#2 The Black Portal

#2 The Black Portal

A Chapter by tynamite

Excess Rah Style never ceases to be abstract and bring the wtf is going on here?

I was living in a house with other people I did not fully know, in this Excess Rah Style type dream world that I introduced you to. One more thing I should have said in Chapter 1, is that in this dream world, when you enter it, you enter a random place. Depending on what you're thinking before you go there, you either end up somewhere you've once been before, if you think about it enough, or in you're the same mind state, or you end up somewhere else if your mind is somewhere else. My mind must of been somewhere else before I went to sleep for me to end up in a house with complete strangers, and none of them want to get to know me. I enter this dream world, and begin my time there in a house full of strangers.

The house was so busy, there was 8 people in it including myself. If you was to be in a helicopter above the house, and use heat vision to see the people move about, it would be chaotic as the people never stayed in one spot for more than a minute, including myself. I was one of the people who continually walked around the house all the time to see what was going on with the people in the different rooms. It never bored me to enter the same room twice. When I was in the passageway downstairs, a girl I hardly knew, found a black circle on the floor, and she peeled it off, and held it in her hand.

black circle

The girl thought that the black circle was a sticker. So she slammed it onto the wall, and when she did, her arm went through the portal. The circle was now on the wall of the stairs, and she climbed through the portal, and then came back. "Whoa! I've just discovered a new room in the house. This is going to be my room." People in the kitchen walked out the room and saw the black circle on the wall, and the girl who had just said what she said. "No it's going to be my room." said another person, who was a devious boy. The girl took the black circle, and ran off to her bedroom. She knew that she was going to have a fight on her hands.

Now that she had the circle, it was now time to make it an extension of her bedroom, and as her bedroom was tidy, she thought that the best thing to do with the circle, is to fill it up with stuff. She found plenty of stuff she could use to fill the room up with. She found a teddy bear she could use.

teddy bear

She got to buy clothes from my favourite fashion store. H&M.

fashionable clothes

Her room was a haven of junk that it looked like she wasn't going to use. And she had much fun having a spare room of all the things that she wanted to have, that she could now have due to a lack of space restrictions.

That wasn't going to last for long. A boy saw that someone else had claimed the other room, and wanted it for himself. The devious boy waited for the girl to leave the room for a quick second, and he peeled the black circle off the bedroom wall, and took it for himself. "Yes! The power is in my hands!" he thought to himself. He took the black circle into his room, and he slammed the black circle onto his wall. He could now have the extra room for himself. He put his head through the circle, and he could see a room that was full of girly things. "That won't do" he thought to himself. Something had to be done. He couldn't burn the girly stuff or throw it in the bin. So he decided to keep the stuff in the room. The room wasn't full of stuff, there was still plenty of room for his own things. He could surely do something with this room. The boy wanted to move his Playstation 3, Xbox and Samsung tv into the circle, and play Halo 3 online.

He didn't think twice about the disadvantages of spending time in a portal, that anyone

could transport anywhere they wanted. All he thought about was getting his room less cluttered, so he could have a dedicated lounge for playing video games, and another room for chilling in and reading magazines on his bed. So he jammed his tv, tv stand, video games and other such stuff into the spare room through the portal, and started playing Halo 3.

It took a long time for the girl to find where the portal had gone, and when she found it, she decided to put it back in her room. She put it in her room, and decided to read a magazine whilst sitting on her bed. After reading a few pages, she started to feel hungry. She didn't want to leave the portal to chance, so she decided to take it with her into the kitchen. She peeled the portal off the wall and carried it with her in one hand whilst she went into the kitchen. She put the portal safe inside a magazine rack that was instead used as a bread bin. It had a packet of Kingsmill Great Everyday in it.

She looked in the fridge and saw some Mattessons Fridge Raiders, so she decided to eat that, as she wasn't hungry enough to cook anything.

Once she had her roast flavour Fridge Raiders, she happily went upstairs, with the food in one hand, and the portal in another hand. Reading the magazine, there was make up tips, and one thing she didn't have in her room was a mirror. She couldn't be bothered to go to the bathroom to apply make-up, so she decided to use the portal. She had put a pocket mirror in the portal, and she knew exactly where she had left it. All she had to do, is put her arm into the portal to get it. It was at the front of the room on the right. Getting the pocket mirror would be a snap.

Was it though? Course not! When she put her hand into the portal, and grabbed what she thought was her pocket mirror, she ended pulling out a scarf. She looked at the scarf in disbelief not expecting herself to of ever been holding a scarf at this moment in time. She thought for a second, about why she was holding a scarf. Maybe she miscalculated the movements of her arms.

She decided to try again. She put her arm in the portal, and had a feel around, and she took out Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii game. Someone who plays Metrold Prime must have put it there. She put her head through the portal, and she could see a boy playing Halo 3 online. She decided to leave him to play the game in peace. She didn't want any confrontation, and she didn't want any of the others to find out about the portal. There were 6 other people in the house. If she was to argue about a portal, other people might overhear that there is a portal in the house in existence.

Instead, she climbed through the portal, took out her pocket mirror, and then went back out again. The pocket mirror was circular, and when it opened, there was a mirror on one half of the clamshell device. The other half was black plastic, and when she pushed it, a hairbrush was imminent. It was a 2 in 1 hairbrush and mirror. She liked her 2 in 1 hairbrush and mirror.

She opened her Mattessons roast flavour Fridge Raiders, and then started eating some of them, as she applied make-up using the tips in the magazine. All was well up to this point. The boy was playing video games, and the girl had her stuff in the spare room untouched. When she was reading the magazine, there was an advert for Danone Shape, which according to the advert, it had lasting satisfaction, because it had a blend of fibres in the yoghurt designed to make people feel full. The girl liked this. If she could have a yoghurt that would make her feel full, she wouldn't have to be eating pieces of chicken. Surely this lasting satisfaction was a gimmick. Surely it was impossible to feel full after eating a yoghurt. The girl had to find out and be sure if it was true. She wanted to try one.

The girl stupidly put her arm into the portal to take out a Shape Lasting Satisfaction yoghurt, and she then grabbed and put her arm out. She looked at the wall of her room mentally telling herself off for trying to grab something she didn't put into the spare room. She looked in her hand to see what she had grabbed, and she was ecstatic and shocked to see the yoghurt in her hand. What an amazement! She could just think of something, and take it out of the portal. She could magically make things out of thin air! it just seemed unreal. It seemed like something that could never happen. She had to be sure. So she did it again. She thought of something she wanted, put her arm in the portal, and took it out. It worked. She took out a bottle of Danone Actimel that was also advertised.

The girl now had a rush of adrenaline through her body. Her movements were now frantic, and she was now ecstatic. She flicked through the magazine, and whatever she saw advertised, be it perfume, clothes, electronics, whatever, if she liked it, she pulled it out. She magicked it into existence. She felt that she had discovered very significant. In fact too significant. What she had discovered broke the rules. It was a power that was dangerous in the wrong hands. She had to keep it a secret. She didn't want anyone to be able to know that she could magic things into thin air, especially everyone.

Now that the girl had some new stuff in her room, she needed somewhere to store it. She didn't want to store it in her room, as she is a tidy person. She decided to store it in the spare room. She walked into the portal with her things, as once a living thing touches it, it's easy to pass through the portal, as the portal sucks a person in as they try to go in and not fit. If you're morbidly obese and are worried that you won't fit through the portal, all you would have to do is touch it with your hand and walk towards it, and you would be sucked in. The girl got sucked into the portal, and as she dropped the stuff she had in her hands on the floor, the boy turned around.

"Where did you get that stuff?"
"I brought it."
"No you couldn't of. You don't have that sort of money."
"Of course I brought it. There's no other way to get things but to buy it."
"Fair enough."

The boy turned around and carried on playing video games. All was peaceful, for now.

End of part 1

Beginning of part 2

Later on in the day, the girl was still buzzing and feeling happy with herself that she had discovered the portal, and that it had the abilty to magic things out of thin air. She was so happy with herself, three hours after her discovery, that she randomly giggled to herself just thinking about it. She told herself in her head to stop laughing as she discovered the portal an hour ago. Thirty minutes had passed since she magicked a multipack of 6 Danone Actimel out of thin air. So she was understandibly happy with herself. She had the portal in her room, and as she sat at her desk, reading her magazine, she looked at the portal as she had just finished reading her magazine, and eating a Shape yoghurt. She hoped that she wouldn't feel the need to continue eating her chicken bites later on.

Now that she had finished her magazine, and she had a load of clothes in the spare room, she figured that it would be a good idea to go into the room and try it out. She didn't waste a second in getting out of her seat, and going into the spare room. Once she was in the spare room, a load of clothes lay in a heap on the floor. The girl had a huge pleasure in going through them all. She was even happier to know that she had clothes that were seen on the rich and famous. It was common for her to see some famous person wear something, and herself wish that she was wearing it. She could dream that no more, as her wish was becoming a reality.

The boy looked around, and saw the girl having a frenzy. She was diving through the heap of clothes. He turned his head back around towards the Samsung tv and continued playing Halo 3. Two minutes later, he couldn't believe that the spare room had so many clothes that didn't exist the day before. He had to be sure that the new clothes were real. So he turned around. "Do you mind I'm getting changed?" said the girl sounding annoyed. The girl was undressed and was in the process of getting an expensive purple dress on that had frills. The girl would be annoyed for longer, but she was in the spare room, and the portal was in her room. She could magic things out of thin air. The ball was in her court.

When she had finished getting changed, she walked to the black circle which lay stuck onto the wall of the spare room that she was in, and then she walked out and into her bedroom. She looked down at her expensive purple dress, and she couldn't believe that she was wearing it. She just had to take a photograph of herself in it. She walked into a different bedroom in the house, that had a long mirror. The different bedroom she was in, had a mirror that was on both of the wardrobe doors. She took out her digital camera that she had previously taken from her bedroom, and she photographed herself looking at the mirror. She had already made up her mind that she was going to upload the photo to Facebook. She would be over the moon if someone commented beneath her picture asking her where she got the dress from, and if it was a fake. Then she thought that she had the thing.

She got stopped by a girl who lived in the house, who said, "You're looking nice.", and they had a brief talk about the dress, and the girl with the dress turned slightly to the left and right showing off the dress. She liked the attention. So she walked to see the remaining five people in the house so they would complement her on her expensive dress. Some people did not complement her on her dress, but they did look at her impressed that she was wearing the dress. To her, a long stare was as good as any complement.

As she walked from a bedroom to her bedroom, she decided that she better take the purple dress off. She didn't want to get it stained. That's when she remembered the subject of food. When she got to her room, she looked at the Danone Actimel probiotic drink, Danone Shape yoghurt, and Mattessons Fridge Raiders chicken bites, that lay on the desk in her room. She looked at how full the packet of chicken bites were. And she didn't feel in a way to eat the chicken bites. She was happy to know that the yoghurt worked. "Maybe I can have one. Then see how I feel about eating." So she had one chicken bite, and she didn't feel like eating another one after that. The portal enhanced her life in many ways, big and small. The girl wondered what ways the portal would enhance her life next.

The girl now wanted to change from her dress, to what she was wearing before. She didn't want to be sat round a dinner table later today with something expensive that she didn't buy. If she got it stained, she would have to put it in the wash, and if she put it in the wash, a girl in the house might steal it to show off. She couldn't have any of that. So she went to the spare room, and then changed to what she was wearing before.

Now that she was getting mentally comfortable in the spare room, she decided to get comfortable in the room by moving the clothes against the wall of the spare room, and arranging them in a heap against the wall. She then lay back and squished the clothes, so that she would make a customised seat, customised for her height and shape, as she moulded the clothes into a messy shape. She felt a bump in her pocket, and she pulled whatever was in her pocket out. It was her mobile phone. She was there using her phone, for a good three minutes before the boy reached a save point.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked the boy who paused his game, put his controller down, and turned around.
"I'm just on my Blackberry", she sounded confused.
"In my room? This is my room. You can keep your stuff in here, but you can't live in here, so get out."
"I found the black circle thingy, so it's my room. My stuff was in it first."
The boy gave a not caring look. "So? I'm in it second, and I'm wanting you out."
"I'm not going anywhere."
It wasn't a request, it was a demand."
"Well I'm not going anywhere. If you don't leave, I'll get all your new stuff, I don't know how you got it, and I'll sell it or burn it."

So that's when the girl left the room upset that a person would take ownership of her room. She didn't feel too down about not being able to chill in her room, as there was something she could do. She could still magic things out of thin air. She could magic things out of thin air, and use that ability to make sure that the boy was never mean with the room again. But what could she do?

She had to think of something she could do that didn't make it look like she hadn't deliberately magicked objects out of thin air to get back at someone. She had to do something in revenge that would not look like she had done it. She had to do something clever. So she tried to think about all the things that he didn't like. He would have to leave the spare room some time. And when he did, she would have to relish the time he spent in his room seeing the things he didn't like. She would have to do something that would teach him a lesson not to be selfish with the room, and let her stay in it. She tried to put himself in his shoes. "If I was him, what would I have to have done to me in order to let me be able to stay in the room?" She thought for long. She finally found an answer. The boy had a fear of frogs, but she wasn't going to put frogs in his room. She had a better idea. She thought that the only way she would be allowed into her room, is if he was lonely. For herself to be able to go into the room, she would have to make sure that the people in the house gave him the silent treatment.

She needed something that she could be able to bribe the others with, so that when they were in his presence, they would ignore him and stay quiet. It didn't take her long to figure out what to bribe the people with. Money! She could bribe the people with money. Her mind was now set, and she went round the house bribing the people with money to be quiet in the person's presence, and not talk to him. She had the money, she had the support, and now she had to wait for her plan to come into effect once the boy left the spare room.

Once the boy left the spare room, all was good for him at first, but he noticed that whatever room he went in, he was ignored. Whenever he left a room, the talking within it resumed, but when he entered it, the talking would stop. The girl wasn't in any of the rooms that anyone else was in. She stayed in her room all the time and waited to hear the boy crack.

1 day later

"What's wrong with you" shouted the boy, "why aren't you talking to me?"
"The girl walked downstairs and put on a concerned face."
"What's going on?" she asked.
"Nobody's talking to me, forever."
"What? Really?"
"Yes. Everyone's ignoring me."
"Aaah! Come here. The girl gave him a hug."
"What? So no-one's talking to you?"
"What happened?"
"When I walk into a room, everyone goes quiet.|"
"What? For real."
"What nobody's talking to you?"
"You can talk to me."
"Really? I can?"
"Yes. How about I play best out of 3 Mario Kart. Let's see who wins."
"Okay. They then started to walk off."
"I'm so going to beat your a*s. she said whilst on the stairs walking upwards."
"No you're not."
"Yes I am."
"No you're not."
"Yes I am."

So they walked upstairs and played Mario Kart in the spare room. Playing a game of Mario Kart, the boy won best out of three. It was good for both of them that the girl wasn't an easy match. The boy was happy not to go easy on the girl, and the girl was happy to know that she had a chance of winning the contest. The boy won best out of three.

As the boy had a place to play video games in peace, and the girl had a place to store the things that she wanted, they both thought that their life could not get any better. All they both had to do was keep the secret of the portal to themselves. They did that for the rest of the day, and all was well.

And it was all happy in the end. ;)

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

That is how I do children's short stories in the traditional story format.
Introduction (to characters, scenery) --> Problem (is introduced) --> Build up (of situation)--> Conflict (happens) --> Resolution (of the problem) --> Ending (usually happy)

I couldn't find suitable music for this chapter, so I decided to have no music.

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that was cool.
haha you have mad imagination skill.
dont know about the pictures though...
its really distracting.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was really good, and it worked perfectly the way children's stories do. Great Job :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

This was really cute too and interesting. She could just grab whatever game, food or clothing that she could imagine. I think I would have grabbed a pizza or a sub sandwich. Oh and I love Halo! Great game. I enjoyed this storyline and cast of character line too!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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