14. A Hard Thing to Say

14. A Hard Thing to Say

A Chapter by CompellingComposer



    “ I wouldn’t worry your pretty little head too much. Besides, he never really loved you anyway! You should’ve just backed off and let me have him!”

    Laura’s red rimmed eyes burned with fury as she heard Rachel’s voice. She turned a glared at Rachel with the must intimidating look she could make. But, Rachel was taller than her, so her having to look up made Laura seem less frightening.

    “ What do you mean! He loves me! You’re just jealous that he doesn’t like you!” she almost yelled.

    “ He probably just pitied the fact that you’re going to grow up to become a lonely, old hag!” Rachel replied, an evil grin upon her face.

    “ Why you no-good little…!” Laura began, but her anger took control as she finished her sentence by punching her enemy in the jaw. Rachel rubbed her jaw with her hand, her eyes showing how displeased she was, the calm, collectiveness she was trying to keep long gone. She grabbed Laura’s hair and slung her at the wall. Laura got up and began to stomp towards Rachel.

    “ Stop this! Stop it!” I cried, running to place myself between the girls. “ Heck, we don’t need someone else to die!”

    “ Oh shut up! Stay out of this, kid!” Rachel screamed in my face. “ We know Jayson loves you, but you don’t love him, so you can stay out of this!”

    I froze. I stared at her, confused.

    “ Don’t act so surprised! While you were busy flirting with that weirdo, Jayson was mumbling about you all the time! Saying how he loved you, saying how he needed you! How do you think that makes me feel?” Rachel hollered. I glanced over at Laura, wanting her to say it wasn’t true. Wondering if it was just an attempt to break Laura’s heart. But she just hung her head low, her red hair hanging beside her face.

    “ She’s not lying, Carrie,” she mumbled, her voice cracking. “ He really did talk about you. A lot. A said a lot of things I wish I hadn’t heard.”

    And before I could blink, she ran away, covering her face with her hands.


    I smiled as I watched Caroline walked towards me. I was going to tell her. Today was my day. She had to know, and I was going to tell her. No matter what the consequences were.
    “ Carrie, I have something to tell you,” I said.

    “ I’ve got something to tell you, too,” she told me.

    “ Please, let me go first. Carrie, ever since that first day I laid eyes on you, I knew  one thing for sure. That was that I love you. I love you so much, more than I will ever love anyone else. You’re gorgeous, smart, funny, and everything I could ever want. I’ll treat you right, and love you the way someone liked you deserves to be loved. That is with all my heart. Don’t worry about Laura, I can handle her. Caroline Marie Thompson, will you be my girlfriend?”

    Carrie looked down, not looking me in the eyes. Or even at me at all. I beamed, guessing she didn’t want me to see the tears of joy she was crying. Her shoulders shook and a tear rolled down her face.

    “ So it’s true,” she whispered, barely audible.

    “ Baby, don’t cry. Just answer me. Yes or no?”

    She sighed and lifted her head to glance at me. Her face was red, as well as her eyes. She held one hand tightly in the other. “ That’s kinda what I wanted to say to you.”

    My heart leapt. “ That you love me, too?!”

    “ No, that I don’t love you. I don’t love you, Jayson.”

    She turned and walked away, slowly.

    “ And one last thing. Don’t call me baby.”


    I ran into Nathan’s open arms. I cried.

© 2011 CompellingComposer

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Haha, thanks Julia!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Megan, this story is like CRACK!! I'm addicted!! :D *looks over her shoulder* Just so long as I don't get caught reading it when I'm supposed to be asleep....

Posted 9 Years Ago

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