24. Crazy

24. Crazy

A Chapter by alison13













24.   CRAZY



     “Only two more reasons...” I muttered. “Why can’t I think of two more reasons?”

     “You know you already have two in mind,” Shane said, coming in.

     “No I don’t... but, um, what is it?” I asked, trying to get a hint on the two more reasons.

     “You know it,”

     “Are you becoming like Nate?”


     “C’mon, tell me those two already,”

     “Alyson, think hard. Think deeper.” He smiled.

     “I am doing that.” I paused in front of him.

     He took a deep breath. “Don’t think about me. if you’re already thinking about those two reasons, but you don’t want to say it, then now, you’re free... let’s call it a quit.”


     “Don’t play dumb,”

     “You mean�"”




     “Yah. It may hurt at first. I love you Alyson, but c’mon, I can’t stop this thing. And it’s more painful to see you pretending to love me, and yet your heart belongs to him.”

     “Thanks,” I smiled. “By the way, you broke up with me, not me,”

     “You got the reasons already?”


     “Great, c’mon,”

     “Where are we going?”

     “To stop Adam,”

     “Thanks again,” I hugged him tightly.

     “You can let go now, we’ll be late.”

     “Five more seconds,” I chuckled. “There,”

     “C’mon... I haven’t used my motorcycle for about a month already.”



     We rode his motorcycle; I just hope we can make it before the plane can take off. I already thought of everything that I’ll say, but somehow, it keeps getting out of my mind.

     I gave Shane my helmet and ran as fast as I can. The guards almost didn’t let me in until he recognized me. All it takes was a picture and an autograph.

     “Adam, wait!” I yelled as I almost tripped.

     “What is it?” he turned around before going in the plane.

     “I already have two reasons,” I stopped again, trying to catch my breath. At least my voice isn’t that loud, since the people who are passing over us aren’t turning around.

     “What’s your reason?”

     “Ninth, how about me? if you think that it’s only you who’s getting hurt, then think again. do you know how hard it is for someone to lose half their life? I felt that when I thought you died... and it’s really hard to move on and pretend that you’re already dead when I know that you’re not.”

     “What about your promise? What about Shane?”




     “He called it a quit.”

     “Really... what’s your last reason?”

     I took a deep breath, “Tenth, you can’t leave because... because I’m still in love with you. If you don’t consider this a reason, fine, but I just want you to know that... my life won’t be complete... if you look at it, Shane is perfect. Every girl’s dream boyfriend... He’s sensible, incredible, says everything a girl needs to know and... It’s like I couldn’t ask for anything more. He’s charming, endearing and yes, I’m comfortable. He’s close to my dad, respects my space, and never even makes me wait. While you... you’re just so wild and crazy, just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated and got away by some mistakes�"”

     “Is that even good?”

     “Yes. You see, he can’t even see the smiles I’m faking, since I don’t really feel anything. And I miss screaming and fighting, kissing in the rain, it’s two am and I’m cursing your name�"”

     “You do?”

     “Yes! I miss everything. The rollercoaster kind of rush, breaking down and coming undone... everything... because... that’s just the way I loved you,” I pressed my lips together, “And, I already accepted that the guy who always breaks my heart is also the one who’s fixing it back together.”

     “I’ll accept that,” he walked toward me. He put his one hand on my cheek and wiped the tear that I didn’t notice to fall. He leaned and pressed his lips to mine. It’s been so long I felt it, and my lips had been longing for it ever since.

     “You know, I’m guessing that people are looking at us right now,” I whispered, our forehead and nose touching together.

     “I don’t care,” he kissed me again.

     “You’re really crazy,” I pushed him slightly.

     “What’s your tenth reason again? I didn’t understand it,”

     “Excuse me, I hate to break the moment, nut the plane is already leaving. So can you go back to your seats? Thanks you,” the stewardess said.




     “Change plans, I’ll cancel my flight.” Adam said.

     “Well then, if I could ask you to leave now�"”

     “Sure,” he smirked and took my hand.

     “So, what’s your tenth reason again?” he asked when we were outside.

     “I love you,”

     Shane already left, obviously. We took a cab instead on the way back to their house.

     “So, how would you tell Ashley?” I asked.

     “Simple. I’ll show up on dinner tonight,”

     I looked at him.


     “What do you think would her reaction be?”

     “Happy. Shock. She might even sap me.”


     “She’s my mom. I know her already.” He took a deep breath, “I just hope she won’t freak out.”

     “You wish,”



     We got off the cab; I can already hear Ashley shrieking about something. I looked at Adam and he looks confident, as if nothing happened.

     “Adam! How could you!” Ashley muttered as we got in.

     “Hey mom,” Adam said, as if he’s a kid that just got home from his first day of school.

     “Why didn’t you tell me that you’re alive? And I have to be the last to know of all people!”

     “Well, I didn’t really plan on staying. I was really about to erase my existence.”

     “And why is that?”

     “I don’t want to explain anymore. Ask Shane or Alyson,”

     “How did this thing happen?”

     “Magic,” he smirked.




     “I miss my baby boy!” she pinched Adam’s cheeks then slapped him and finally, hugged him.

     “Your slap hurts and mom, I’m not a little kid anymore.”

     “You act like one.” She let go of him. She looked at me then suddenly hugged me. “Thanks for bringing back Adam,” she whispered.

     “That’s nothing.” I lied, having flashback on what just happened.

     “You’re really an angel,” she let go of me.

     “Yah right,” Adam said.

     “Shut up.”

     “Um Alyson, maybe you should check the news,” Shane said, his voice disturbed.

     “Why I went toward him.

     “...Alyson Smith kissing a guy on the plane? Paparazzi caught a picture of the superstar with a dude kissing early this afternoon, though the guy is still not identified, but it’s obviously not Shane Cyrus. Do we smell a fresh breakup in the air? Or is there some cheating flying around?”

     I muted the TV. “Shoot! They’re fast...” I muttered.

     “So I’m guessing you need a rep to tell the story,” Shane said.

     “Nope, Adam caused the trouble, he’ll tell the story.”

     “What trouble?” Adam asked, sitting beside Shane.

     “Well, who said you should pretend to be dead when you’re not?”

     “Hey, no one forced you to make a scandal in the plane,”

     “Well I won’t do that if someone didn’t go to the airport to leave the country again in the first place.”

     “Whoa, whoa, wait, no fighting... you two just got back together. Twenty-four hours didn’t pass yet.” Shane said.

    “Fine,” suddenly my phone rang. “Hello?” I answered as I sat between Shane.

     “Explain to me, what the heck are you doing in the airport?” my mom asked.

    “I’ll tell you when you get back. Enjoy the vacation.”




     “We’re already back.”

     “What!” shocked filled my voice. I knew it, I should’ve made that gift for a month or so.

     “Meet us on the house,”


     “Now.” My mom’s voice was too stiff, and I know she’s mad.


     She shut the phone.

     I wonder what’s her reaction might be when she finds out that Adam’s alive, while my dad will hate me for breaking up with Shane. But c’mon, it’s the other way around. “I’ll go home now.”

     “Do I need to be your explanation?” Adam asked.


     “Do you honestly believe that they’ll believe you that I’m alive?”


     “You don’t have a car.”

     “Yes I do, it’s parked in front of your house.”

     “C’mon, I need to come with you,” he stood up.

     “Fine, maybe it is easier to explain if you’re there... I guess.”



     We drove back to our house in silence. I kept thinking to what I’ll say and on what they’ll say. It’s easy, right? Shane broke up with me and I got back together with Adam. Well, it really does sound stupid, like I’m playing with them.

     But in reality, c’mon, can you really stop faith and destiny? When you two are meant for each other, no matter how hard you try to leave each other, it won’t work. There’s no stopping. It’s like even if he’s miles away from me, I’m still being pulled toward him.

     We walked on the front porch steps, as my heart started to beat faster.

     “Maybe you should just stay n the house,” I pushed him away.

     “Fine, just call me when you need me.” he squeezed my hand then went back to the car.




     I took two deep breaths as I opened the door.

     “So, tell me the truth.” My mom said, crossing her arms.

     “Fine, wait, where’s dad?” I looked around.

     “he’s just finishing a case.”

     “Okay,” I sat on the couch. “Do you believe in Destiny, soul mates, and possibilities of impossibilities?”

     “Yes and no. Wait, don’t change the topic.”

     “I’m not changing the topic. And oh yah, I’m not cheating on Shane. He broke up with me,”

     “And you just jumped on a new relationship just like that? When did he break up with you anyway?”

     “Um, this afternoon,” I bit my lip. I knew it, the second the last word came out from my mouth; I knew I should’ve just lied.

     “Okay Alyson, I know you’re old enough to make your own decision, but please, make sure it’s right.”

     “I promise,”

     “Promises are meant to be broken. And please, tell me it’s not like your relationship with Adam,”

     I got off guard by her statement. How can it not be like my relationship with Adam when it is with Adam? “So, when will dad come back?” I changed the subject.

     “Tomorrow. Now, about that explanation...” she sat beside me.

     I took a deep breath. “Adam is... alive.”

     “C’mon, you’ve been saying that since he died. I thought you already moved on?”

     “I did. But he did come back,”

     “So, you mean that the guy you’re making out with in the airport is Adam.”


     “And you’re sure about that.” she said, not as a question.

     “Wait,” I took my phone and sent a message to Adam to come in. It took only a few seconds before he busted in the door.

     “Hey Abby,” Adam smiled, with the same tone like the one he used with Ashley.




     I looked to my mom, and in a second, she fainted. I looked to Adam.



     “What did I do?”

     “My dad will be back tomorrow,”

     “Then I’ll be back tomorrow. But make sure you hide the gun, alright?”

     “We don’t have a gun,” I chuckled.

     “Good, then just hide all the knives,”

     “Fine,” I laughed.




























© 2009 alison13

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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