#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Six

#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Six

A Chapter by tynamite

A random visitor arrives, whose name is not Sickedy Swick.


Part 6: Likkle Bwoy Ting

“He’s here, he’s here, he’s here, said Dylan getting excited.”

“Alright, calm down” Milah said not really fussed. “He’s here, like now?” Milah looked more shocked than Dylan did.

“Yes. He’s here. It’s Sickedyswick.”

“He’s not even here yet!” Milah snapped.

There was a pause. “Oh.” (laughs)

“I wish I wasn’t here. I wish I was done with this batch and ready to go see Sickedyswick.”

Milah took one look at Dylan. “So, do, I.” (little laugh)


(star wipe)


Dylan is now peering out the window. “I can see him. He’s coming now.” He turned round to look at Milah, and he had both his hands curled round his eyes, as if they were binoculars.

“Why have you got your eyes like that?” Milah asked.

“Like this? It’s because the sunlight was getting into my eyes. --- No I mean the light bulb light.” (big laughs) “He’s gone back. No he’s gone back. He’s coming back now.”

“You would say that because you did his t-shirt for him” she said with a stern voice, looking a bit scared.

“Have you got a problem with him being here?”

“No. Now just get on with your work.”

“You can if you want, but I’ve done my quota for today. Right now I’m going to see Sickedy Swick.” Dylan turned around the binoculars on his eyes, and Milah wasn’t looking too good. “Are you well? Because if you’re not, you can always lie down and I’ll bring you back some proper slickin souveniers.”


“Yes, souvenirs. Now watch me killin it and  shut your mouth.”


(the current scene slides to the left as the new scene slides in)


The scene is the same, except that Dylan is gone. Milah is still in her stunned and scared position.


(four seconds later, the scene cuts to the next scene)


Dylan, the boss, Sickedy Swick and his crew are at reception. The boss is at the reception waiting, the rappers are walking to him, and Dylan walks up from behind.


“Yo, Slick!”

Sickedy Swick turns around. “Do I know you?” he says, with a chain around his neck.

“I’m on your street team. I’ve been marking off crews on road.”

Sickedy Swick gave a pause staring into his face, and then said “Cool”, and carried on walking to the boss.

Dylan walked up to him again and said the e syllable.

Sickedy Swick turned round.”Ya see dis, Darka Vypa? My man’s tryina flex like visor.” Darka Vypa turned around, along with the rest of the crew. “Ya jus a likkle minor. You ain’t makin  no p " ya likkle bwoy.”

“True say ya hypin” added Darka Vypa.

“Skeen” agreed Slickedy Swick.


“Welcome to my factory” said the boss as Slickedy Swick walked towards him.

Slickedy Swick shook his hand not saying a word.

“Make yourself at home here. I’ll just pop to the staff room to make some tea, so don’t do anything you shouldn’t.”

“I got ya big man.”


One of the crew members who was at the back turned around, and saw Dylan still standing around. He was leaning on the wall, next to a broom that was doing the same thing. This caused the rest of the nearest to the furthest of the crew to turn around in succession to find out what all the fuss was about.

“So where’s Lil Razor?”

“He’s in prison.” (big laughs)


“It’s only a day thing, it’s protocol” Darka Vypa continued.


The crew were now walking off.

"You know that Dylan ain't got no swagger" said Darka Vypa.

"Truss me!" replied Sickedy Swick walking into the distance.

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

You know that Dylan ain't one of da swagga dons.

Remember that new character that was supposed to come in who does actions? Actually he's meant to appear in Part Seven.

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