Look Who’s Coming to Dinner  Part 2

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 120-1

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

Part 2


Greg laid on the bed laughing his head off and said. “Dude your mother is insane and I mean that in a good way bro.” I gave him a look that said keep his mouth shut but changed to it a silly grin. Grandma too was grinning. Until she realized it then she got all serious. “So,” she said. “You like kissing boy’s and the other just because it’s….”

I said, “fun and tasty.”

She looked at me and Greg and said. “Not quite the words I was thinking, more like… hell, I don’t know. I am just… hell, forget it. It’s not like it's going to kill you kissing boys and girls or the other thing. Hell I and your grandfather had our time in the sack were he could do magic things with his tongue and fingers that drove me absolutely crazy, I have fanaticized what it be like kissing a girl or woman, hell even a breast, well maybe a what did you call it?”

I said. “Sweet spot.”

She said. “Sweet spot, unlike you and Greg… it is just you and Greg son?” I shook my head no. “I am not going to ask, I don’t think I even want to know.”

Grandma sighed. “Ok stand up so I get a look at you.” Greg got off the bed and stood near the wall so he could have a look too. It was very hard… pun intended to not to look at his hard rock penis. Grandma too was trying hard not to look at it, including mine.

Greg said, “Don’t you just look so tasty, I just want lick you like an ice cream cone, man I am so horny looking at you like that.”

Grandma said. “Shut up or I will tan that cut butt like a beat red tomato.”

Greg said. “If you like I can go down the hall and have a pair of tasty breasts or perhaps have hot sex on the coach.”

Grandma’s hand froze as she noticed the long strip of torn skin on my right side where my father cut me with a knife. The world just did a one-eighty. Greg answered before I did and said standing against the wall. “Happened during a lightning storm a few days back Tuesday or Wednesday I think, not sure if it was it his father with a knife when he had his belt around his neck trying to kill him.

“Or he did it himself fighting his ghosts during the episode that scared the carp out of me, my sister and my Dad as well as his mother. When we showed up finding his fathers belt wrapped around his neck so tight we had to cut it off and a long gash down his side and this room was torn apart like a hurricane went right through here. I do know that my sister Cindy said it was the best sex she ever had. It lasted 6 hours and he had only half a horny pill.”

I looked at Greg hard and mouthed the word shut up and said. “Grandma, just forget you saw it, you know if the Rothwell’s know the truth that my father tried to kill me again. That adoption becomes closed and I will never see her again or you and she will not only lose me but Aaron and her daughters. Because of the document in family court says it if I am harmed in any way, regardless if it wasn’t her. The judge said it wouldn’t matter if his signature wasn’t signed. It would still go into effect. Aaron would be placed in foster care or put up for adoption or both. It’s just a scratch that I got falling out of a tree, nothing more. In fact, all these minor bruises are.”

Grandma growled. “I know boy, but it doesn’t make it right. Now tell me straight he did it didn’t he. I want to know everything that happened that night and you don’t dare leave anything out.” I took a seat next to her and told her, I never could lie to her. Mom pretty much told her she was having sex with other men and women. Providing grandma was able to read behind the lines. I certainly not going to answer that question unless she asked me point blank and so far she never had or did up until the day she died.

I finished off stating. “I don’t remember having sex with Cindy, Greg’s sister.”

Greg said. “Oh he had sex with her alright and everyone in the neighborhood knew it right out there in the backyard in the rain roaring their heads off when thundered and lightning lit the sky like fireworks. With a condom, I might add. As well as having my father and his parents both watching. While Officer Kenly held them back or he would kill them and us if he went too far into the episode of being in that church basement.

“Hell I didn’t even know we had one and I have been going to that church since I was baby. Now it scares the hell out me knowing what his mother and father did down there for weeks at a time.” Grandma yelled for him shut up. He apologized and took a seat next to me. He wasn’t hard anymore, just a tad, nothing last forever when you ignore it and don’t stimulate it.

Greg added. “The sex did a lot more good than bad. It kept him grounded and tired him completely out when he closed those baby blues of his and he was out, and I mean out. I should also note he slept through another storm after having another marathon sex with a…another woman, actually come to think about it was those two bombshells we spent the whole day with and most of the night then right before bed you had a quickie before the storm with….”

I said, “Greg for the love of God shut up.”

He said. “I am just saying that sex really calms you down better than those pills you take help you sleep, dude.”

Grandma said “Greg!” He shrugged his shoulder and apologized. Got up off the bed and opened the door Grandma asked where he was going.

He said, “To pee, you come if you like.”

Grandma slapped his cute little butt not hard, but let him know he was being a smart a*s.

Susan yelled. “What the hell Mom, he’s still naked.”

Mom said. “Of course he is why wouldn’t he be…? He’s a nudist. Grow up and get used to seeing naked boys with nice looking hard-on’s.”

Grandma grinned as Susan came in my room seeing me just as naked said, “Grandma please tell me you're going to stop this.”

Grandma said. “Susan I would if I could, but your mother’s right. They are both nudist and his adoptive parent’s told your mother that if she wanted him home he would remain so, besides I happen to love seeing my grandson and his friend naked. So no I am not going to stop it. You should be used to it by now or get used to it because when you get married you are going to see your husband naked all the time and your kids.”

I said to Greg. “Now there’s a scary thought, Susan and Becky having kids…” Grandma gave us each a hard look then grinned stating it would be quite scary about Dumb and Dumber having kids. I tell you Susan is a tad smarter then Becky, but not much. Susan is more of airhead blond, except she wasn’t blond, like Becky even though she too was a more dishwater blond, but twice as stupid. She still believes in the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy and she 12 and will be 13 next May.

She refocused her attention on Susan and said.  “Now get ready to go we have been invited to Greg’s house for dinner.”

Susan said. “I am staying home.”

Grandma stood up and slapped her butt. “You are going young lady and that’s final if I have to see Greg’s family naked so be it. If I have to watch them have wild sex I am going if I have to see them kiss, masturbate. Sorry, Eric stimulates each other so be it. I like that word stimulates it make it sound more of a pleasant experience than the other word.

“So yes you are going and I don’t care if you hate it or like it. Its just dinner, I know for a fact that they will be dressed at the dinner table. After that, I am going home so my grandson and do what he wants to do with Greg and any girl he likes. Kiss each other, have sex or sleep in the same bed together male or female or both, take a bath in the same tub or have sex right there on the couch or kitchen floor. I don’t have to like it. So am just going to but out. Until he gets a girl pregnant, then I will cut it off and roast it over a fire like a hot dog and make him eat it. Then force him to marry that poor girl so the kid will have a father instead of an unwed, mother looking for handouts and living on the streets.”

Susan gasped and went away. I said. “Grandma I only sleep with boyfriends that happen to boys and best friends and my family. Like my Rothwell sisters and my adoptive parents and bothers. I don’t sleep with girls just have sex.”

Grandma said. “Son I don’t care if you do sleep with them. You have already crossed the line so you might as well go the rest of the way, and I will tell your mother that and your adoptive parents. There is not more you could do that I know of, so sleeping with them is not such bad thing considering you had mind-blowing sex with them and know every inch of them. Sleeping in the same bed is the least of my worries and most likely the safest compared to that.”

The phone rang and Mom answered and said. “Yes, we were on our way now. I know no bathing just come.” Mom came down with Greg right behind her.

Grandma said. “I can’t wait to meet your mermaids and your boyfriend Dillon.” She fingered the two sets of handcuffs on the bed where I had the hooks for them. She said “I wish I had pair for you’re your grandfather and those magic fingers of his, his favorite was to dress up as a soldier at war as he walked in the door. I would rip his clothes off and we would…. Have wild sex right there on the kitchen counter and I think that’s how your father was born. Or was it? Hell, all I know he was wild and deviously horny.

“We didn’t have the pill the girls take now for birth control. Hell, we didn’t have condoms or the famous horny pill. Just us and we would go until we both fell asleep and that was before the sixties and long before Woodstock. So go have mind-blowing sex, sleep with as many girls or boys you want until you find the right one. Kiss Greg, Kiss Dillon Kiss any boy or guy you want too, hell stimulate them all. Just don’t get a girl pregnant or rape anyone or do the things those boys did and do at Rothwell home. I will just be your Grandma. Greg’s right, I think you should wear the tiger waist robe and borrow a shirt from him for dinner.”

Susan and Becky said. “Yew gross, their naked and kissing again.” I warped my arms around Greg and kissed him even harder.

Mom tapped us on the shoulder said. “Boy’s they said to be there in 10 minutes so get your cute butts in that car. Before I have Greg’s Dad come get us and tan your hides.”

Greg gave the one minute sign then released me and said. “Tiger robe and nothing else. I put it on and he put on the spider waist robe. I asked what about the girls? Greg looked at me and them and wiggled his finger for them to come forward. I watched him opened Tally’s blouse popping all the buttons off. I did the same to Bethany’s.

I cupped her breasts and said. “I think we're ready Mom.” My sisters were more than upset. Seeing two women with there blouses open exposing those nice tasty breasts. Susan and Becky looked at Grandma; Grandma pretended it was just another normal day.

Susan said. “Just two more days and he’ll be gone and we will be in charge again.”

Mom said. “I wouldn’t count on it. The Rothwell’s promised me the moon to get what they wanted and I am going to take it.” I knew my mother and I knew my adoptive parents and Mom had them by the balls.

Greg and I took the backseat with our two girls seating on our laps with Aaron squeezing in with my album on his lap thumbing through the pages. I never leave home when I am not there because of my father and sisters, besides Grandma wanted to see them all and read my letters, the rest of the letters were at Bishop Earls house in Greg’s closet for safe keeping. Susan and Becky rode up front with my Grandmother; it was a tight fit for that short 1-mile drive.

It was like opening a tin can when we drove up to Greg’s houses. Greg lived with two empty fields full of weeds and his house was in the middle with nothing but wide open of nothing in the back. Today it is filled with houses, but Bishop Earl and Family no longer live there. So seeing two beautiful women topless was no big deal. Well, it was to Susan and Becky, and my Grandma who just pretended that they were fully clothed. Susan and Becky tried to cover their eyes the seconded they saw Greg’s brothers naked and his two sisters with his Mother wearing nothing but an apron.

Greg and I thought she looked hot in it. Grandma kept pretending that this was normal even when his Mom kissed me hard and deep and Greg. His mother said, “Dinner will be ready by 6 when his Dad comes home from church.” Which was normal because he is the Bishop and Sunday is his busy day, with meetings; Greg gave me a wink and said. “Girls that means we have time for a little fun in my new bed.”

Grandma said. “Greg it would be nice if you showed me your room, and to the bathroom so I can freshen myself up for dinner. I believe your two guests would like to fresh up too while I finish our conversation. Linda didn’t you say wanted to call his adoptive parents and tell them all about his weekend with Mr. Stringum and Dave, and tell them I want to chat with them.” Mom was about to do just that until they too pulled up into the driveway. I waited for Mom to freak out and she did knowing I was shirtless and could see the cut on my right side and my arm. Grandma prodded Greg and I down the hall and closed the door telling the ladies where the bathroom was and where we will be.

I could hear Susan and Becky groaning and said: “Just what we needed more nudist.”

Mom said. “Girls shut up their not naked…” pausing and said. “Not yet.”

Grandma turned one shade of white. Closed the door, took a breath and said. “When it rains it pours.” And said. “Look who’s coming to dinner boys? Your friend Dave and Mr. Stringum.” Grandma rubbed her hands together and said: “I can’t wait put my fingers around his scrawny little neck and your adoptive parents for getting you this mess before you turned 18.”

© 2019 Shep

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