Preview: Delphine

Preview: Delphine

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco

                Azazel walked into the medical room and looked around.  He didn’t notice Oktober right away; instead, his eyes moved to a small orange glow hovering around the area, seeming to stop in front of various supplies.

                “Azazel?  I wasn’t expecting you here.  What’s going on?” Oktober looked at his fellow hound for a moment before his orange eyes glanced at the glow hovering around.  Azazel glanced back to the glow, this time noticing there was a figure within.  A small orange pixie with pale purple wings looked at Azazel for a moment before circling Oktober.

                “I was checking in on you.  You seemed distracted during the last mission.  Is everything okay?”  Azazel asked his friend.  The hound’s red eyes continued to look at the pixie floating around, amused by the glowing ball.

                “I’m alright; I just have a lot on my mind, that’s all,” Oktober replied, turning back to taking stock of the supplies in the room.  He glanced at Ouroboros sitting in its scythe form in the corner and then back to the pixie hovering around him.  “I suppose I should introduce you.  This is Delphine.  She’s a pixie that I found hiding in this room.  She became kind of attached to me and I decided to keep her around.  I’ve been making sure she’s safe.  That’s probably what has me so distracted.” Oktober’s gaze moved to Azazel and he smiled.

                “Nice to meet you, Delphine.  And Oktober, always know, you can talk to us.  Don’t forget that, okay?”  Azazel said as he turned to leave.  He saw Oktober nod and smile before he left the room.

                As soon as the door latched, Oktober looked to Delphine.  “I’m sorry…I panicked.  I’m not ready,” Oktober said to the orange glow.

                “You know, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t care.  I don’t think any of them would,” Delphine’s gentle voice sounded out as the pixie sat on the hound’s shoulder.  “Not that I have to tell you that.  You already know.  After all,” she stood up and turned to look at her partner’s eyes.

                “We are one and the same.”

© 2020 AzazelSirocco

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Added on June 21, 2020
Last Updated on June 21, 2020
Tags: furry, fantasy, anthropomorphic, LGBT




Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..