2. Glass

2. Glass

A Chapter by alison13













2.   GLASS


     I WOKE UP AT EIGHT. I HEADED TO THE BATHROOM WHERE THE bathtub was filled with rose petals. I can still smell the scent of the roses. Did Miley just put those or is it really there before? Well, in either ways, it’s really relaxing, and I’m not complaining about it.

     After I did my usual routine, I put on my blue tee and denim jeans and tan calf boots. I brushed my curls slowly then went downstairs.

     “Hey, good morning...” I said to Miley, Austin�"her brother�", Mary and Johnny�"her parents.

     “Morning...” Miley said.

     “Good morning...” her parents said at the same time.

     “Morning too...” Austin said.

     “And happy birthday...” I said to Miley.

     “Thanks... sit down now...” she said tapping her hand on the chair beside her.

     “Sure...” I sat beside her then took a plate of pancakes after them.

     “Um, Aly, could you do a favour for me?”

     “What’s that?”



     “Could you sing later on my party? And play guitar?” she bit her lip.



     “In one condition...” I smiled.

     “What’s that?”

     “You’ll sing with me...”

     “I’ll just ruin it...”

     “Miley, before I became a singer, we were always having slumber parties and we’re always singing our hearts out... besides, you have an amazing voice...”

     “Fine...” she took a bite.

     “And you play guitar, if I’m not corrected...” I took a bite.

     “Of course... you taught me, remember?”

     “Then that would be perfect...”


     “So, what time will the party start?”

     “An hour from now...”

     “Is there a lot of guest?”




     The party became really crowded. I didn’t know that Miley invited the whole town. I tried to be friendly and tried to not remind them on who I am, but I guess taking pictures�"and a lot of it�" is really a part of a party, only, it should be with the celebrants, not with the celebrant’s best friend. I socialized with them, though they asked a lot of questions, it’s like I’m on an interview over and over again. I tried to change the topics like asking a lot of things about them and it worked. It’s like the other way around, I’m the fan and they’re the celebrities.

     I got some new friends�"who didn’t approach me for a picture or an autograph�" I got to hang with. Lucy, a year�"or two�"older than me, a gorgeous brunette, she said she loves animals, she has ten




dogs and ten horses, and one cat. She even showed me some pictures of them for proofs.

     The other two is Jane and Natalie, they’re twins and both have a passion for music. They’re like me, music is our life. We’re all blonde as well, though they have straight hairs�"the ones I wished to have before, well, at least now I’m contented on what I have.

     Nina and her cousin Ella are the friendliest. Nina is a red-head journalist, she’s also a glam-guru and a fashion expert. Ella is the youngest�"well, not exactly the youngest, since there are some seven year olds, but on the group of people I encountered, she’s only thirteen�" and the sweetest as well, though she’s a mixture of punk but still an adorable kid.

     Chace introduced me to some of his guy friends. Joseph, reminded me of Adam when I first met him, since he has the same wavy hair, though he’s a shy type. He’s also a good listener, but doesn’t talk much, unlike Nicholas�"his brother�"who’s really a chatter�"which is good�"you actually don’t need to give him a topic, since he got a lot. He’s like he’s the person you need when you’re in a place full of boredom and the best part is that I can relate to all his stories.

     While some of Chace’s friends�"Lucas and Martin to be exact�" are kinda flirt�"or maybe it’s just they’re natural personality. Well, at least they’re not that annoying. Actually, they’re quite funny, and maybe I can say that you can count on them when you’re down.

     I also met Ben and Dimples,�"the sweetest couple in the party, if I’ll be talking to them without anyone else, I’ll probably be out of place in no time�" I can see that they’re really made for each other and they can’t even leave each other for like five seconds which is sometimes annoying. Unlike Joem and Stacey, if they didn’t inform me that they’re a couple, I could have thought that they’re brothers and sisters, since they fight�"a lot�" and make up again. They’re really fun to be with and kinda remind me of Nate and Kyla.

     I went to the stage and sang a happy birthday to Miley. After that, I sang some of our songs, and then I pulled Miley to the stage to



join me. Well, she had no choice anyway. We all sang on the stage�"well, not all, or the stage would collapse�" and I didn’t know that all of them are really talented. For me, it’s not like I’m performing  in front of a lot of people, it’s like I’m just having fun.

     I’m just missing three people. But I can still have fun without them, right? Besides, tomorrow I’ll be back in California again and be back on my same routines. Well, until we hit the road again. I almost forgot that we’re going to Las Vegas next week and London next month.

     After my tenth song, I decided to go off the stage first, since I’m getting tired and I need to rest my voice or I’ll probably embarrass myself in Vegas. I took a punch and just watch the others perform. Jane and Natalie are really talented. They both know how to play guitar, drums, piano and keyboard and violin. Jane is really amazing; she knows how to play all our songs on all of those instruments while Natalie are still learning the others.

     Chace and his friends are all very good dancers. They said that they said that they just formed their group a week ago after Chace came back. Well, they look like they’ve already been together for years and like professionals.

     It’s already ten pm so I guess the others are going home now. The time passed quickly that I didn't notice that’s it’s only us again who are left. I helped on cleaning, since it’s really a mess, and I’m pretty sure I didn't get exhausted by the party�"that includes the performing, album signing, well, others brought their albums, and picture-taking�"but because of the cleaning.

     After we cleaned, we just sat down at the grass. It’s only Miley, Chace, Jerry and I left on the backyard. I can see that I’m not the only one who needs a goodnight sleep.

     “Well, that’ fun...” I mumbled.

     “The party, yes... the cleaning, never...” Miley muttered as weariness covered her voice.


     “What time is your flight tomorrow?”

     “Nine in the morning...”




     “We’ll drive you on the airport, okay?”


     “I can’t believe you’re leaving already... we haven’t spent much time together yet...”

     “Well, we can chat on the phone... and when I’m free again, I swear I’ll make a visit...”

     “Um, on your birthday... you’re free, right?”

     “I think...”

     “I’ll go on California on your birthday...”


     “Maybe we should go to sleep now... you might miss your flight...” she stood up then helped me.


     “Well, we’ll leave now...” Chace said.

     “Bye...” Jerry said, leaning down to Miley to kiss her.

     “Goodbye...” Miley said.

     Chace looked at me, and I just pretended not to notice him. “Bye...” he flickered to Miley then back to me.

     “Bye...” I said.

     After they left, I went straight to bed and quickly fell asleep. It’s like I’m on a world tour over and over again.

     I had the weirdest dream ever,�"well, for me, but I guess to others it might just be nothing�"maybe cause of such exhaustion. I’m standing beside Adam and he’s facing Chace. They’re just staring at each other, expressionless. Suddenly, Adam was about to touch Chace then Chace did the same thing. They smiled crookedly at the same time, until I noticed that there was a large frame in front of Adam. It’s a mirror, to be exact, and Chace was in it. Chace was his reflection.

     “Alyson, wake up!” I heard Miley said.

     “Oh hey... did I overslept?” I asked.

     “It’s already nine in the morning... you’re gonna miss your flight...”


     “Chace is already downstairs...”



     “Oh...” I quickly went out of bed and brushed my teeth and took a shower. My dream was still on my mind, I’m not a dream expert, and I can’t understand what it means.

     “If you want, you can eat the cookies my mom baked on the way to the airport... so you won’t be late...”

     “Thanks...” I quickly brushed my curls then went downstairs and out the door. I can’t miss my flight, it’s the last one, and all are already booked up.

     Miley followed me. “C’mon... and here’s the cookies...” she handed me a bag.

     “Thanks...” I repeated.

     “Oh yah, I can’t come with you to the airport, I have a lot of things to do... but don’t worry, Chace will drive you...”

     “Oh... fine...”

     “Bye... I’ll miss you...” she hugged me tightly.

     “I’ll miss you too...” I hugged her back. “I need to go now...”

     “Okay...” she let me go.

     “C’mon...” Chace said, pressing the horn of his car.

     “Sorry...” I said. I quickly went in his passenger’s seat. “Could you drive me just in time before I miss my flight?”

     “Sure... I’m one of the fastest drivers here in Boston, remember? Fasten your seatbelt...”

     “Okay...” I did what he said.

     He started his car. He’s right, he is one of the fastest drivers, it’s like we’re already flying.

     I chewed one cookie at a time�"which was really delicious, no wonder Miley’s a great chef, she learned from the best. “Do you want some?” I offered.

     “Sure...” he took one.

     I still have this awkward thing with him that’s why I chewed my cookies slowly just to have an excuse on not talking. You can’t talk when your mouth is full, right?

     We reached the airport by exactly nine. Thanks to his fast driving, I didn’t miss my flight. I quickly went out of his car and waved goodbye. I put my shades on as well so that I won’t get recognize easily.


     I sat quietly on the vacant seat in the plane and listened to my iPod.

     It didn’t take long before I reached California. I forgot to tell Adam that I’ll be back today so I decided to take the cab instead. Then I decided to call Adam anyway.

     “Hey...” I said.

     “Oh hey... where are you now?” he asked.

     “I’m on my way home...”

     “I’ll go to the airport now...”

     “I’m already on the cab...”


     “Maybe I’ll just head there...”


     “I missed your voice... well, though I listened to our songs back in the plane...”

     “Yours too... wait; I thought you’ll be gone for three days?”

     “Why, can’t I go home a day earlier?”

     “Of course you can...”

     “Besides, I said two to three days, right?”


     “Oh yah, you owe me a hundred bucks...”


     “Remember, the bet...”

     “Oh yah...”

     Suddenly, I heard something like a broken glass. “What’s that?”

     “Um, Shane just dropped the plate...”


     “So, what did you do in Boston?” his tone changed, suddenly interested.

     “Have fun, album signing, pictures, sing... have fun...”

     “I guess you didn’t have your rest day at all...”

     “Well, Miley’s birthday was a blast anyway... I got some new friends... she kinda invited like the whole town...”

     “Wow... too bad you didn’t have someone to have a duet...”





     “Wait, did you have a duet?”

     “Yah...” I took a pause; I wonder what he thinks right now. “Miley...” I chuckled.

     “Only her?”

     “Yah...” suddenly I remembered having a slight duet with Chace, but that’s just half a song, when the original guy had to leave and he suddenly took the microphone, and you might know what will happen in the rest.

     “Okay... you didn’t find someone...”

     “No...” I cut him off. I already know what he’s talking about. “How about you?”

     “Of course no...”



     “Okay... so what are Shane and Nate doing?”

     “Shane just cleaned up the broken plate; Nate is at Kyla’s...”

     “And what are you doing?”

     “Talking to you...”

     “Before I called...”

     “Trying to paint like Shane... well, I’m trying to paint you...”

     “Oh... so, what do I look like?”

     “Um, fine...”


     “I’ll just pay Shane to paint for me...”

     “I want to see your masterpiece... just, not me...”

     “Fine... when you come back, I’ll show you my paintings... rate it...”

     “So, what else did you do in Boston?”

     “Well, I met a lot of amazing people... there’s this twins, they know to play all of our songs in different kinds of instruments...”

     “Ah... um, you met some old friends?”

     “Well...” should   I really tell him about Chace? Well, he did tell me about his past exes, though it’s not really appropriate, but I guess honesty is the best policy.




     “There is one...”


     “You don’t know him...”



     “So, what does he looks like?”

     “Still the same...”

     “Alyson, I don’t have any idea on what he looks like...”

     “Um, tall as you, still blonde...”

     “Good-looking?” he’s tone is changing again.



     “Yah, kinda...”


     “You’re also good-looking...”

     “Is he single?”

     “Why do you want to know?”

     “Just curious...”

     “Well, yes...”

     “And you spent a lot of time with him?”

     “Like I have some time...”


     “Don’t be such a jealous type...”

     “I’m not jealous...”

     “Your tone is so obvious...”

     “I am not�"”


     “Show me a picture of him, okay?”

     “Why?” I took a deep breath. “Adam, tell me the truth...”

     “What truth?”

     “Are you... gay?”

     “Of course not!” he shouted that I almost became deaf.

     “Just kidding... so, why do you want to see him?”




     “I just want to see my rival...”

     “He’s not your rival...”

     “Who knows...”

     “You’re the only one I love...”


     “Well, except for my parents, best friends�"”

     “Friends, including him...”

     “That’s ridiculous...”

     “When will you go back in Boston?”

     “I don’t exactly know... wait, are you asking me on when I’ll go back to Boston, or on when will I see him again?”

     “Um, kinda both...”

     “Okay, to tell you the truth,” I breathe. “Wait, promise me first you won’t get jealous or something like that...”


     “He’ll be going here in California after a week...”

     “And why is that?”

     “To visit his relatives...”


     “That’s been planned before I even went to Boston...” I look out the window.


     Suddenly, I saw a truck driving fast directly toward us, as if it can’t stop. “Watch out!” I shouted to the driver.

     “Alyson, what’s happening?” Adam asked, worried. I wanted to speak but I can’t.

     The driver tried to change the cab’s direction but he can’t. I decided to open the car door and jump out to save myself. When I was about to do that, the cab suddenly crashed on a tree. My head bumped on the head of the front seat then to the car window that made it broke in pieces. I felt my phone fell from my hand. I manage to open my eyes; I felt a lot of pain in my body, as if I did an extreme stunt like jumping out of a tall building, without any support.




    I touched my head and I can feel something wet, it took me a second to realize that my head is bleeding, a lot. I can’t help my eyes open for another second. Suddenly, my whole life flashbacked to me, I saw myself as a little child, growing up, my dead brother, almost calling me, my parents, but mostly, I saw Adam and Shane. I can’t leave them yet.

































© 2010 alison13

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it's still as good as the first one.. :)

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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