#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Three

#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Three

A Chapter by tynamite

What happens when Dylan tries to impress the boss after his accident?


Meeting the boss

The curtains close, and as they’re closed words are spoken.

“Where are you going? How come you’re not stitching?” I suppose this bit if it was being filmed for tv, there would be a scene to look at.

“It’s because”, said Dylan, “I need the toilet, yeah, toilet.”

“Toilet? Can’t you come with me into my office?”

“No-no-no-no sir.” (tiny laugh) “I really have to go.”

“Go? You want to go? You can’t go. I need you in my office right now.”

“No you don’t understand” Dylan said. “I really have to go to the toilet, and take care of, you know, things.” (laughs)

“Toilet ay? I was about to give you a temporary promotion. So if you don’t want it, and you’d much rather go to the toilet...”

“No, yes, yes I want it. But you’ll have to wait.”

“Well I don’t want to wait. This can’t wait.”

“Ayy let go of me.”

“You’re coming to my office whether you like it or not.”


The curtains open, and Dylan and what looks like the factory boss are sat in the office, and there is a table which the boss is sat behind. Dylan sits in one of the two seats which are facing the boss, but are at a diagonal angle. The two are not directly facing each other. Dylan sat on the broken trousers, and part of one leg was peeking out from where he sat.

“So, Dylan,” said the boss with a happy look on his face with pride that he had his own office, owning the business, “As you may know, a gangster rapper, is coming here tomorrow, so I need to make sure that everything in this clothing factory, is running  funky dory.” I notice that the boss of the factory does not have professionalism when he talks; as he lets his own emotions and love for the business get in the way, so he’s more like a person than a company representative.

“That’s good. That’s good isn’t it?” asked Dylan with eyes that kept flickering to the half open door.

“Course it is Dylan! Why wouldn’t it be good?”


“So, I want you to be the one to make a special t-shirt for the gangster rapper crew. I don’t know what time he’ll be here tomorrow, but I want it done by the time he leaves. What do you think.”

“It’s” his eyes kept switching to the boss and the half open door “, good?”

“I’m not sure I heard that. Did you say it’s good?”

“Yes, it’s good” Dylan said without much sincerity in his voice.

“I’m not hearing the sincerity in your voice. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be responsible for this important job?”


“What is it?”

“Nothing, I mean no.”

“Okay then. I want you to say it and mean it.”

“I-want-to-do-it” said Dylan in a rushed manner.

“Say it slower, and louder.”

“I want to do it” he spoke.

“Good. Now if I shake your hand before you leave to your precious toilet, you can be on your way.”


The boss got out of his seat, and so did Dylan because he had to in the social situation. After they shook hands, the boss asked a question.

“What’s that on the chair?”

Dylan picked them up, one in each hand, and he was behaving rather flustered.

“What, these? They’re just tights for babies. Let’s say that a mother has a daughter of 6 months, and she’s brought some tights from Primark or TK Maxx, she might be wondering why her child ain’t wearing tights. After all, they’re not bras, it’s not like it’s not sexual or anything.” (laughs) “So, because of these baby tights, she can now not feel left out that her mummy’s wearing something that she can’t.” (quiet laugh)

“Interesting, hmm. And what’s the target audience for these, baby tights. What sort of mothers would buy them?”

A quick pause then, “Females.” (laughs)

“Okay, good luck with your baby tights.”

“Yes good luck to you too” said Dylan now starting to hurry out the door.

As soon as he got near the door, the boss asked “Dylan?” he turned around “How come they’re not connected? How come they’re two separate things?”

Dylan looked at the boss with a trouser leg in each hand. “Oh that’s for easy on, easy off.” (laughs)

“Hmm. How come I never thought of that?” (quiet feint laugh)

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

I'm not sure whether this Garment Fabrication story is good to read, or to watch as a sitcom. The font size gets smaller so each part manages to fit on 1 page.

Song: Modepth - Cavity's Little Ballad
I thought that an emotive hollow atmospheric song would contrast with the humour of stupid intellect.

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Interesting development in this scene.
Hope he made it to the bathroom.
Good job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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