Look Who’s Coming to Dinner  Part 1

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 120

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

Part 1

Even though Mom wasn’t happy about the idea of having the two girls join us, she was more than fine with it when Landon came with us. His suit too was placed inside with ours. I was about to freak out about it, but then again what was the harm having more people come to church with us, the LDS church has always said everyone and anyone is welcome. At least that’s what it says on the broacher. It didn’t matter if it was a lie once they find out some little dirty secret or something that they disagree with their philosophy.

Besides my father never sits with us, always sitting in the back of the church with my sisters, known as the overflow inside the church gym where they sit on folding chairs not benches with soft cushions. It used to be plain hardwood now they add the cushions for the back and your butt, either way, they are still very uncomfortable for long periods even if it is only an hour.

Mom tells me most the time Aaron and her stay home when I am not there. Now she has a reason to go and has been invited to sit with the Kenly’s or Bishop’s Earls family. The question is will she take it or still stay home when I am not here? Like me, most of the people shun her because of me being placed into foster care. Stating the fact she incapable of raising her children when even her own husband and her daughters won’t even sit with them in church.

Again that’s my fault, because of my mother’s ability to do a one-eighty and decided she actually wants to be mine and Aaron’s mother. Blackmail or not she really does love us and for that my father and her daughters hate her for it, most of all Aaron and I.

Mom wasted no time in removing Landon’s robe having them take the whole back seat as they have sex. It was nothing new for Greg and me to have sex in front of her or being naked. She had already told us point blank when we are in her house no clothing will be permitted, no longer will it be optional for me and Greg or my brother or his friends if they choose to run naked; telling Greg and I that my sisters and my father can go straight to hell.

It was the sex Greg and I was more worried about, more so for my mother because that was a secret we were asked to keep from everyone that wasn’t on my Dads contract or didn’t belong in the Garden Club. So having sex with Landon was going to be a very hard secret as he joins us in church.

I could only imagine the look on peoples faces when we all come waltzing in right out of the long stretch limousine. It was so big you could fit a hot tub inside. I hoped it got good gas mileage, then again at the time gas was 78 cents a gallon and we screamed when it up to 98 cents. Now today it is over 3 dollars almost 4. The older folks remember it being 10 cents or 15. I wonder what it will be like 20 years from now or if gas will be the thing of the past, with the hybrid cars making a big splash.

When we reached the twenty-minute mark we quickly all dressed in our best. Even my mother was wearing her new black dress and she looked hot in it. It wasn’t the same strapless number where she didn’t wear a bra showing off her well-defined breasts. It still gave Greg and me a hard-on. With her black strap shoes with low heels, but elevated just enough to give her some height. If my father's eyes looked away or looked like she was a s**t and growled. I swear I’ll take her right there on the floor in front of him. Personally, I think my mother deserves better than that pig of a husband, and I knew lots of guys believe that too or they wouldn’t want to have sex with her.

Most guys like a big woman with a little more meat on them, not every woman is a skinny supermodel that is too bulimic to look at. Even our two fine ladies are not supermodels, but ordinary housewives that had abusive husbands and now divorcees. The look on the people’s faces when we pulled into the church parking lot was something I would remember forever. Landon took my mothers arm as we took each a girls arm and walked right into that church house watching their mouths drop open. First at the long stretch limousine parking at the side of the building, then at us as if they had never seen us before, people actually gasped when my mother walked in and their tongues wagged.

Landon introduced his wife to us and took her arm and my mothers. I overheard whispers from his wife that she would like to have some of my Mom and those tasty breasts as well as Greg and I. I should have been surprised, but I wasn’t. Even Mr. Kenly said. “Hot damn you look stunning Mrs. Shepherd.” Aaron was speechless when he saw her. Mom gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek asked if had been a good boy while she was gone. Mr. Kenly said he was a very good boy, earning him extra kisses.

Aaron noticed our two girls and had a hard-on that wanted to break through his pants. Most boys would be embarrassed about it, but not Aaron he just ignored it. It was when my father saw us that when things got tense. He looked Mom up and down and demanded to know who paid for that. Mom said it was a gift from my adoptive parents because they wanted to take her and me out to dinner at a nice fancy restaurant. My father said. “Lies, I know for a fact that no good worthless piece of s**t, was with s****y women, most likely fucked them the entire weekend, just like those women he’s with right now.”

Mom was about to slap him across the face when my Grandmother did it for her and said. “Jim Shepherd, I didn’t raise you in a bar and we don’t use that kind of language in a house of God. Now apologize to your wife and son and his guests.”

Jim growled. “He is not my son any longer, and never was if want to know the God damn truth,” earning him another slap across the face. He stormed off mad said. “You can all go to hell, but you’re not taking my daughters with you. Come on girls don’t look at that filth, they should all be struck down dead for coming inside this church.”

Grandma's eyes lingered on me than the girl I was with. I knew she was thinking it and it was true. I had sex with her, in fact, I had lots of sex with both of them. Grandma gave me hug and I kissed her cheek as she whispered we were going to have a long talk, stretching out the word long. Like a good boy, I introduced our two ladies and my new best friend Greg. She recognized him from the skinny dipping camp-out and said. “If I remember right your Bishop’s Earls son his oldest if I am correct?”

He said. “Yes, ma’am. Eric, I am escorting these two women as new members being new to this ward as a personal favor for my father.”

Grandma's eyebrows rose; wanting to ask a more personal question, but it said that it was going to be included in our long talk. Bishop Earl soon made his way with his family. Telling my mother that they had saved seats for us all, then quickly looked at me and Greg, giving us a big smile and said. “Did you work hard for Mr. Stringum making me proud over the weekend boys?”

Greg and I nodded he said. “Yes… really, hard Dad did my new bed arrive now that I have paid it off and earned a nice new suit and few new school clothes. Eric too worked extra hard and brought the two girls that you had us invite to church and supper at our house.”

Bishop Earl was a good pretender and shook both their hands and said. “Ladies I am glad to see you are well taken care of. I only hope these boys were gentleman and well mannered. It's not every day we get new members as pretty as you. Mrs. Shepherd, you look absolutely breathtaking in that dress. Don’t let your husband tell you otherwise.”

Mom blushed and said thank you. He took her arm and led us all to our seats. Almost in the front row, but three from the front, Mr. Kenly sat in the back of us with the rest of Bishop Earl’s family, leaving the other two open which very few if any sat there.

Greg gave his Dad a fist bump and two thumbs up as we both noticed the tent in his pants that was growing. Quickly excused himself so he could take his place on the stand covering his lap with today’s program. Grandma sat next to me and whispered. “Are they married or single boy?”

I whispered. “Divorced both of them, and yes we had lots and lots of…” whispering in her ear as I kissed her cheek. “Sex.”

She sighed and said. “Long talk and I want to see those pictures as well as take a quick look over you once we get home. I want to see this nice tan so I can tan your little bottom for not calling me.”

I whispered back. “Grandma… I said maybe I’d call, hoping you would be cooled off when I did call you, but as you heard Mom, Aaron and I are only going s home change clothes, since we been invited to dinner at Bishop Earls house, along with our two guests, right after sacrament meeting.”

Grandma said as she kissed me on the forehead, “Son naked there or at home, I am still going to see every inch of you and I have seen Greg and his family naked many times so don’t think just because we are going to go to his house that I am not going go there, because of a few naked boy’s. And yes I am still very angry with you and what you have done, and I am going to give your adoptive parents a piece of my mind and take your Dad over my knee and give him a licken he won’t forget.”

I smiled and said. “Most like he’ll enjoy it considering he likes the rough stuff.” I gave her wink that said it all.

Grandma squeezed my hand said. “Long talk boy… very long.” She handed me a notebook and pen to take notes. I knew I’d better, but it had been very long times since Mom and Dad had any of us review what we learned in church, mostly because of Crawford being Bishop.

It was very hard to concentrate as Tally slipped off her shoe and started to play with my leg with it. She even slid her hand under my notebook to see how hard I was unzipping my zipper and wiggled her fingers inside my boxers. Grandma noticed and I could see she was doing her best to keep her cool. Until she reached over and slid her hand over hers and growled softly. “Not in church young lady, and not when he’s sitting next to me.” Grandma had me move over to the other side of her and told me quietly to zip up my pants and pull up my socks.

She did say I looked very nice in my new suit fingering the material. She whispered, “Stringum is such a show-off.” I told Grandma, Greg and I earned it. She said whispering. “Of course you did boy, mostly doing the love dance, according to my last conversation with you and him. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were with a girl when you called me with all that heavy breathing and moaning… Oh yes, I heard it real good. I am not deaf or stupid you know?”

I gave her a silly grin that confirmed it, but I wasn’t about to tell her that it was Mr. Stringum doing it. She said. “Oh yes, a very long talk indeed and I am supposed that Greg was having the time of his life working just as hard.” Noticing his eyes rolling in the back of his head with his coat jacket over his lap and a hymn book open to some page.

I leaned up and kissed her said whispering. “If you would like Grandma, Greg and I can go up on the sacrament table and do it there?”

Grandma nearly gasped and patted my hand really hard leaned over and said. “You just do that and I’ll watch.” I started to remove my shoes and stand up. She said. “Don’t, pleases don’t. I am not sure my heart could take it watching you boys disgrace the chapel.”

Greg sighed with relief, man I could use some relief. Unlike Greg, he didn’t have his Grandmother sitting next to him. Instead, he had his mother and Tally as his mother whispered in his ear with a silly grin and kissed him picking up the falling hymn book and placed it back. Grandma gave all three of them a look that could kill. She pointed to my book and growled “long talk.” Watching his mother and Tally both take their fingers from under his jacket and stick them in their mouth.

I knew if we weren’t in church they would have done him orally. Man, why did Grandma have to show up today when I could have had some of that right now? Man, I was horny. Maybe the sacrament table wasn’t a bad idea after all; it’s long enough and wide enough. In fact, it had its own white sheet. We had the girls and I knew they’d go for it.

The only reason Greg and I didn’t stay for Sunday school and priesthood was because of our two girls. They’d be stuck with my mother and Grandmother for two long hours. I could only imagine the catfight or the heated conversation that would take place during those long two hours, and all of it would come from my Grandmother and she was angry enough to chew penny nails in half. Those I could get a discount on.

Words like hussy, s**t and immorality and disrespectful regarding what our two girls were wearing whispered as both Greg and I led our two ladies out of the chapel and out to the limousine.

Other words were, “hot damn, I would like to get a piece of that.” Or “Excuses me dear me and my sons needed to make a quick run to the restroom. Must be all that water we drank before “cum-ing.” They should have shouted. Make room hard-on coming through. Or better yet “Huston this is a go for a missile lunch. Or “Make way for a bomber landing pad.” Having all the guys take a number for a stall in the restroom.

Personally, Greg and our guests, as well as me, were quite proud of our two very beautiful girls and grandma would hiss like a snake when someone said something bad about them. She may not like the fact that Greg and I had sex with them, or how they were dressed. She was angry because of how they were treated in a house of God. She didn’t care who or what they had done, they were still people and gods children in her eyes.

She treated them as such, letting me stop and introduce them too as many people that wanted to welcome them, not that faction that seemed more holier than thou. Sticking their noses so high in the air they’d get a nose bleed. Even my mother got several nice comments on how pretty she looked. She beamed with pride and blushed a lot. Nobody that I noticed said a cruel word to her, but I am not say they didn’t I just ignored them.

Grandma rode in style with us as we rode up to my mother’s house to change our clothes and to pick up her car. I should note that Mom had a way of naming her cars. Like the one sitting in our driveway, I called the big blue bomb, because it was big, blue and ugly. She called it Shasta; because ‘Shasta had to have this, Shasta had to have that’ to keep it running.

Grandma had left clothes for herself to change into in plastic store bag that said Macy's on it stuffed inside a paper shopping bag at my mother’s house left inside the screen door. Grandma was funny when she wrapped our Christmas and birthday presents it was always wrapped in the store's plastic bag before being wrapped in wrapping paper.

The driver had already left our things inside the house when my mother gave him the house key before church as well as Greg’s things and whatever our three ladies wanted to wear after church.

Landon made sure that everything else went to which houses, part of his job being our manservant; which he would be as long we were a member of the Garden Club. Which also meant we had a direct line to him, whenever we needed something that needed done, making the Stringum’s big fancy palace always available when we just wanted a quick getaway from the outside world.

Grandma meant what she said telling me to sit on my bed until she had changed her clothes. I could sit there in my boxers or in my birthday suit, but not allowed to putt on anything until she had a good look at me. Greg did likewise even though he could have put on a robe or changed into his everyday clothes. Personally, I think he did it to make me feel more comfortable and loved him for it, besides Grandma was right she had seen him naked more times worth counting, and the same went for his entire family.

Like me, he had chosen to wait naked. Instead of watching me drop my boxers in front of her like we were at a doctor’s office or she takes them off for me with her bare hands. It didn’t matter how old I was. To grandma, I would be her grandson or her little boy inside a big body. 

I wasn’t embarrassed about it like I used to be when I lived with Downing’s I had lost that shyness then, even more so after living with the Rothwell’s and our awesome vacation.

 Grandma came into my room as I was standing in front of my closet discussing with Greg if I should wear the waist robe with the tiger on it or the long robe with the spider on it down to Greg’s house. Having Greg tell me he prefers me naked and hard as he was stroking his very attractive boner which I wanted so much to stick inside my mouth and have a little snack.

When he said. “Doesn’t really matter, considering we will be naked for the rest of the day having sex with our two very horny girls, and only dressed during dinner, besides I just want you to get over here so I can kiss and lick you down to your toes,” he was about to say more when he noticed Grandma standing in the door.

She blushed seeing Greg’s hardness and asked if he wouldn’t mind giving us a few moments. Greg got up and was about to leave the room then gave me a silly smile and kissed me pulling me closer.

Grandma gasped as he wrapped his arms around me deepening the kiss letting our very naked body’s touch when he released me he said. “The waist robe with the tiger on it and nothing else.” About to leave my room when Grandma found her voice said. “Don’t you think you need to put some clothes on Greg? We do have a whole house full woman.

Greg said. “No, because I have had sex with half of them and his mother stated we weren’t allowed to wear any in her house when he is home and the same rule applies at my house so no, but don’t you think he has nice hard penis. I like a good penis now and then as well as a very horny girl or both.”

Grandma was blushing bright red or was it the anger boiling over… it was very hard to tell she and had just sat down and made herself comfortable about on the bed next to me with my photo album so she could admire said hard penis and very tan body and look through my pictures. It was maybe 3 or five minutes when I heard yelling when the front door opened as Grandma ran out of the room more of a fast walk when she heard Susan and Becky scream “Your naked and she…”

Grandma said. “Holy s**t boy’s meaning two Aaron and Greg the only boys her beside me said “Pull that tit out of your mouth and Greg get back into the room Aaron get back to your room and get ready to go... And you…two buttons up your blouse this not a cat house. Boy’s git moving.” I heard a slap on a bare butt.

Grandma says get as git when she angry or flustered or both. Grandma tossed him a robe I was going to wear in his face and told him to sit still. Mom was just passing by when Grandma yelled to her to git in here and closed the God damn door. That was all I needed to know she was beyond a nuclear meltdown when she starts to swear. It takes a lot to get her that angry. She gave my mother, Greg and I eyes that said you are about to die.

It took several minutes for grandma to compose her self before she could talk without a growl. She demonstrated how angry she was when she took her hands as if she was about to wring our neck with them. She asked my mother first if she was aware of Greg and I are kissing. Mom said. “Kissing how? On the cheek or on the lips?” Like it was some sort of joke.

Grandma almost slapped her said. “God damn it Linda I could…” not daring to finish her sentence.

Mom said. “Yes, I am quite aware of it and think its nothing to worry about. It’s just a kiss for Christ sakes, hell they masturbate… sorry boys stimulate each other just as much or as they do with the girls, it's not like you have never kissed a girl, well in our cases a woman.

"Well maybe you haven’t, after all it’s the 70s and I have been known to kiss a few my self during the sixties at Woodstock before I meet your son and stimulated both sex’s by hand or orally and spent a lot of time in back of boys cars like your son Jim behind the church parking lot.”

I groaned wanting to say too much information then her son needs to know as Greg and I listen her go on about it. Grandma’s face was scarlet red either from the anger or embarrassment or both, just finding out that she and her son Jim have been having oral sex and more and long before they were married.  Man, my mother is on a kick today. I wanted to say “Go Mom!” But chose to keep my mouth shut, which was smart choice don’t you think?

“Personally like I like a nice tasty breast or a penis now and again as much as girl’s sweet spot. You no the virginal area on girls,” My mother said seeing grandmas confusion still unfamiliar with our new chosen words.  “As much as a good old fashion fire started kiss that leaves me breathless either from a woman or a guy. It doesn’t mean we are gay.

"It just means we love each other more than words can say, and there is nothing wrong with having both. If you want to know it’s been so long since I have had sex from that thing called my husband or your son Jim. I am about to advertise it in the newspaper: ‘White woman looking for love, in the biblical sense to spend hot passionate nights with… in bed. Not looking for love just hot sex…’

“That I have cobwebs down here,” Mom points to her sweet spot then said. “The only action it sees is a vibrating or rubber penis. It’s been years since he has touched me or had hard passionate sex that makes me howl like a wolf in heat. Hell, I can’t even remember when the last time it was when he kissed me.

"The fact these two boys have better sex than we ever had… and Doris. I mean a marathon 4 to 5 hour’s right there in my backyard and in that nice new bed of his. That it makes me so God damn horny and angry that if I find a real man. I will f**k his brains out right there on the kitchen floor or the coach, and I could and would do so with my two beautiful naked boys watching because my husband rather beat me than satisfy me.

“So having them kiss, masturbating each other of having them do it orally as well as well as have so much sex with as many girls over and over again as if they were in heat anywhere they would like at home in church or a school closet or a teachers desk and if they want to do it the lunchroom in front of the whole God damn world.

"Than God be damned… I am going too let them. Kiss, lick, bite, make a dessert or any menu item they want on themselves or girls, have sex with any girl, or woman they like, as well as each other. I only draw the line of them having sex with each other and if want a clarifying answer no penis inside their butts.”

Mom sits next to Greg she grins at him and this time Mom grabs him by the back of the head and she kisses him as she takes her hand a gives him some nice strokes before she released him. Takes his robe that Grandma tossed at him and hangs it up, and said “My rules my house, all I want to see is my boys naked. My son Eric Rothwell is a nudist and I promised his adoptive parents that he would remain so in my house and if you don’t like it that is God damn tough!” She opens the door and closes it behind her.

© 2019 Shep

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