Chapter 8: Valhalla

Chapter 8: Valhalla

A Chapter by AzazelSirocco

Takumi's visit to the ryuukin sanctuary gives him the information he needs


Chapter 8: Valhalla


            High in the mountains in the east stands the sanctuary home of the ryuukin: Valhalla.  Takumi stood in front of a magicked barrier at the peak of the tallest mountain and sighed.  He had come for answers, but he wasn’t certain what he would discover inside.

            “My name is Takumi Zetsumei.  In accordance with my pact with Priestess Alara, I request entry,” he spoke aloud.  When he finished, a section of the barrier in front of him wavered and he walked through.

            On the opposite side of the wall, Takumi glanced around and the ruins before him.  The few ryuukin out in the open merely glanced in his direction before returning to their restoration efforts.  The coonsune walked forward towards a hole in the wall before being met by a female ryuukin in a white dress.  Pale golden eyes stared at the visitor before she turned around and went into the cave.  Takumi nodded and entered the cave behind her.

            “I thought you said you were done visiting this place, Takumi Zetsumei,” the woman stated, turning to glare at her guest.

            “I didn’t think circumstances would force me to return, Alara.  However, things have changed and I now have reason to believe you’re withholding important information.  Information I’d have now, if you’d be so kind.”  The coonsune leaned against the wall and stared at his host.  “We were visited by what I can only assume was an avatar of Equinox.  Frigga’s seal is weakening and he seemed keen to target one of my charges, a hound named Azazel.  This same hound seems to have ryuukin blood in his veins and is exhibiting magical traits unique to your kind.  Talk.”

            Alara stared at Takumi for a moment, her eyes shaking as if holding back tears.  “I…I see.  Follow me…” she muttered as she turned to face the wall behind her.  She held out her right hand as the wall around her vanished.  She quickly hid her hand from sight, but Takumi couldn’t help notice a large red V-shaped mark on the back of her hand.  She walked into the newly formed room with Takumi close behind her.

            They were met with a large circular room with glyphs all along the wall.  At the center of the room, a massive crystal hovered in place with magic chains surrounding it.  Takumi stepped ahead of Alara and looked inside the crystal to find a purple-furred ryuukin with green scales and fiery orange-yellow hair encased within.  Takumi noted a small red gem embedded into the dragon’s forehead.  In Takumi’s eyes, the ryuukin couldn’t have been older than his charges are now.

            “This boy…who is he?”

            “This is Sirocco…my son.  In order to spare him from Equinox’s plague, my father and I sealed him in this crystal.  Unbeknownst to me, the old man also sent his soul away into a land dweller infant…a gray hound; I don’t know his name, though.”

            “Azazel…his name is Azazel.  And he lives.  It would appear that your son’s soul is influencing his growth as well.  It might even be possible…that Gungnir is reaching to him.  Azazel broke my seal on the spear without even meaning to.  Only the one the spear has chosen should be able to break that seal.  Sirocco’s colors…”  Takumi thought of the ethereal dragon Azazel had formed prior to his departure.  “It lines up with what Azazel has done.  However…I have a question for you, Alara.”  Takumi turned to face the priestess, his eyes stern.

            “For Sirocco to wake up…what has to happen to Azazel?”

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Added on April 14, 2019
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Hey there! My name is Azazel or Sirocco, whichever you please! Working on a story around my and my friends' fursonas. Hope you all enjoy! more..