#4 A Garden Of Secrets

#4 A Garden Of Secrets

A Chapter by tynamite

               There's a secret garden known by few. Nobody knows what it looks like, or why it’s a secret. All they know, is that it’s a secret; that’s the people I heard talking about it. I try to go there for myself one day to see why this secret is talked about so covetously and highly.

This really is a 1st chapter. I decided to make this into a novel, but the short story still resides here.

Part 1

an office in the forest

I’ve no idea why I’ve been calling the other world a dream world. It’s not a dream world at all. It’s very real. It’s been scientifically proven that dreams are real anyway. I remember when I had a nightmare, and I woke up crying. It’s also been scientifically proven that everything you see is an illusion. You see the colour red because all the colours of the spectrum hit your eyes, and all except red bounce off, and the red goes inside. That means that everything in this world is either white or black. It’s just how our brains choose to interpret the information. Colour does not exist. (It’s just electromagnetic photon particles moving in a wave. Light is a particle and a wave.) This means that we are living in the matrix right now in the real world. Who’s to say what world is real and what isn’t? Until we can see the world for what it truly is, we will never know what is real and what isn’t. And I only know that dreams are fake because I’ve woke up from them to know the difference. I know the other world isn’t as genuine  as your world, because there isn’t as much scientific logic running there. My Lidl bag magically teleported to my mother the last time I was there, and nobody cared. I know bags aren’t supposed to do that, because I know different.

That’s enough clarification. I was in the other world, that’s real because I can see it and feel emotion in it, and I landed in a room when I got there. The room had was very bright as light came in from the windows in the room. When I looked outside, I saw several gardens. The room had wooden tables, and it looked like a professional designer had designed the place. The room was high up in a tower of office buildings, and in the room there were two people talking. The room had a beautiful view outside, as I could see several gardens, and it looked impressive inside as well. I wouldn’t mind being in this room to get some work done, because the room had no distractions.

When I was in the room, I was stood up, and I spent my time looking out the window into the gardens, wondering about all the people who spent their time in them. In the background, I could hear the two men who were also in the room, talking about a secret garden. They spoke that there was a secret garden, and that they don’t know why it’s so special, but that they heard others talking about it, so they figured that there might be something special about it. I figured that there would be something special about it too.

I turned to look at the two men, and they saw me talking looking at them whilst they were sat at the table talking. They didn’t mind that I was listening to their secret conversation. If I could discover the secret garden for myself, that would be one less person at least, who would have to try before me. I had no idea what the secret garden looked like, but I could try.

I could have used the lift in the office to go downstairs to start my journey, but I wanted to fly. I opened the window and imagined that I was using a glider to glide through the sky. Then my hands were out and held onto a glider so I could fly. The glider appeared from thin air. In this world, things can appear out of thin air if the direction or topic of your story has changed. If you come in here bored, wishing for a tv, a tv will not appear, as your story is still being bored. It’s not very often that things appear out of thin air for people. Also that this world doesn’t have money, that helps the appearances not to break the society of the world. (To be exact, I remember a supermarket that had money, but they gave out their own money which was the supermarket’s own currency, and each day, they gave each person the same amount of money to give people a fair portion of the daily stock. The share of daily money given was controlled so the shop ran out of everything at the end of every day.) Right now, I was gliding through the sky, and the gardens outside were separated with bright wooden fences. All the fences looked the same, with spiky triangular points, and thick slabs, being the irregular grid that separated each garden from the next? Some gardens were bigger than others, and some were decorated more nicely than others. It was as if someone got a square, and divided it up into unequal rectangles.

As I was flying, I was trying to find the secret garden my using pure instinct. If any garden was showing off lots of flowers, I would disregard it. There was one garden that looked like it was hiding something. It was the only one that had a shed. The shed looked more like a living space than a place to store gardening equipment like a mower and a strimmer. I decided to fly down to the garden and check it out.

Part 2

The pictures below I have taken myself.

a fence with leaves above it

When I had landed into the garden, the glider which I had disappeared, and I was standing with the clothes I was wearing. I looked at the house that had the garden, wondering what sort of a person lived in it. It didn’t take long for whoever owned the house, to come out. She was a young girl, who when she came out, she saw me and said “Hello, you must be a visitor, nice to meet you. How do you do?” She walked from her back door, to a speaking distance near me before she said that. I’ve never heard a child greet someone in such a whimsical way before. It was normal for children to have houses in this world. Very few children had houses in this world. Most of the houses were owned by adults, and most of the children roamed free, from house to house, lodging in any house they could find. She must have thought I was one of those lodgers. In this world, hospitality is first nature. People see visitors as fun, and visitors are the day to day little changes that they go through in their lives.

I saw a younger boy who was now standing in the doorway of the back door. He looked at me and the girl, and then walked towards the girl. I presumed that the boy was a permanent fixture of the house, just like the girl was. Nothing on his face gave away that he was a visitor. It didn’t look like he lived his life to explore and take a look around. Throughout the whole of this story, the boy doesn’t do anything other than keep his mouth shut and follow the girl around. Because of this, I decided to think that they were related. I didn’t think they could ever be friends.

I stood in the garden, and where I was standing and in front of me, was just nicely lawn grass, with small flowers such as buttercups and daises in it. There were a few of those flowers. When I flew above the garden, I didn’t notice them at all. Behind me was where all the attention was. Behind me, there was a load of plants. The plants were all green, and they were very high, particularly near a corner behind me that was on my left. As I stood facing the two people, I could see the girl’s houses’ back door in front of me.

I wanted to go and explore the garden for myself. But I couldn’t. I really thought this was the secret garden, and the person who owns the garden is in front of me; so it wouldn’t make sense to run off and try to find a secret. If I did that, she wouldn’t want me to come back in her garden forever.

“Come with me and have a look at my garden she said.” I followed her, walking through the leaves of the plants, and I moved from one garden to the next. The girl had two gardens. Why when I was flying above the gardens, couldn’t I think that someone could walk through one wooden door to the next. The door was already unlocked, so me and two others easily walked through into the garden that was now in front of me as I was walking to it. When I was facing the back door of the house, I didn’t know that the high plants were covering a wooden door, which was connected to a fence.

When she got to the garden, the garden was impressively big. We couldn’t go left or right as we had just walked through the entrance of the second garden. All we could walk was forward. I looked all around, and I knew that if I walked left or right, I would end up in an entirely different place. The second garden was big, and there was a lot to explore.

Right now we were at an area of flat grass with nothing else growing in it. She saw a jar of coins on the ground that was hers, and she picked it up. “I have lots of money”, she said. “Do you know how much money I have? I have £950.” In my vision, I saw a yellow bar appear at the bottom of my vision across my eyesight. In the bar was text that said £950 in black bold print in the middle. I didn’t need a television graphic to remind me how much money she had. The bar on the bottom of my vision thankfully went. “You only have 50p”, she said. The same television graphic came up and said 50p. I was reminded that all I had was 50p. The boy who never spoke seemed happy that the girl had so much money. Maybe he has a bedroom filled with toys and sweets.

I really enjoyed the tour that I had of the garden. The garden really surprised me. I would hear the girl talk about her own garden with such passion. She would say things like “Here’s where I keep the sunflowers. I don’t like to have too many sunflowers, as sunflowers are dark.” And then she would take another turn to something else, and say something like “I used to sleep here. These plants have big leaves, and there’s so many of them. So when I was tired, I used to climb onto the leaves and go sleepy byes. The next day I got a cold. I’ve never done that again.”

Throughout the whole tour, I was really enjoying myself. It was really nice to hear the audio commentary and see the sights of the garden. But one thing I noticed, is that whenever there was somewhere dark, or somewhere that looked mysterious, the girl would never go there. It’s like the most exciting places of the garden was out of bounds.

It seemed like I would never get to see the secret garden at all.

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

Sorry about the pictures if they were distracting. It stops on chapter 2 onwards.
Click here to go to chapter 2 --> I was shown the door

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im still not exactly sure if i like the pictures
some things seem as if they should be left up to imagination.
rather than shown.
but i do like how this is very imaginitive.
ive never read anything quite like it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Very interesting chapter. I love the idea of the gardens too. I want to know what is in the secret garden. She's hiding it from him. Outstanding chapter!

Posted 13 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

I don't think you'll ever know, as it's more figurative than it is real. I don't write fantasy stori.. read more

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