#12 Empty Skies

#12 Empty Skies

A Chapter by tynamite

Nobody understands. The final chapter!


Let me tell you about the day where I decided not to go back to that place.


One day I was inside that place, and everywhere was empty. There were no people around. I walked around to find people, and I noticed that there were some lights inside a single street of houses. I didn't think it would be a good idea to intrude by knocking and going in. I saw a bus drive across, and the bus was fairly empty of people. There were people in it, but not much. Predictably, there was no one at the bus stop. I wish I knew where the people went.


So that's when I decided to explore the area. I walked to the back of the street by walking down the street and going down concrete steps. There were patches of grass, and some of these patches were bumpy. There were also houses and roads dotted around the place. Imagine a fivteen metre squared place with all sorts of lines of houses in it, of which the lines conflict with each other. This was no New York layout. Eventually I saw someone, and he saw me. He walked up to me and told me about a place he wantes to find. While he was talking about it, I had no clear what he was talking about. I decided to go.


For some strange reason, there was someone chasing after us.  The person I was with explained to me that this was the reason why everyone had gone. Were there more of them? We ran and ran towards the lingering streets until we ended up somewhere he recognised but I didn't. The streets around here are very short and there are many of them on the streets. This made running away from the person easy, as it was very easy to get out of his field of vision.


The person I was with told me that we had ran a little bit too far than the place we were meant to go. I was thinking to myself about how boring the place would be, considering that there wasn't much people around here.


After enough long winded walking of walking backwards and making sure we weren't seen by anyone, we finally got there. When we got there, we didn't do much. What did I expect? I never do much in this place. People here aren't really creative? There's no problems for them to solve.


Later on I got him to go to a museum. I'd already looked around in it recently, so there was no way I was going to make him take me to look around in it again. We sat inside the garden which had a neatly trimmed lawn, hedges around it, and cheese, crackers and grapes on the table. That's what we ate while talking very little.


That's the problem with this place. If you're not discovering any new places, your experience falls flat on its feet. Later on he left, and he was on his way.


That left me the rest of the time to sit eating crackers, and look up at the sky and think.


The sky was empty. There were no birds flying in the sky, and not a cloud in the sky. I thought long and hard about this. There appeared to be no randomly happening events going on. Everything turned out the way it expected to, today. Even running away whilst being chased wasn't a stretch. I thought long and hard about this.


Right now I didn't care where everyone had went. That didn't matter to me anymore. What mattered to me now, is why the people here weren't more spontaneous, and why there were nno birds in the sky. The only birds in the sky I'd seen was in that awful scary place. I thought about setting something on fire to cause havoc. Maybe people would be more spontaneous and less predictable then. If that's how I feel about people here, how do they feel about me?


I sat on the bench for a long time, in the hot summer weather, and waited for the empty skies to appear less empty. Next to me was the door back into the museum, that I could walk into to find more people. That's something I didn't want to do. I wanted to sit here and think about ever seeing something that could surprise me. I then thought about how people here don't understand me. I sat here and thought for a long time.


The skies were empty, and there was no background sound to be heard. I was ademant that I wouldn't return here again. Living here could turn me insane, because nobody here understands me.


I got up and gave the place another chance. I walked around, and it was still empty. I did see someone, and all they were interested in was helping them solve crosswords. I can't deal with that sort of stuff.

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

And that ends Excess Rah Style. Yes I know it wasn't dark as I hoped.

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