4: The Secret Conversation

4: The Secret Conversation

A Chapter by CompellingComposer

Here yall go! Finally done! Sorry it took so long. Been busy....

    Laura glared at Rachel is disgust.

    “ She’s here… that no good, snobby, annoying little…”

    “ Just don’t worry about it,” I said. “ She isn’t worth it.”

    Caroline seemed to stare off into nothing. It was if she was looking at something no one else could see. She was deeply intrigued with what she was seeing. It must’ve been very interesting. She hadn’t been herself. Ever since yesterday, she had been acting very peculiar, not quite like herself. She was normally a bubbly, smiling, happy person, but now was seeming far away, distant, and depressed. Maybe, she was going through some sort of phase. Maybe she was going through shock. I didn’t blame her, this whole situation didn’t seem like there was anyway it could happen.

    Caroline’s thoughts were interrupted by Matilda. She walked over to her pal and whispered in her ear. Carrie nodded as a response, and followed her friend over to where Seth was waiting. Matilda hugged him, and asked him something. I saw my best friend’s mouth move, and he walked over to me. I hadn’t even noticed that Laura wasn’t next to me anymore until Seth was right beside me.

    “ What’d your girlfriend tell you? Why aren’t you over there with her?”

    “ Oh, she just asked that I give her some time to talk to Carrie. She said it was very ‘important’ and ‘personal’. I dunno what it is, though.”

    “ Probably some girlish stuff, you know? Something like gossip, most likely.”

    “ You gotta point.” Seth said. “ So how’s things with Carrie and Laura?”

    “ Um,” I said, trying to hide to shock in my voice. “ Don’t you mean ‘ How are things with Laura?”

    “ Dude, I see the way you look at Carrie. I can tell you dig her.”

    “ Just be quiet. I don’t feel anything for her except friendship!”

    “ Whatever you say, man. No need to have a fit over it!” Seth smirked.

    I could feel my face turn a slight pink. How was I to think Seth wouldn’t figure it out sooner or later? Or anyone for that matter!

    “ Hey, you see that guy over there?” I said, changing the subject. “ The guy who opened the door for Caroline and I? Who is he? He looks familiar.”

    “ I don’t know him, but his last name is Hunter. See that chic over there, talking to Laura? That girl with the black hair, tied in a ponytail? That’s his sister, Harriet. She’s a senior.”

    “ Oh, cool,” I said. I glanced out of the corner of my eye at Caroline and Matilda as they talked. How their lips moved so slightly. I wondered what they were saying. I wondered if they had mentioned me. I wonder why Seth hadn’t been allowed to hear.

    I wondered if I would ever know.

© 2010 CompellingComposer

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Eeeep! :D Loooove it! however, I feel that you are moving slightly off-topic when you talk about the girlfriends.....unless its important for the rest of the story. ;)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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