Preview: Ragnarok

Preview: Ragnarok

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco

A blinding light from the cracked dais took Azazel away from the others. What does he find within?


Azazel stepped into the crystalline room; his crimson eyes scanning the area.  He glanced at the engravings on the walls.  The engravings bore both a ryuukin male and hound female holding the missing divine weapon, the rapier, between them.  He knew.  That was what Sirocco meant in his final words.  He looked to the opposite end of the room where the rapier was supposed to be enshrined to find…

                “Mother…Father…?”  He saw a hound woman with pale blonde fur and hazel eyes to his right and a tall ryuukin man with purple and green scales and silver eyes.  Standing at each side of the dais, the two looked down at Azazel.  The hound woman smiled and held out her hand.

                “Welcome, Azazel, to Shrine of the Divine.  Welcome…son.”  She said as the ryuukin man stepped forward.

                “Welcome, Azazel.  Words cannot begin to express the joy I have to see you grown.  When you were born, Ragnarok cried out for you.  Our superiors determined that the power of this divine weapon had become too much for a single person to bear.  With great pains, we were ordered to split your soul into two, causing a second entity to be born into this world that was never meant to.”

                “Sirocco…” Azazel announced.  “So it’s true then.  I’m a hound-ryuukin half-breed.  Sirocco was never just a counterpart to my soul…he WAS my soul.  Part of my soul that was missing…”  He stepped up to his parents and collected them into the hug.  “I never thought…I would actually get to meet you two.  Finally…” He began saying as tears began running down his face.  He stepped back.

                “But…I know it’s short-lived.  I can’t stay here and once I take Ragnarok, the two of you will move on…won’t you?”  He saw his parents nod, tear streaks on their faces as well.  “I thought so…but…the rapier isn’t here.”

                “We’re not the ones who are to give you Ragnarok.  That task was given to another,” the ryuukin stated.  The doors behind the dais began sliding open and a familiar ryuukin walked from it, holding a golden rapier.  The light pouring into the chamber made his fiery orange hair even brighter.  Gold and purple eyes stared into Azazel’s crimson as the ryuukin smiled.

                “Hello, Azazel.  It’s about time you figured it out,” the deep voice of Sirocco mused as he stepped forward to Azazel.  Sirocco smiled as he held out the blade.  “Ragnarok.  The Final Divine.  As with all divine weapons, it is inherited through bloodline.  It’s yours to take.”

                Azazel stared at the golden rapier for a moment before his gaze turned to Sirocco.  “I’m sorry it took me so long.  You even hinted at it before we merged.  Before I leave though, I have one thing to say to you,” Azazel paused as he placed his left hand onto the grip.  “Thank you…Azazel.”  His hand tightened onto the grip as a burst of wind surrounded the duo.  Azazel looked at his other half.

                Sirocco’s form was fading away slowly, but as it did, he began crying at the revelation finally being known and knowing his full self was about to come to light.

                Azazel gripped the blade in his left hand as large red ryuukin wings sprouted from his back.  As the fur on his front became replaced with purple scales, pale green scales became mixed in with the gray fur on his tail.  His left eye’s red hue faded and was replaced with a purple tinge instead as his ears lost their hound perk and tightened back to a point similar to his ryuukin counterpart.  After the transformation finished, he felt his body being warped back to the dais in the main part of the temple.


                Back at the circular room with the daises of the divine weapons, a blinding flash of light centering around the broken dais filled the room.  As the light faded, each of the divine weapons in their wielders’ hands began giving off a glow unknown to any of them.  The once-broken dais was revealed to be restored for Ragnarok with Azazel standing in front of it, holding the golden rapier in his left hand.

                “We have a fight to finish.”


© 2019 AzazelSirocco

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Added on December 24, 2019
Last Updated on December 24, 2019
Tags: furry, anthropomorphic, fantasy




Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..