21: Regaining

21: Regaining

A Chapter by CompellingComposer


    I wiped the vomit from my mouth, shaking. I was sitting on the floor, head between my knees. I tried to keep my breathing steady. Suddenly, my head started pounding and throbbing. My body went numb. I was loosing my vision.

    “ No, not again. Please, please, not again,” I begged myself, but it was too late, it was happening. I felt my body grow limp and my head hurt even worse. Images flashed by in my mind, too quickly for me to process what they were. I tried to keep from passing out, but the darkness was coming at me too quickly. I felt tears burn my eyes. I didn’t even remember when I started crying. I crawled in the darkness, praying no one saw me. I crashed headfirst into a desk. I didn’t move, I just froze there. Monsters, evil, danger, death, all blurring my vision.

    “ Help me,” I cried, but no one heard me.


    For a few seconds, I could’ve sworn I saw Carrie. She seemed powerful, yet gorgeous. The next second she was gone. I felt a shove on my shoulder.

    “ I think I saw his eyes open,” Jayson muttered.

    “ Vince, why didn’t you tell us you could-” I heard Matilda begin, but never heard her finish.

    “ I didn’t know, this is as much as a shock to me as-” Vincent’s voice said.

    “ Look, the important part is-” said Caroline.

    “ It doesn’t matter, just as long as-” a voice said, but I was too weary to identify it. I just let the swirling vortex of unconsciousness suck me in.


    He was slipping and fading away. I wouldn’t let it kill him. Apparently, Vincent had gained some kind of healing ability. I didn’t know where these powers where coming from, but it didn’t matter to me.

    I heard a crash as the door fell down. Someone had broken in. At the door stood a mob of zombies, drooling with hunger.

    “ Everyone, grab a weapon!” I screamed. In a panic, everyone rushed towards the door with broken table legs. I looked around. Everybody was fighting except Nathan and Laura. Where was Laura?

    I saw her, rocking back and forth, underneath a desk.

    “ We have to fight.”

    She nodded her head, standing up only to collapse back down. I helped her up, gave her a weapon, and sent her off. I saw Nathan get up, moaning as he did so, and stand up. I didn’t embrace him, only handed him a weapon, too, and said.

    “ Let’s do this.”

© 2011 CompellingComposer

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Added on March 25, 2011
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My name is Megan and I have been writing poems since 4th grade and stories since 6th. I'm very, very young, as I've noticed from the ages of my fellow writers on this site. Yes, I am only 13, but writ.. more..