13. Revelations

13. Revelations

A Chapter by alison13















     THIS NIGHT CAN’T GET ANY BETTER. THE PREMIERE WAS GREAT. There were a lot of fans that came and supported us. Shane escorted me, Jake finally revealed Penny to the world. For a few months, the paparazzi had been catching him with a blonde girl, and they’ve always thought that it was me until they realized the height difference.

     Nate and Kyla came with Ashley and Ryan.

     “Alyson, you’re really one hard-luck kid.” Travis�"the host of entertainment authorities�"said to me with the cameraman behind him.

     “Well, this is my dream” I said.

     “Well, your dream seems to come true, kid. From your first album, that is truly successful and record-breaking, then your consecutive show guestings, hosting awards night, a lot of magazine covers, back to back concerts, winning award after awards, even as a solo artist. And now, your movie is out,”

     “I could’ve done it without my fans, which have been there whatever happens,”




     “Now, we just have some spicy news on our sleeves, just answer if it’s so true or false,”


     “So, first things first, are you and Shane Cyrus dating? I mean, this rumor was on our list months and months already, even before you and Adam broke up, and you two had been seen spending time together, and now, he’s escorting you,”

     I flickered to Shane�"who’s sitting beside me�"then back to Travis, “I have to say... so true,”


     I just smiled.

     “You’re really close to perfection. Perfect face, perfect career, perfect attitude, and now, perfect boyfriend,” he said. All of a sudden, as soon as those words came out from him, I suddenly remembered someone who said the same thing a few years ago.

     “Perfect is such a huge word,” I laughed lightly.

     “But it surely fits you,”

     “Well, that’s flattering, but trust me, I’m not even close to that,”

     “Right. Next, is it true that you have no plans on going back to your old band? Everybody’s been asking about it, and according to our latest poll on whether you should go back to the band or not, fifty-one percent said that you should go back, while forty-nine percent said you should stay on solo,”

      “Well, so far, that’s so true.”

     Suddenly, someone made a grand entrance that made everyone turn to him, including me. He’s with a girl, about Kyla’s height, and has the same hair as mine. She looks so innocent, not really fit to be with someone like him. “Hey, am I late for the after party?” Adam asked.

     “What are you doing here?” I heard Shane asked.

     “Why, can’t I join a party? This is for everyone, right?” he flickered to me then back to Shane.

     “Of course,” I murmured.

     “So, Adam, who’s your friend?” Travis asked.




     “Arianna Torres, my current girlfriend.” He said as Shane squeezed my hand gently.

     “Really, well, we have a lot of relationship revelations tonight,”

     “Really, what are the others?”

     “Jacob just revealed his secret girlfriend, Alyson here, admitted that she’s dating Shane,”

     “Right. Well, we’ll just try the food, maybe you should stay here for a while,” Adam told Arianna.

     “Okay,” she murmured.

     “Are you hungry?” Shane asked.

     “Um, just get me what you’re getting,” I said.

     “Fine,” he said then followed Adam.

     “Look, there’s Sterling. We’ll be back for later, okay?” Travis said to me and I just nodded. They left leaving me and Arianna alone.

     “Hey, I’m Arianna. Well, you already heard Adam, but I just want to introduce myself personally,” she smiled, putting her hand in front of me.

     “Nice meeting you,” I shook her hand.

     “I just want you to know that I’m such a huge fan of yours.”

     “Really, well, that’s nice.”

     “But I didn’t mean to date Adam�"”

     “That’s fine,” I cut her off. I’m already guessing what she was about to say, ‘I didn’t mean to date your ex, I’m such a huge fan of yours and I was just attracted to him’ or something like that. “So, how long have you know... um...”

     “For about three months.”

     “So, you’ve been dating him since...”

     “Since we met,”

     “Ah,” I breathed, “So, what did you like about him?” why the heck am I asking these stupid questions anyway?

     “Everything... I met him on this club. He asked me if I want to be his girlfriend and I said yes without any doubt, since he’d been everything I ever wanted.” She sighed. “Hey, you saw me yesterday, right?”





     “You know, in their house.”

     “Right.” I said, though I’m not sure on which of those was she. “So, um, who are the others?”

     “Some of my friends... they all like him. Can you believe that I got worried of him flirting with them? But Adam said that he’ll only stick to me... always.”


     “Oh, I’m so sorry,”

     “For what?”

     “I shouldn’t be saying this to you.”

     “It’s fine, really. No harm done. Besides, it’s a lot of months ago, everyone already forgot about that.” I smiled as convincingly as possible.

     “Not everyone. You know, before I was an ADYSON fan.” She admitted.

     “Really, well, now I’m an ADRIANNA fan,”

     “Not really. I know that a lot of bad and rude comments might attack me.”

     “Don’t worry what others think; what’s important is what you two feel.”

     “You think so?”

     “Yes. Well, do you think that SHALYSON won’t have haters?” I made up a mixed name quickly. Good think she gave the idea from the other mixed name.



     The night passed quickly. I talked to Kyla and Arianna all night. We got one interview per hour, and then we also stay tuned on how the movie was going, which turned out that all the tickets were sold out on all the theatres that night. We watched as the fans go out of the theatre and gave a lot of excellent comments that made me less nervous.




     I got to talk to Penny twice, I think. She’s nice, though kinda different from Jacob’s description. She sometimes acts older than her age, but she’s still fun to be with, even for just a short period of time.

     Arianna became the borderline of Adam and me, since she sat between us. All night, it’s as if we both didn’t exist to each other’s lives. I performed some of my songs, then a duet with Shane. Jacob performed too, then ‘the unknown’ sang the songs that they’d put on the OST. I sang the other duet with Shane�"that was supposedly with Adam�"and the other two duets with Jake.

     Shane drove me home by three in the morning. I can see that he’s already tired, since we really did enjoy the party, though we both didn’t drink or even took a sip on the champagne.

     “Well, goodnight,” I yawned.

     “Don’t you mean, good morning?” Shane asked.

     “Sure, um, see you later.”

     “Um, if I’m not corrected, you’ll be reading to the second graders later at eight.”

     “No I’m not,” I said, and after a few seconds, my phone beeped. It reminded that I’m going to read to the second graders tomorrow morning, “Oh, you’re good.”

     “Of course,”

     “Well, bye now.” I kissed him on the cheek then went out.

     I went inside and straight to my room. I guess my parents are now completely asleep, though they showed up in the premiere, they left way earlier, about four hours earlier than us, since my dad has a court meeting later at eleven am, while my mom have some new foundations�"where she made me perform for free, just to help the maltreated and abandoned children.

     I wiped off my makeup and washed my face, then changed to my PJs. I quickly fell asleep as soon as my body touched my soft bed.






     I woke up as my alarm snoozed for the third time. I’m really tired and still sleepy, since I only slept for three hours. I just hope I can stay awake until later.

     “Hello, Emma? Could you call Charles to fetch me?” I murmured through my phone.

     “Sure, why?”

     “I need to go and read to the second graders, remember?”


     “And, can you order me a dark berry mocha frappuccino? I just need something to keep me awake.”

     “Got it,”

     “And maybe a muffin or two,”


     “Be here before seven thirty, alright?”


     “Thanks, bye.” I shut my phone and put it on my bed table.

     I took a freezing cold shower, just to keep me awake. I hurriedly took my lavender dress and white calf boots. I blow-dried my hair and put it on a low ponytail, just before Emma came.

     “Hey, good morning,” I said to my parents as I walked out of the door.

     “Morning,” my dad said.

     I went in the car where Emma and Charles are waiting.

     “Here’s your frappe, and two chocolate muffins. Sorry, there are no other flavour for the muffins,” Emma said, giving me the bag.

     “Thanks,” I took the warm muffin and took a bite. “How many hours will I stay there?”

     “Maybe an hour or two.”

     “Good,” I took another bite.

     “Then you’ll be guesting on ‘late nights’ tonight,”

     “That’s tonight. So that means I can still sleep, right?”

     “Of course,”

     “Great,” I finished the whole muffin. “Hey, what date is today?”

     “September sixteen,”




     It suddenly hit me. Today is Shane’s birthday. “Wait, where’s my phone?” I dug through my messy bag.

     “Here, borrow mine,” she offered.

     “Thanks,” I took the phone. At least she has Shane’s number.

     “Hello?” Shane said, obviously, I woke him up.

     “Hey, Happy birthday!” I said as enthusiastically as possible.

     “You remembered?”

     “Why shouldn’t I?”

     “Well, you’re pretty tired from the party last night,” he yawned.

     “Nonsense, I can’t forget your special day,”

     “Really, so, are we going out tonight?”

     “Oh... well, I’ll be guesting on the late nights. But I’ll drop by later after the story-telling,”


     “And don’t worry, after my appearance in the late nights, we can hang out again,”

     “Um, Alyson, late nights is from eight to ten pm,”

     “That’s okay,”

     “Fine, let’s have it your way.”

     “Great. Well, bye now, love you.”


    I shut her phone. So, I guess I won’t have that great sleep at all.

















© 2009 alison13

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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