#1 Music Chute

#1 Music Chute

A Chapter by tynamite

The floor buzzed with activity. People were dancing on it. It is a dancefloor, but it didn't really look like one. It was just a tall rectangular floor with dark walls and floors. The people there found so much use out of it, as the music played. There were no lights apart from the ones coming from the ceiling, that no one cared to look at, because the ceiling was so high.

I liked the music that was playing. Some of the songs I knew, and some I didn't. It wasn't too surprising that I liked all the songs, considering that I was in a dream world. I even liked the simplistic ones. I stood behind the mass of people dancing in the narrow dark room, not much wider than three corridors. They weren't really talking much.

Did I forget to say that I'm in a kind of like a dream world? I'm in a world that's different to yours. It's like the world you live in, but different. It's a place that revolves around relationships instead of money. The person who invented toast - if someone did do that - would be more admired than the landlord of that person;s house, if houses in this world had landlords. You know what I mean. The person who invented toast living in a shack, would be more respected than a rich person who hires people camcorders. This reminds me of another thing. Money. There isn't much money in this world. The amount of places I've seen accept money here, I can count on one hand. Some people here collect money for their money collection, not thinking they're ever going to have to spend it.

So there I was staring at the people on the dancefloor, trying to figure out what was going on. The people there weren't really talking to each other much. I guess they didn't need to, as their life is a social activity enough as it is. The people there were moving, getting lost in the music. I moved to them getting lost in the music, not speaking a word.

I was getting lost in the music. I got licked by the electronic music. I don't even know where the music was coming from, but I loved every song. Of course I loved every song. This is a dream type world. This world is user centric. I danced away to the electronic music for over an hour and a half. I really enjoyed getting lost in the music.

Eventually I wanted to find out where the music was coming from, so I looked around. It obviously wasn't coming from above. It didn't look like it was coming from ahead. I moved backwards from the crowd to find where the sound could possibly be coming from. I noticed that at the left of me, ahead of where I was initially, there was a black circle. I could have noticed it if I knew it was there, but I can easily see why I missed it.

After I sit down, two girls turned around from the opposite room to look at me. They looked like adults. One of them with red hair.

"And what are you doing here?" the red haired one profused.

"I just got in" I replied.

"I don't want boys like you in here anyway" she replied.

"Or any other person at all" she added. "We want to be by ourselves."

I paused to contemplate, that those two might be here, just to get away from everyone else. I paused to think of a comeback.

"And what are you two doing in here anyway? By yourselves - you're just gonna be sad."

Now the two looked offended. They then started to start on a fresh note. But before that, they just froze, staring at me offended. They had walked from the edge of the room facing it, to the middle of it, to be offended.

"Hello. This is the Under Room" said the other girl.


"Because this room is under."

I looked to my right, and saw the above hole that led out of this room. I wonder if anyone was going to see that, and climb in. All I saw move was legs.

I looked back at the two, and they were now welcoming, but I didn't think there was a hospital attitude there. I just thought they wanted to see whether I would wreck things up. They looked at me, and I looked at them. How long could I stay in here, until I leave on a flat note? They were getting on fine by themselves when they were chatting facing the wall, before I came in.

© 2013 tynamite

Author's Note

My brother does not like Leah Behind A Fence, and he told me that he didn't like it that it just went into the secret garden straight away with no mystery, so he wanted some previous chapters, like 3, before the story starts in that environment, so he could get used to the rules of The Sanctuary, even though I cannot explain them in Chapter 1 as the main character is just as clueless as you are, and he learns them inadvertently.

The problem of the garden just being introduced on the first page couldn't be changed, and also I couldn't add cut scenes to the novel.

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