#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Nine

#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Nine

A Chapter by tynamite

The plan is surefire.

(fade in from black, to the same scene. time has elapsed.)

“Oh it’s him. Pretend I’m your girlfriend” Milah told the bredda. I still don’t know what his name is. I wish I knew it now.


“Because he’ll thinks I like him.”

“So you know him, and you’re working here.”

“It’s complicated.”


Slickedy Swick walked over to them. “Hey girl, I ain’t seen ya for time.”

“I know.” He could see that she wasn’t in a mood to talk.

“She’s on her period” added the bredda. There was a moment of silence. She have him a disappointed look. “I am your man. I would know.”

“Ya got a man?” asked Slickedy Swick.

“Yes” Milah replied.

“Are you sure?” he replied.

“He’s mine.”

“Can he spit?”


“Well ya know I spit innit. Can you?”


“Shame. I could have put you on my track. You can take your man to my video shoot.”

“That’s not happening”  interrupted the bredda.

“What is happening is that you can’t help your girl out on her work. You’re disgraceful. You see me? I be making my own p. Killin it onna regs. Rollin in on g’d up pegs. Roll in on a g’d up ting. Might see me on a g’d up swing.”

“Everyday I’m hustlin. Money on my mind. Gotta get that dollar. Get that yen. Coz I’m just here to make G’s.”

“Stop using other people’s bars ya wasteman. I should be drawin ya ting from ya coz now, coz she’s not a wastegash. She’ll be stretching out the vowels in my name.”

“Get off my girl or I’ll change your name to skkk-khhh-wcccc. I’ll dislocate your jaw.”


Just then the rest of Slickedy Swick’s crew walked in.

“What ya sayin Slick?” asked Darka Vypa.

“Dis loose ting’s gotta man.”

“You might want to get her tested” Darka Vypa said.

“What? Her? She’s got STDs?” the bredda asked.


He looked shocked. There was a pause.

Now the crew started laughing. “Hahahahahaha”

“You got done” said Darka Vypa.


Dylan then turned up.

“Sickedy Swick asked me to give you something” Dylan walked over to the bredda and received a slap. Everyone started laughing including Dylan. Dylan didn’t find it funny.

“Lil Razor was meant to do some promotions today” said Dylan, “Can I do it instead?”

There was no answer from anyone.


“The boss gave me this t-shirt. I’ll go and get it” said Sickedy Swick.

He walked off and came back with a white carrier bag which had the shirt in it. He opened it and was disappointed.

“What’s this?”

“It’s something I made that.”

“I know that. It’s nothing like what I’d asked for. Are you trying to give me freebies?”

“Don’t you like it though?”

Don’t you like it though?” Sickedy Swick mocked. “Are ya startin? Jus gimmie my bludcart ting.”

“For goodness sake!” said the bredda walking swiftly from behind Milah. He gave Sickedy Swick a t-shirt. When it was unfolded,  it was found to be one of Sickedy Swick’s original designs. “Oh ya don’t wannit? Don’t mind if I do.” The bredda put on the t-shirt over his existing t-shirt. He did this seven more times. Sickedy Swick stood further back each time. Eventually Dylan have to give them the real thing that Sickedy Swick asked for.


“Remember when the grape bounced off some man’s head in the after party?” asked Sickedy Swick to Milah. “How bout you go down to my van, and we do that again?” Milah looked at Dylan, and then she looked worried. Slickedy Swick proceeded to move closer to Milah, and then she bit her lip.

© 2012 tynamite

Author's Note

Every chapter in Excess Rah Style has to have a song in it [NOT ANYMORE], (and sometimes pictures,) because the chapters are scatty and verging on being unsubstantial.
It's very near to the end now, and it's coming sooner than you think.
Song: Stamina - Nuff Stamina ft Dirty Danger

Information about Excess Rah Style
The fantasy element is just a gimmick to give all the short stories a common theme. It's faux fantasy. You could strip away all that nonsense from Excess Rah Style, and it would still make sense. It's not like there's vampires and magic in it.

This is exactly why these chapters have pictures and songs in it, to add to the faux fantasy.

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Added on August 24, 2011
Last Updated on July 15, 2012
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