3: A Successful Search

3: A Successful Search

A Chapter by CompellingComposer

  She took a tight grip on the door and swung it open. She gasped in fright at the sight of corpses and other gore scattered in the hallway. She fell backward, into me. The strength and somewhat anger she had previously had disappeared the moment the image the world outside the classroom had been brought to her eyes. Her eyes welled with tears, but she regained her self-control and continued on. Steering herself away from as many bodies as possible.

    Caroline was pale and had a green hue by the time we had found the cafeteria. The sight was less disgusting there, and I was grateful. I had thought I was almost going to be sick myself!

    “ Cafeteria’s have large storage rooms where they store food, right?” Caroline asked, turning to look at me. She had a hopeful expression on her face.

    “ Carrie, I have no idea. We can only go and see,” I responded, shrugging my shoulders. We took cautious steps towards the back of the lunchroom. Cautious, because we knew at any moment a undead freak of nature could come and attack us, and we didn’t have weapons to defend ourselves.

    Our eyes widened when we had reached the part of the luncheonette where no student was allowed. We found an extremely colossal door with “ Storage” printed on. I grabbed the handle, eagerly due to my hunger, and opened the portal to reveal a food-filled room that never seemed to end. The room was very chilly, but we didn’t mind. We grabbed as much food as we could carry, eating a quick snack occasionally. Neither of us spoke, but only worked swiftly, ready to go back to the safety of the classroom. Once we had more than we could carry, we ran back to the room. Almost slipping and nearly dropping food, we ended making it back to the room with everything we had left the cafeteria with. I used my elbow to knock on the door and waited for a response. After a long moment of silence we heard a feeble voice say,

    “ Who’s there?”

    “ Jayson Smith and Caroline Thompson,” I replied. “ We’ve brought food.”

    There was a slight moment of faint whispers before the door opened to a tall, skinny boy with sleek black hair. He had dark brown eyes that showed much fear as he looked us both in the eyes. I knew I had seen this boy before. As fragile and young as he looked, I knew he had to be a freshman. I knew he had a sister, but I couldn’t quite remember who she was either.

    “ Come on in,” he said. “ Don’t forget the food.”

    Him asking us not to forget the objects that made us feel ten times heavier I knew was supposed to be a joke, but I didn’t laugh. Instead, I walked strait into the room, Carrie following me. We watched as Laura and another girl put two desks upright so that we could get the food from our hands. We pulled up chairs to the desks and watched as people slowly made their way towards the food. It wasn’t the scene I was expecting. I was expecting to see people running towards the food and shoving handfuls into their mouths, when, instead, I saw the exact opposite. They were slowly sauntering towards their meals and were picking at it like birds. In the end, all the food was eaten except a few scraps here and there.

    Laura lunged, smiling, at me once she had finished her share of food. Her force almost knocked me down, but I accepted my fate all the same as I nearly toppled over.

    “ Jayson Alexander Smith, don’t ever scare me like that again! I awoke to you and my baby cousin gone and thought that you were dead!” she said, half jokingly.

    “ Yes, mother. Next time, I’ll ask for you to sign a permission slip,” I jested. She giggled before I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

    I had never had the chance until then to see how many people where in the room with me. I knew there was more than Laura, Carrie, and I, I just hadn’t paid any mind to it. Along with the three of us was my best friend, Seth Walker and his girlfriend, Caroline’s best friend, Matilda Lewis. Then there was the boy that had opened the door for me and Caroline, the girl I knew to be his sister, a boy I recognized seeing in the band, a boy from the football team, and another girl…

    I knew this other girl. I didn’t care much for her and Laura hated her. Why did Laura hate her? Other than the fact that this girl, her name Rachel Nelson, was the most popular girl in school, an excessively peppy cheerleader, and a snob, Laura hated her for the fact that Rachel has had a crush on me since eigth grade and even since I started dating Laura, she has been trying to get me to date her. Rachel Nelson, just perfect. Exactly what I needed.

© 2010 CompellingComposer

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lol I loved the ending to this.
It's so suspenseful o.o

Posted 9 Years Ago

^_^ So suspensful! And I clickity-click the button that says "next chapter ->"....

Posted 9 Years Ago

Enjoying the build up in the characters.. I am glad to see that you are taking your time with them, something that is often over-looked. Keep going, you can't stop there.. so far a good storyline, and plot..

Posted 9 Years Ago

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