#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Ten

#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Ten

A Chapter by tynamite

Dylan tries it and gets denied.


Two pars at once. 


(Slickedy Swick and Dylan are in an empty room that Slick is trying to get out of. The door is currently open. The camera is filming to show the open door to show that and what’s going on inside the room.)


“Let me leave” said Sickedy Swick.


“Let me leave.”

“No.” Dylan was blocking his way and standing in front of the door.

“Move!” and with that, Dylan got dragged across the room so that he could leave.


 “Now tell me where I’m supposed to go.”

“That way.” Dylan pointed.

“No! Tell me where I’m meant to go.”

“The other way.”

“Other left or other right?”

“Other than that.”

“Stop being a wasteman and tell me where I’m supposed to go to meet the boss.”

“I am the boss.”

Slickedy Swick looked at his expensive watch. “I’m f*****g late. This is getting long. And most of all you’re a wasteman. So just tell me where I’m mean to go.” He was holding his chest grabbing him against a wall.


“Are ya startin?”


“Say ya shook and I’ll let ya go.”

“I’m shook.” Slickedy Swick let him go. He got near the door to leave.

“You can leave, but I’m not telling you where to go.”

Slickedy Swick ran back within close proximity of Dylan giving him dirty looks.

“You’re a wasteman, and a p***y. You’re starting, and then you’re not starting. Tell me what it is. Is it a chiefing ting, or a beefing ting? Coz I will bad, you, up.”

“But I’m a nice chief.”

And that’s when Slickedy Swick punched Dylan in the chest. Dylan punched him back. There was a pause. “You chose the wrong option. You will get slew dem by da crew dem, and den prang dem by da man dem.”

Now rhey were fighting each other.


(now the camera zooms in to be in the corridor, and slides along to the right, where milah and the bredda are currently talking)


I could see now that the bredda was flirting with Milah now. I wasn’t aware of whether he knew whether she already has a man, because anything could have been said in the time that passed.

“What I want to know is” said the bredda rotating the thing in his hand, “is what are these?”

“They’re baby tights, and they’re for babies!” (laughs)

“Dylan is a joker, I swear.”

“He weren’t joking. He was being serious?”

“Are you serious” the bredda laughed.

“Yes. He was serious.”

“That Dylan, I don’t know. He’s something else.”

“He is, but he is my something else.”

“Can I be your something else as well?” asked the bredda.

“I don’t think so.”

“I was hoping that "” (sound of something dropping in the ground)

“What’s that sound? I heard something drop

“Sounds like something dropped.” (dylan makes an audible syllable.)

“Can you hear Dylan?”

The bredda paused to think, and said no.

“It must have just been me then.”

“So....... do you come here often?”


“I bet you don’t.”

(slowly fade to black as the tv show ends, over a period of eighteen seconds. cue boom sound effect and black title screen)


© 2012 tynamite

Author's Note

Part Eleven is the last part, and that's next.

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This was a fun chapter. The conflict between Slickedly Swick and Dylan was funny to me. I like how Swick told him off, saying he was a wasteman and a p***y.
The flirtatious bit between Milah and the bredda. Their relationship with each other is so oil and water. Ha! But still it's flirtacious. Nice chapter. I like the music that goes with this chapter too!

Posted 12 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Can you believe a ditzy guy like Dylan is starting conflict and fighting a gangster rapper who talks.. read more

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