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A Chapter by alison13















     FINALLY, THE TOUR IS ALMOST OVER. SINCE I DECIDED TO QUIT ON being a chef and just continued on being the girl lead singer of the unknown, it’s been really hard, always lack of sleep, especially when we toured to promote our movie “Get Back”�"where it gross in eighty point two million on its first day. Shane and Rica started dating�" my match-making finally paid off�"and I guess of course, he’s not in love of me anymore. There are some changes too, like Adam just got another new haircut, having his own version of Mohawk again, and it looks better than the huge curls.

     “Finally... we’re finish!” I said when we got in the tour bus"our untidy tour bus, since Ashley is not with us.

     “Yah...” Adam agreed, as he sat on the couch.

     “So, I guess that’s the last of it?”

     “Yah... we’re going back to California again...”

     “Good... I need to meet Rica again...” Shane muttered.

     “Wow, you’re really getting serious to her...” Nate said, taking four cans of soda from the refrigerator.

     “Of course...”




     “So, where will you meet?” he tossed a can to Shane, then to Adam and me.

     “At the Spices, as usual...”

     The Spices, I haven’t visited it since I quitted and since Adam sold it to Vanessa Gold-Stanley. I wonder how Valerie and the rest are doing. I haven’t kept in touch with them since our really hectic schedule"though sometimes we tweet each other on tweeter.

     “Alyson, when will you visit Miley again?” Adam asked.

     “Tomorrow...” I answered.

     “You sure you don’t want me to come with you?”

     “No need... I’ll just stay in Boston for like two to three days... it’s only for her birthday...” I opened my can of soda.

     “You sure you don’t want to use the helicopter? Or private jet...” and here we go again. We’ve been arguing about this thing for like a month now.

     “Adam, I’m not a big deal...”

     “Yes you are...”

     “No I’m not... I’m just like any other people...”

     “I bet that you can’t go out the airport without bodyguards around you...”

     “I bet I can...”

     “A hundred bucks?” he smiled crookedly.

     “Sure...” I took a sip on my soda. “So, what time are we going to reach home?”

     “I’m guessing three hours from now...”

     “Fine... I’m really tired...” I put the can on the table and put my head on Adam’s lap and covered my half upper face with a pillow.

     “Are you going to sleep?”

     “Obviously yes...” I said, kinda irritated.


     “Oh no...” I heard Shane muttered.

     “What’s up?” I took off the pillow and looked at him.

     “Well, Rica said that we need to talk...”




     “Of course you do... it’s been a really long time since you’d seen each other...”

     “No... Talk as in, feelings talk... this is not how I pictured this... she’s going to breakup with me when we get back...”

     “No she’s not... you’re over reacting...”

     “Yes she is... I can tell it by her tone...” he took a sip on his soda.

     “Don’t over think it...” Adam mumbled.

     “Just stay calm... and most importantly, don’t breakup with her just to be first...” I said “she might just really miss you and she just wants to talk to you... or maybe she’s in a problem she can’t handle emotionally and she needs someone to comfort her...”


     I covered my half upper face again and waited for me to fall asleep.

     I’m pretty sure now I’m dreaming. I’m standing nowhere for crying out loud. I looked around but there’s no one else there. I heard someone called my name. I turn around and it’s Chace Monroe" my first boyfriend when I was fifteen. I called him but he’s just standing there. I tried to run toward him but the wind suddenly blew him away.

     “Alyson, wake up...” Adam muttered.

     “Whoa!” I fell down the couch. “Are we there yet?” I fixed my hair that’s covering my face.

     “Yah... who’s Chace?” he raised one eyebrow.


     “You’re murmuring, ‘Chace, wait up’ again and again...”


     “You’re not cheating on me are you?” he looked kinda upset.

     “Of course not...”

     “Then who’s Chace?” we got off the bus and in to his Mercedes.

     “Chace Crawford... I was just getting his autograph...” I lied.

     “Liar...” he started the car.

     “What?” I fastened my seatbelt.

     “You already met Chace Crawford; on the premiere of our movie... you even said that he looks really dreamy...”



     “Hey, it’s my dream... I can follow who ever I want....”

     “Who’s Chace?”

     “Fine, Chace is my first...”


     “And what? I just dreamt about him... nothing wrong with that...”

     “Did you date him?”

     “Like I said, he’s my first...”

     “I thought you said that you haven’t had a boyfriend before me?”

     “What? Can’t a girl lie? Besides, before, my rule was, never talk about past relationships...”


     “You’re so cute when you’re jealous...” I changed the topic. I hate getting stuck with conversations like that.

     “I’m not jealous of your past...”

     “Of course... you’re my present...”

     “And future...” he stopped the car.

     “Of course...” I looked out the window car and we’re already at my house. He drove faster than me when he’s jealous. “I need to go now... gotta pack my bags...”


     I got off his car and went straight to my room and packed the things I need. I already got my ticket so I just putted it in the pocket of my coat. I didn’t notice that it’s already eight pm. Time fly so fast. I rushed to get my bag when I heard my phone rang. It’s Shane. I wonder what happened to their talk.

     “Hello?” I said.

     “Hey, I know you just got home, but um, can you go here at our house?” he asked.

     “Sure... why?”

     “I’ll tell you later...”






     “Bye...” I went down and in to my car and drove to their house. I wonder what could be the problem. I don’t really like the tone of his voice, since I rarely or merely never heard it.

     I got out of my car as I saw Shane on their bench, getting drunk. “Hey, stop that...” I took the bottle of tequila from him.

     “Hey, give that back...”

     “Is that why you made me go here, to see you drunk? What’s happening to you? You don’t drink before...”

     “You said Rica won’t breakup with me...”


     “She and her boyfriend got back together... she said she love me, but not much as him... and if she has to choose, well, obviously she picked him...”

     “I’m sorry... you were right...”

     “Of course...”

     “I shouldn’t have match make you two...”

     “Yes... now, give that back...”

     “No way... getting yourself drunk won’t be the solution... besides, Shane, you’re a smart guy, you know what’s right... and she’s just a girl... there’s like more than forty other girls who are meant for you...”

     “So? This is why I don’t want to date anymore...”

     “C’mon... all guys get dump like that... sometimes even worst... Adam got a lot of past before and he got dumped too... but I’m guessing that you don’t see him like that...”

     “That’s because you’re the only one who dumped him then got back together anyway...”

     “What? He said he got dumped before... and I’m pretty sure he’s not lying... besides, that’s already natural...”

     “He never got dump...” he took the bottle from my hand.

     “Yah right...”

     “I’m telling the truth...”

     “You’re really serious to her...”

     “Well, honestly... not as serious as to you...”





     “Yah, I’m just your best friend and like your brother already...”

     “Good you know...”

      “Alyson, if you knew me first, before Adam, will you choose me?”

     “I... I don’t know... I can’t answer that...”

     “If you didn’t know Adam, will you give me a chance?”

     “Shane, stop asking such questions...”

     “If I told you the truth way earlier, will you love me back?” he stood up.

     “If I say no to all your questions, will you lose hope?”


     “Then no... if I met you first, I’ll still choose Adam...”

     “What about my other question? What if you didn’t know Adam?”

     “If I didn’t know Adam, I won’t know you, and I won’t be part of the band... and you won’t know me...”

     He took my face on his bare hands and buried his lips on mine.

     I pushed him away and looked at him for a second then went back to my car.

     “Alyson, wait... I’m sorry...” he blocked my way.

     “Shut up... you’re really drunk...” I pushed him away and went in my car and drive away.

     I can’t believe it. It’s almost half a year and he’s still not over me. I give up. I’ll just pretend that this night didn’t happen. Good thing I’ll be spending my weekend at Miley’s, at least that would take my mind off Shane for a little while.

     I went straight to my room and change then slowly climbed my bed and fell asleep. I had the same dream in the bus. I’m on a desert shouting Chace’s name. But this time, he was behind me. I didn’t turn around but I can feel his presence, his warm body touching mine. He slid his hands to my arms and held my hands. He whispered my name to my ear and held me on the waist; his hands still lock on mine. I can’t seem to untangle it.





     I woke up at nine and my flight is at ten. I hurriedly took a bath and fixed myself. I took a cinnamon roll and a glass of milk then took the cab on my way to the airport (since both my parents are quite busy these days, and I can’t trust Adam to drive me to the airport and not to where his helicopter is.

     It took only a few hours to reach Boston and no one even notice me. Adam owes me a hundred bucks. I quickly saw Miley so I decided to run toward her.

     “Hey, I missed you so much!” I mumbled.

     “Me too! I can’t believe you’re still the same best friend I have from the famous lead singer of the unknown!” she let me go.

     “C’mon, I’m not that famous...”

     “For you... you’re already a megastar!  I can’t believe that I have your autograph and you’re staying at our house...”

     “Miley, you know I hate special attention... I’m still me... so don’t treat me like a celebrity... just your best friend...”

     “Okay... oh yah, you must remember Jerry Monroe, Chace’s brother... and my boyfriend...”

     “Oh, nice meeting you...” I smiled.

     “Hey, sorry I’m late...” a guy said, coming out from the car. Even if it’s already been five years, I can still remember that voice. He’s been in my dream. Chace Monroe.

     “Hey Chace...” Jerry said.

     “Hey Aly...” Chace greeted.

     “Um, hi...” I manage to put a smile. I remembered that this is also the same place where I last saw him five years ago, where he’s going off to Paris to leave me. What is he doing here for crying out loud? I thought I’ll never see his face again.

     “I see you still haven’t changed...” he looked at my curls. “Except for the hair...”

     “Um yah.... of course... I’m still the old me... but um, I’m not that stupid anymore...”

     “I can see that... can you believe it’s been five years?”

     “Yah... it’s so fast... so um, how’s Paris?” how awkward can this conversation get?



     “Great... so how’s the spotlight?”


     “You and that Adam guy...”


     “Hey c’mon, I’m hungry now...” Miley said.

     “So, where are we going to eat?”

     “We already have our own restaurant...”

     “Really? You’re fast...” I flickered to Jerry then back to her.

     “We have our savings... I told you that I’ll give you a discount, but now, you can eat for free... and don’t worry, it’s not because you’re famous... it’s because you’re my best friend...”

     “Sure... so, what’s the name of your restaurant?”

     “Jiley’s Grill...”

     “So, you’re the chef?”

     “We both are...”

     “Oh...” we went to Chace’s car. “So, how’s the business going?”

     “It’s great...” Miley said, sitting next to me. The two guys sat in front.

     “Thanks for giving your time...”

     “I should be the one thanking you... is the tour over?”

     “Yah, but I’m guessing that by first week of September, we’ll be back on the road again...”

     “Oh... well, at least you can make it to my birthday tomorrow...”

     “Of course... I can’t miss another birthday of yours... but I’m sorry that I have no time to buy you a gift...”

     “That’s okay... you being here is my present...”


     “Oh, I forgot!”

     “What is it?”

     “Hold on to me tightly, okay? Later when we reach the restaurant...”


     “Well, today is our busiest day and there are a lot of customers... that means, fans...”





     “I’m sorry...” she bit her lip.

     “That’s okay... if you want, I’ll help in the kitchen... I’m a chef now too... since if you could remember, I took culinary instead of business management...”

     “No need... we have some people on it already... I’m not going to work today and tomorrow... we’ll have the whole weekend ours...”


     “We’re here...” she looked out.

     “Wow, your restaurant is really successful...” I can see it with all the people crowded inside and all the cars parked outside.

     “Yah... hold on tight...”

     “Sure...” we went out of Chace’s car. I held her hand tightly like what she said.

     As we go in, I can see other people staring at us. I love fans, but I want to be a normal person who can usually eat at a restaurant without eyes following me. I just pretended not to see them looking at me. Suddenly, I noticed some flashes. Great, taking pictures, well, at least I don’t need to smile. I didn’t notice that Chace was beside me. I just hope I don’t have a photo where there’s only Chace and I. Miley led me to the farthest part where no one is eating.

     “So, what do you want to eat?” Miley asked.

     “Um, I’ll just have what you’ll have...” I said.

     “Okay... I’ll have a Caesar chicken wrap, mango-banana smoothie and a slice of cheesecake...”

     “That’s fine with me...”

     “Hey, um, I need to help in the kitchen... um, can you keep her company? I’ll be back in a few mintues...” she asked Chace.

     “Sure...” Chace responded.

     “Good...” she headed to the kitchen.

     It took at about five seconds before he talked to me. “So, how long have you been a member of the unknown?”

     “Um, about three years already...”




     “I thought you don’t like being a celebrity? Or are you just force to become their lead singer?”

     “No one forced me... it’s my own decision... besides, time change, and people change...” I took a glimpse at him then look down again.

     “So why did you brought back the curls?”

     “I like my curls...”


     “Um, not to be rude or anything, just um, curious... why did you came back? From Paris...”

     “I miss it here... I just got back a month ago...”

     “So... how’s Jenny?” I stared at my nails. I shouldn’t have asked about the very first reason why left me.

     “Another reason why I’m back... we broke up... almost a month from now as well...”

     “Oh, I’m so sorry... I shouldn’t have opened it...”

     “That’s okay... this may sound stupid, but I’m already over her...”


     “So, how long are you and Adam together?”

     “A year... we’re on and off... but now, we’re steady...”

     “Interesting...” he murmured too low, but I still heard it.


     “Nothing... so, you’re only staying here for two day?”

     “May be three, depends...”

     “Then you’re going back to...”


     “Where are you in California?”

     “San Francisco...”

     “Really? I’ll be visiting my relatives next week on San Francisco for a month or so...”

     “Really...” is that even a good thing for me?

     “So, could you tour me around?”

     “Sorry, my schedule is pretty hectic...”





     “But, um, San Francisco is pretty easy to memorize... you won’t get lost... swear...”

     “That’s okay... besides, your boyfriend might kill me...”

     “Yah, probably...” I suddenly remembered Adam being jealous about my stupid dream.

     “So, can I have your autograph?”


     “Why, can’t I get Ms. Mary Alyson Carter Smith’s autograph?”

     I can’t believe he still knows my whole full name. “Well"”

     “Here...” he gave me a small notebook and pen.

     “Oh, okay...” I have no choice anyway. I just wrote:

           To Chace, nice seeing you again...




     “Here...” I handed him the notebook. I don’t really have anything to say anymore.


     “Hey, sorry it took me so long...” Miley mumbled, sitting next to me. She looks really exhausted. “It’s just so many orders and little time...”

     “Are you alright?” I asked.

     “Of course...”

     I can see the waiters coming from behind, with our orders. They put each plate on the table then smiled slyly.

     “Um, Ms. Alyson, can we have a picture with you?” the first waiter asked.

     “Sure...” I said promptly.

     He took a camera from his pocket. “Um, Ms. Miley, can you take a picture of us?”

     “Fine...” she took the camera.

     The other waiter went behind me, while the first waiter stood beside me. I smiled like I’m still on the album signing.



     “Thank you so much...” the first waiter said.

     “Um, what’s your name?” I asked.

     “I’m Ron Stewart and this is Jasper Torres...” he gestured to his fellow waiter.

     “Oh, well nice meeting you Ron... and to you too, Jasper...” I shook his hand first, then Jasper’s.

     “Thanks you Ms. Alyson...” Jasper mumbled after shaking my hand.

     “Just call me Alyson...”

     “Okay...” they said at the same time, and then went back to the kitchen.

    “So, did you make this?” I flickered to the dishes on the table.

    “No... Jerry did... I hope you like it...” Miley said.

    “It looks really delicious...”

    “Try it...”

    “Okay...” I took a bite and pause for a second, like a critic would do. I look at Miley and she’s biting her lip. “I’m right... it’s really delicious... is this your specialty?”


     “Well, it tastes great...”

     She took a bite. “Well, it’s one of my favourite...”

     “No wonder it’s delicious...”

     “It should be... this is the first recipe he learned from me...” she took a sip on her smoothie.

     “Where did you learn to do this?”

     “Before, I got bored, I just made an experiment, mixed it up... when it looked edible, I tasted it and it was delicious... I went over it again, since I forgot what ingredients I used, then wrote each, then give it to him...”

     “Wow, interesting story...” I took another bite.

     “Yah... it was memorable too... the kitchen was really messy that day... well, when Jerry tried to do it...”

     “So when did you start this restaurant?”




     “Well, before we graduated in the culinary school, we already bought this place... then we just took a few months of work for experiences, being together as a team, then we found out that we really have a talent for cooking... so we did a lot of furnishing in the place, and started as the only two people handling it... then suddenly, before we knew it, our restaurant became so popular, good thing we had the budget to hire some help... now, it’s quite hard managing the business, with the competition and anything, but it’s quite enjoyable...”

    “Wow... and I can’t forget how good you are on math and when it comes to money...”

     “Of course...”

     “Well, I know this will be a really successful restaurant...”

     “Yah... and now, a lot of people heard that you’re here... so it’s really crowded back there...”

     “Does no one really eat at this part?”

     “This is only for private... when celebrities want to have peace and serenity...”



     After we eat, they tried to get me out of the restaurant calmly. It’s really flattering that people want to have my autograph, though I’m already kinda missing the times I go shopping with Shane or my other friends without needing to have bodyguards around. Well, in my opinion, I can really go out without being recognize if they weren’t too obvious. I just let them have my autograph, though my hand is getting tired, I tried to finish. When I really can’t help it, I just said that I’ll do it next time. There’s a lot of flashes threw at me, but I didn’t mind it, I’m quite used to it anyway.

     Chace drove us back to Miley’s house. Her house was now painted minted green, though I can still remember that it was powdered blue. The inside looks the same, with the same intense gold couch, white tiles, huge flat screen TV, a lot of paintings, from Italy, hanging on the wall, and a few large vases. She led me up the massive staircase and into the guest room.



     Before, whenever I’m having a sleepover at their house, I usually just seep at the sofa-bed in her room"I never really tried their guest room. It was painted baby pink, while the bed was huge and white, with clouds of gossamer floating down from the floor"I remembered that it’s almost the same as Shane’s bed" but the floor was  pale wood, covered with a pink fury carpet. The curtains are both pink and white and there are shelf and shelf of magazines, books and encyclopaedias.

     “So, is this room okay with you?” Miley asked.

     “Of course... um, is this really a guest room, or does this belongs to someone before?”

     “Guest room... why, is it too girly for you I could ask our maid to change it...”

     “No, its fine...” I smiled.

     “Well, you better rest now...”

     “Okay... you too... tomorrow’s your birthday... you should have a beauty rest...”

     “Yah... bye, goodnight... oh yah, the bathroom is there...” she pointed on the white door on the side.


     She closed the door.

     I changed to my PJs and climbed slowly to the huge bed. Well, that will be my last autograph signing. Tomorrow, I’ll just be Alyson Smith, attending the party of my best friend. I quickly fell asleep since I got really exhausted.














© 2010 alison13

Author's Note

em dash (—) wasn't shown properly and was replaced by quote (").. i'm still trying to figure out how it can work like on my first novel.

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Okay, so far so good. It reminds me of a two-hundred page pamplet; with the formatting, short pages, and all . . .

You did a good job; it's not often I see finished books here on Writerscafe. There are, however, some things you can do for improvement. First, try using a thesaurus. I recommend this to many writers, and that's because with a variety of words to choose from to describe actions and people, it really can put flavor into your work. Second, you need some work drawing in other people's attention. I was drawn in simply because you had it completed, not necessarily that writing gripped me. A good English class can solve that problem for you. Third your plot-line is abit scetchy. Rewriting your story should help, as you are force to think about the whole plot when doing so.

I'm only fifteen 'pages' in, and it's the holidays, so I'm posting my review here for the holidays, as well as adding this to my reading list. Don't worry: once I start reveiwing a story, I don't stop until it's done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


This is good. but try not to end with ... so much. Your book is intriguing.

Posted 11 Years Ago

good start, like your first book.. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

thanks for the tip.. i'm actually considering it now, though i have no time of rewriting this book. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Okay, so far so good. It reminds me of a two-hundred page pamplet; with the formatting, short pages, and all . . .

You did a good job; it's not often I see finished books here on Writerscafe. There are, however, some things you can do for improvement. First, try using a thesaurus. I recommend this to many writers, and that's because with a variety of words to choose from to describe actions and people, it really can put flavor into your work. Second, you need some work drawing in other people's attention. I was drawn in simply because you had it completed, not necessarily that writing gripped me. A good English class can solve that problem for you. Third your plot-line is abit scetchy. Rewriting your story should help, as you are force to think about the whole plot when doing so.

I'm only fifteen 'pages' in, and it's the holidays, so I'm posting my review here for the holidays, as well as adding this to my reading list. Don't worry: once I start reveiwing a story, I don't stop until it's done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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