Chapter 122  The Catwalk part 1

Chapter 122 The Catwalk part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 122

The Catwalk

(From the Song I’m too Sexy 1991)

By R.S.F (Right Side Fred)

Part 1


I should have known better regarding Dad and how far he was willing to go. I had assumed that it would be just us 3 guys and our three ladies that would have the big tub room to ourselves, but I was wrong. Shawn and Arthur were sitting in the corner Shawn was naked, and Arthur was wearing a diaper and girls panties. Both of them were gagged so they couldn’t say anything.

Jody closed the door and said. “These two animals are Shawn and Arthur. Boys stand up so they can get a good look at you.” They didn’t move so Jody quickly went over to them picked up a horsewhip known as a riding crop from off the wooden cabinet and slapped them hard across their backs.

I cringed hearing the leather striking bare skin. Jody looked at me seeing if it put me into an episode, but I controlled myself, barely. She repeated the command this time getting a response, angry response. She made them turn around as they shuffled with their leg and ankle chains, making it impossible to run as their hands were handcuffed together and tied prison style. Shawn and Arthur glared at us with such hate if they were free they would have killed us.

Dad and Bishop Earl came into the room and Dad said. “I see you meet our two guests. Part of their punishment during the time they are going through the shaming ritual is they are to be treated as slaves, treated like animals, and most of all they present during sex. They may not participate unless you want them to. They are to watch what they could have had or can have, once they are free to do so over the course of their shaming period. 

"It is part of their retaining program and an incentive to want to work hard and earn rewards to regain their freedom. Without those rewards and they refuse to cooperate within the first six months to a year they are given the choice to do so or die like they should have or in their case be sent to prison and it would be open season to every rapist every murderer."

Bishop Earl walked over to the boys and removed their gags and asked if they are going to be good or they going to talk back or give them any lip. Shawn forced his eyes to the floor. Bishop Earl raised his chin making him look up at him. I never thought he would be cruel to anyone until he looked at Shawn and Arthur with such anger it scared the crap out of me. He asked Shawn to answer him. Shawn said, “No sir.” With such hate, it sounded more like a threat.

Bishop Earl said. “That’s a good boy, would like to have a reward?” Shawn looked down at Bishop Earl’s penis; wanting very much to have a taste. Even Arthur was licking his lips.

Shawn nodded as he reached for it only to be slammed down to the floor hard on his knees. Bishop Earl told Chad to come over and give Shawn his reward. I saw his face as he cringed. He said. “Dad I rather not, I like girls a lot. I rather stick my penis in a blender before I stick it inside that child rapist.” Greg and I both stated we both would rather than give Shawn or Arthur that kind of reward.

If Bishop Earl wasn’t here Dad would have forced us to, but he was here. Shawn looked hungrily at his penis but was denied as Bishop Earl asked. “Would you like one of the girl’s breasts or perhaps a quick snack of any of their sweet spots.” Shawn shook his head no. Arthur too shook his head no. Bishop Earl said. “You want me and my boys to stick our penis inside you?”

Shawn nodded and said, “Please, Oh God yes.” Jody reached into a bag that had Shawn and Arthur’s things in it. Pulling out a silver penis made of metal, and handed it to Bishop Earl. Bishop Earl covered it with KY gel the cheap stuff not the nice stuff that came in all sorts of flavors.

We all cringed tightened our butts as he roughly inserted it inside Shawn butt. We all watch Shawn’s face and eyes as they rolled to the back of his head as if it was the best thing he had ever felt. Until his face gave a horrid look a surprised look as he screamed in pain. Then watched Bishop Earl pull it out and wiped it clean and re-sterilize it with alcohol, placing it back inside the bag.

Dad said. “The only penis that is willing to have you, worthless animal, every time you ask for one that’s what you are going to get.”

Dad slapped Shawn across the face and was about to do it again. When Bishop Earl stepped in said “Robert, calm down, we have guests and I want them to have sex not be witnessed to brutality. I know they deserve it, but don’t.” Dad growled and stared at us said. “Fine,” walked out the door and down the hall.

Bishop Earl said. “Sorry about that kids… he’s just mad because Shawn and Arthur wanted it so bad. Next time don’t anger the monster. All he is asking for is a one time only offer so you boys would no the difference because you have yet too pleasure any of your girls that way and believe me there is a difference. My wife and many women really, really like it. I like it too and so will you.”

He closed the door leaving us to our bath with our watchers. I hated the idea of them always watching us, but rules were rules, even though I didn’t like it. I didn’t want them to be murder in cold blood either. Prison yes, but not killed.

It was the girls turn to pleasure us and it was also the day for them to groom us, after all, it was the third day. It was a routine that every three days we would be groomed to prevent rough hair like stubble to make it feels like sandpaper against our tongues.

Our watchers grew bored as the girls did us orally they only got excited when we boys stimulated each other by sharing a long-awaited release after the girls had groomed our crotches. Arthur gave Shawn a silly grin and said. “Oops,” as the stink filled the room as he reaches inside his panties and diaper and started to cover himself in his own s**t.

Shawn grinned and helped himself to some of Arthur’s and started to spread it on both of them. Jody grabbed the riding crop and started beating them out the door and screaming at them. How disgusting they are. Shawn yelled back. “It tastes better than a girls butt and sweet spot. You should really try it.”

Jody said. “Yew, get your hands away from me.” Then screamed. “Mom, Dad they are covered in s**t again and now they have touched the walls. Yew gross he touched me.”

I heard her beating them, but it wasn’t Jody it was Mom and Dad as Jody came back in and grabbed their bag she had finger marks were Shawn and Arthur touched her. Greg asked, “does this happen all the time?”

I nodded it did and said. “It is why Arthur wears a diaper, but the pink panties are nice touch he looks really good wearing a girls wig and bikini.”

Greg rolled his eyes and said. “There is no way am sticking my penis in their butts. A girl’s maybe, but not them or any guy or boys butt, that is just plain disgusting.” Chad and I agreed totally. I prayed that Dad wouldn’t make us, but I had my doubts, I didn’t say anything and kept those thoughts to myself. Watching Jody come back in she had taken the time to clean herself off. She smelled like fresh peach soap and raspberries. She gave us all a silly grin and said. “Now where were we?”

We were on our fourth round of sex in the tub when Mom and Dad came in with just Shawn he had been cleaned up and smelled of Irish Spring soap and his skin was red from being scrub down with a hard bristle brush. He smiled seeing us boys taking our girls pleasuring them through their butts noticing our eyes roll in back of our heads. Shawn said. “You think that feels good, wait until a try a nice young sweet virgin boys butt, for the very first time. You’ll never want a girl again.”

Dad slapped his face and gagged him and tossed him into the corner and said. “No one asked you to speak mule boy. And no a boys butt does not feel anything like that. I should know considering I was forced to when my father made us rape each other in front of him.” He slapped him again.  Dad gave my adoptive Mom a silly grin and climbed behind her and bent her over the cabinet. Mom screamed with pleasure, I couldn’t tell if it was more of a scream for Shawn’s benefit or ours.

It was three in the morning when we finally went to bed. Jody had decided she would spend the night with Dave whom she had more reason too, considering she was his girlfriend. My mother kissed all three of us goodnight and told us they would pick us up at after work. I knew she could have stayed here, but she gave an excuse that she needed to clean up the mess she and Jim made at home.

Bishop Earl’s wife said she would go with her and her husband. While my adoptive parents stayed here to make sure in case any of us needed anything, but mostly to keep watch over the two bad boys, I had learned they were tied to a tree out back.

Our two girls also went home because they weren’t allowed to sleep with us. Just have mind-blowing sex. Jody tried to get them too, telling them nobody would tell their parents, but when your parents say no they mean no. For now anyway, after all, we haven’t met them which stated that wasn’t option until we had. I also had no doubts that they too would want to have sex with us, after all, every mother with a daughter we have met has.

Greg and Chad gave me a silly grin which stated it would be just us guys. Until Mom and Dad came into the room, I groaned inward thinking we had already dodged a bullet, but I was wrong. It was their turn. Mom and Dad wanted a snack, and it was us as she had us each got into position now there were four guys and one girl or in Moms case a very horny woman.

When they got what they wanted they left us alone, we were more than spent watching them turn off the lights telling us we have a long day tomorrow. I looked over Greg’s clock where my glass were and groaned because it was now 4:30 am and we would only get two or three hours of sleep before Greg and I had to get up and go to work. Mom was right it was going to be a very long day.

Greg’s alarm went off having me jump two inches off the bed. I wanted to take that alarm clock and chuck it across the wall. Man, I was beat, but going back to sleep was never going to happen. To save time Greg shared a quick shower with me. While Mom prepared us quick breakfast of french toast with white bread, which was a first for her considering she always made it wheat bread. She gave us each our vitamins as well as high protein and energy shake too gives each a boost.

Dad took us over to Stringum’s and went to work. Telling us he will see us later, giving Greg and I each a kiss, something I had gotten quite used to.  Stringum let us in and we followed him to the office, he was still fully dressed. Greg and I gave him a silly grin, Greg whispered in my ear to let's play follow the leader.

Greg’s idea of follow the leader was a little different than my idea, as he slammed Mr. Stringum against the wall the second I closed the office door. Kiss him hard and fast and ripped opened Stringum’s shirt watching the buttons flying across the room, as Stringum lifted off Greg’s shirt and quickly undid Greg’s pants while they both removed their shoes still kissing.

Mr. Stringum spun Greg around to the wall, but Greg looked at me with his eyes pointing to his pants. Stating he wanted me to remove them, so I did having them help me, lifting each foot so I could. Stringum backed Greg to the desk and leaned him over having Mr. Stringum remove his boxers and both of their socks. I was the only one in the room that still had my clothes on. So much for following the leader, so I had thought until Dave opened the door. I gave him a silly grin and slammed him against the wall did the extract same thing as Greg did except ripping Dave shirt open because he was wearing a pullover like me.

Not a big deal as I kissed him hard not taking my time as I watch from the corner of my eyes that Greg was all ready doing Stringum orally. Like me, we only had one shot maybe two if I know Mom she laced our morning shakes with a full dose of a crushed horny pill. We both helped each other with our shirts tossing them onto the floor with are already scattered clothes.

Dave and I wasted no time in removing the rest of our clothes so we could catch up to Greg and Stringum; telling them both only to the brink so we could all get a chance to fully climax about the same time. Dave rolled the mattress onto the floor telling Greg and me to get into position. Slipping on an open condom and having him and Stringum work us hard and fast until we both fully climaxed. Telling us they have been waiting to do us both together for a very long time since they had us individually a couple of times. It was the same for us we wanted Dave and Mr. Stringum considers like them we only had them individually. It would be our first as well.

It was like we were rushing against the clock as we hurried and dressed in our work clothes and quickly brushed our teeth so we could start our day. Dave ran the deliveries as Greg and I worked in the store. I noticed an order for my Dad for a new tub that could easily seat 9 people comfortably and very large hot-tub the biggest that they make. Stringum had me call the order in said. “Your Dad really liked the idea of having one ever since your vacation and said now that he didn’t need to hide the fact of any of us having sex. He felt it was past time to put one in.”

I scratched my head wondering where he was going to put it. Knowing full well that fall and winter would be coming and the hot-tub would spend half the year covered up if he put it outside and built a gazebo or put down in the basement. The only room big enough for that tub would be my old soundproof room. True it’s not used anymore and remains open for our bad boys and new foster kids since my three brothers have all moved into Jody’s and Kerry’s room. I did what I was asked and placed the order, I gasped at the price tag and that was before the huge discount he was going to get.

Mrs. Earl came up to get us as well as my mother. It would take three cars to transport us to Highland, including Jody’s car with Shawn and Arthur who looked so cute in their matching pink frilly dresses including painted fingernails and makeup, with bright red lipstick and girl socks up to their knees with little colored bows in their long golden yellow hair, wearing matching black girl shoes instead of sneakers. Neither of them looked happy, Mr. Stringum gave them each a smile and said. “Good morning ladies,” Referring to Shawn and Arthur.

My adoptive Mom said she needed to bring them along because she couldn’t leave them alone in the house with Jody since she would have her hands full tending my three brothers and Mrs. Earl’s kids as well. Mostly I think it had to do with she wanted to publicly humiliate them. She said to Mr. Stringum. “These are my two young daughters Barbra short for Barbie;” patting Shawn’s cheek. “And this young lady is Lucy,” patting Arthur's cheeks.

They both gave us a hate full stare but kept their mouths shut. Both their hands were handcuffed in front of them with a long cable that went between their legs and down to the floor of the car as they were seat belted in. I noticed the same device in my adoptive mother’s car as well as my Dads car when he dropped us off this morning. I groaned inward knowing they were coming with us.

Aaron too was coming with us so Mom could buy him some school clothes with her nice large 2,000 dollar check, a gift from Mr. Stringum too make sure we were both well taken care of.  Greg and I rode in my mother’s car with Aaron and my adoptive Mom.

Greg’s Mom’s car had the rest of her family and his mother. Cindy rode shotgun with Jody with our two bad boys in the back. Jody’s car could barely fit four people comfortably but held our two bad boys until we reached my Highland home. Where we would determine who was going and who was staying with Jody until Bishop Earl arrived and when my Dad got off work.

I wasn’t all that concerned if they all stayed the night, considering the boys if they wanted too could all sleep in the backyard. We had plenty of sleeping bags and we could always put up the tents. I was more concerned about my mother and having sex with my Dad or Mr. Earl or Greg and I. Something I wanted to keep private from Aaron and worried he would freak out, finding our mother having sex with all of us.

I groaned inward just thinking about it and prayed Mom could control herself, yet I had serious doubts. He already knew I had sex with my adoptive Mom, how could he not when he was right there at our campsite and had a very good view.

Even though he hasn’t said anything about it or the fact he watched her at the table stimulate me. Even more so watching Jody and Cindy show up on my mother's doorstep as cops and took off both Greg’s and my clothing right there on the patio while everyone else and he were having dinner. It was no big deal when it came to my mother's nudity or our own, to him like me it was the norm as it is at the Kenly’s, at my mothers home, Bishop Earls home as well as my Rothwell home.

All I could think about was how complicated my life was because of my mother always wanting to have sex with me and everyone else or the fact these married people in my life liked sharing partners as well as having sex with me and my friends in the open and not behind closed and locked doors.

© 2019 Shep

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