 7: The Gunman

Chapter 7: The Gunman

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco

With Azazel recovered and back in training, a newcomer appears before him.


The Gunman


                Two months later, Oktober looked out on the training field. With stern eyes he observed the recovering hound practice.  Azazel was moving slower than he used to, yet faster than he should have been.  Oktober’s eyes glanced around the arena, noticing several other observers on the edges of the field; Takumi Zetsumei was among them.  Oktober raised an eyebrow; this was the first time anyone had seen the master since he left for Valhalla and The Void.  Next to the coonsune was a large orange hound with gauntlets the size of hammerheads on his hands.

                Takumi nodded and the orange hound entered the field Azazel was training in.  Azazel stopped and turned to face his opposer.  The two hounds smiled at each other and nodded.  In a moment of speed defying his stature, the orange hound slammed his armored fists into the ground as a translucent field surrounded him.  Azazel’s gaze hardened as his eyes darted over the field in curiosity.  In a swift motion, he began flourishing his rapier, sending waves of magic at the barrier to no avail.

                “Okay…that shield is stronger than I was expecting it to be.  Let’s see if this training has been paying off…”  Azazel held his rapier out in his left hand as he raised his right hand behind him, palm facing forward.  A purple flame surrounded him as his left iris lost its red hue; in its place was a gold and amethyst glow.  The orange hound’s eyes widened as a stream of purple energy began wrapping itself around Azazel’s arm, moving towards the palm.

                An ethereal purple dragon rose out of Azazel’s palm with a purple and golden eye each.  The dragon screeched out as Azazel clenched his palm into a fist.  A massive Ryuukin wing made of purple fire erupted from Azazel’s left shoulder.  In one swift movement, the hound turned his body, thrusting his fist forward.  As he did, the dragon was sent flying forward directly at the barrier the orange hound held up.

                The orange hound slammed his fists into the ground as the barrier glowed a pale silver.  The ethereal dragon was about to hit the barrier until…


                A gunshot echoed throughout the area and the crowd around the training field began to panic.  Azazel stared in between himself and the orange hound to see his attack halted in its tracks and a hole in the dragon’s head.  In an instant, the dragon dissipated.  “Geo…was that…”

                “Wasn’t me,” the orange hound replied as both looked around the crowd to find a dark gray individual with large wings kneeling on a pillar with a smirk on his face.

                “Careful, that much power and you might’ve destroyed this entire place,” the individual stated  as he stood up.  Jumping down to the arena floor, he looked at the two combatants.  “Forgive the intrusion, my name is Enoch; I’m a ryuukin.  And this, this is Sin, the divine gun,”  Enoch smiled and bowed as he introduced himself and his weapon.  “I had heard other Divine Wielders were here and I just had to investigate.  It’s nice to see Labrys in action,” Enoch said, glancing at the Axe in the orange hound’s hand.

                Azazel’s eyes narrowed momentarily before they returned to their usual calm demeaner.  Something Enoch had said irked him, but he shrugged it to the side.  “So, you’re a ryuukin.  I have to admit, you’re the first I’ve met.  It’s rare to see your kind away from Valhalla.  Why don’t we go inside and talk?  I’d like to know more about you and that weapon of yours…”  His voice trailed off as he turned to enter the library door without waiting for an answer.

                Enoch smirked and followed after his soon to be interrogator into the library, not unaware of the gray eyes following his back.  Up in the rafters, Takumi watched the newcomer exit the arena and glanced around the wall before his eyes fell upon a saber-toothed feral felinus with varying shades of blue fur baring its teeth at the ryuukin newcomer.  The saber-toothed cat locked eyes with Takumi for a moment before jumping off the wall to the outer areas of the castle.

                As Azazel sat down at a secluded table with Enoch, he heard a familiar voice in his head.

                Don’t trust him…he’s not who he claims.

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Added on January 1, 2019
Last Updated on January 1, 2019
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Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..