Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by Beverly Jane

I'm here.


Chapter 6:

I sat in a waiting room, knees to my chest, and my heart in my stomach. That made me wait in this blasted waiting room, saying I was in the way. She was my mother, how did they expect me to act? Mizu sat on the other side of the waiting room. Not speaking, not even looking at me. His voice was soft when he quickly spoke to me, “You need eat.” I shrugged ignoring him. Why was he so worried about me? My mother was the one in that room dying, being ripped away from my life.

Because, she felt that the only way out was taking her life.

If she died, what would happen? I thing I would die alone with her, because then I would be alone. It was obvious, that after last night that I was alone.

A doctor with short dark hair, and brown eyes walked out of my mother’s room. I stood quickly. His face held certain content to it, very difficult to read. “Your mother is stable.” Some sense of me relaxed, but the other didn’t. Nervously, I asked, “What happens next?” His eyes then grew even more difficult to read, no emotion. Were all doctors this way? No emotions, just robots that did a job? “She will need to go to rehab, learn everything over. It will be a difficult task, but not an impossible one,” his voice sounded more kind and sincere then. A little more relaxed at that moment I sank down into the chair. A fear stabbed its way into my heart, can I handle it? I am alone, with no one. Obviously, when it came down to it, Mizu wasn’t there.

The doctor nodded, as if knowing my struggle with this problem and walked away. Mizu walked gracefully over to my side, and kneeled before. “No matter how you feel, you aren’t alone.” I looked up at him in shock. His eyes were longing, longing of what I was unsure. “I am here every step of the way,” he had a hint of pain in his voice. “What happened last night,” his voice sounded of regret. “Will not happen again.” 

© 2013 Beverly Jane

Author's Note

Beverly Jane
Sorry for the long wait, been so busy. Hope you guys like it. :D

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loved it!!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Beverly Jane

10 Years Ago

More shall come soon, I am in a great writing mood. So prepare. c:

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Beverly Jane
Beverly Jane

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