#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Eight

#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Eight

A Chapter by tynamite

The bredda tries to leave ........... AGAIN!


So We Do Tings

(there is now a cut scene of which Dylan is sneaking around the corridor trying not to be seen. he bumps into someone and they drop whatever they had in their hands. dylan bends down to help the person pick up what they’ve dropped and has his hand out like a claw grabber. as soon as he gets close enough, he decides to back out, as if the items were emitting radiation or something.)

Dylan gets up and casually walks off. Why he sneaked around slowly in the first place, is doubtful.

(cut scene. they are now at the place where they do stitching)

“You’re back? I thought you was stitching”

“I’ve jusr got to do one more thing Milah.” Dylan took a seat.

“And what’s that?”

“The thing for Sickedy Swick’s shirt. It’s just one thing.”

“Oh my gosh.”

“Watch me. See? It’s done. That was it.” Dylan did something that took fifteen seconds or less to do.

“So you are good at things?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“So you can clean the fridge when you get home.” Dylan gave Milah a look that suggested that she would end up doing it.

“Well I’m going to hand this in, and this, and this.” He picked them up in succession.

“What’s that?”

“It’s my own designs. I’m going to see what he thinks.

“We’re factory workers. Not thinkers. This is what we do.” And with that, Dylan was gone.

(an establishing shot of the factory goes here.)

That bredda who I don’t know what his name is, walks into the same place where Milah is. And Milah carries on sowing clothes minding her own business.

“So do you stitch clothes?” he asked.

“Yes” she replied.

“Do you come here often?” he smiled. (laughs) Milah didn’t answer that rhetorical question. “You look alone.”

“I am.”

That can’t be good. Watch I’ll help you.” He walked somewhere to pass Milah some more thread.

“Thanks?” she replied. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t mention it. So you’re just going to sit here and sow while that person there”, he pointed at the empty seat by her and the clutter around it, “just goes off? Forget that. Just get up out your seat.” He started scratching the back of his shoulder.

“And do what?”

“Just do it. I want to find out how you look in clothes.”

Milah started to speak slowly and slurred. “I don’t think we’re allowed?”

“You’re boring I’m gone.” Dylan walks off and the camera moves to him walking off and then zooms in. As soon as he walks round the corner, the camera zooms out and bumps into a person who is walking past.

Now the tv screen is showing the camera man, a camera which is stood up, bulky and black and has wheels on it, and the person who got bumped. “Do you know we’re filming” he asks the woman. “Filming? Filming what?” “ “A tv show” “Are they going to investigate our work conditions?” There is now a sound of something crashing. “What was that?” “You’re the cameraman. Shouldn’t you know?” (quiet laugh) It happens again and the camera with wheels on magically falls onto the floor right after the tv scene shakes because of the real camera filming being moved.

The camera turns around 180 degrees and the bredda is standing next to Milah.

“What happened?” she asked.

“They won’t let me leave. They think I work here.”

“You’re joking!”

“It rah is. What dickheads. Where else could I get these clothes on your wages? Obviously I don’t work here innit.”


TV Special: The bredda persuades Milah to go and try on some of the clothes that are in the factory. The fact that there are no changing rooms in the factory amplifies that. In fact Milah gets dressed in clothes in front of the bredda, seeing nothing wrong with it.


“Did you just see that?” he asked.

“Yes. It’s Sickedy Swick”, replied Milah.
“I can see him coming here.”

© 2011 tynamite

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Ha! This was a funny scene! I love the humaor and cat and mouse game in this scene. The closing of the camera shaking at the end added to the scene. What a sense of personalities Milah and Dylan have. Never a boring day at Sickedy Swicks company. Cute chapter!

Posted 12 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Dylan is such a ditzy person and Milah is such a dosile person.

6 Years Ago

Sometimes you have to go for the WTF IS HAPPENING HERE humour LOL

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