Preview: Creation

Preview: Creation

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco




                The unity of two souls bound together by magic; two separate magical powers converging into one.  These two powers unite to form the ultimate power for one burst.


                The massive pillar of light faded began to slowly fade as a familiar hound could be seen standing with a sleek rapier with a dragon engraved on its hilt.  Crimson irises glared at the massive golden ryuukin.  Without a word, the hound slid towards his adversary.

                “How?!  Both souls were shattered, yet here you are stronger than ever!”  The ryuukin took to the sky to try and avoid the strike but to no avail.  A beam of light reached from the hound’s blade and launched him into the golden ryuukin.

                “Ratatoskr…you took everything from me.  My mother…my master…my friends…Now…I’ll show you…”  Azazel glared at his target as a massive crystal began forming in his right paw.  “Just how strong this broken soul really is!”  He smirked as gravity took him back down to the ground.  As he landed, he smashed the crystal into the ground as a massive glyph covered the area with circles surrounding the areas the Crusaders stood mere minutes ago.

                “Crusaders, rise up from the abyss!”  Azazel shouted as massive beams of light shot up from the circles and each of the divine weapons materialized back into existence as their respective owners rose up from the light.

                “Our fight is not done.”  Azazel stepped his right foot back as his right hand rose up behind him.  He held his left arm forward keeping his rapier held out straight.  “This is for mother…and for Takumi.  This ends now.”

© 2019 AzazelSirocco

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Added on September 8, 2019
Last Updated on September 8, 2019
Tags: furry, anthropomorphic, fantasy




Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..