#7 Back To Sixth Form

#7 Back To Sixth Form

A Chapter by tynamite

I go back to my sixth form, and show you what it was like.


Excess Rah Style - series 2

Sometimes things that happen can be confusing. Sometimes things that happen don't make any sense. Everything I'm going to say here, isn't confusing, and makes perfect sense.

Let me tell you about things that happened before.

Back in the day I used to go to sixth form where I got 2 distinctions and a merit on my course. That place is very nice. It's a cozy place where anything bad doesn't really happen to anyone in it. It's the sort of place where people are accepted in open arms. I remember times on Tuesday when I would catch the bus there for my lesson at 10, and because I only had one lesson, my class would leave afterwards.

In that place people liked me. I got too much attention in that place. That was the mad part. I was known as a funny person, but most of the time I'm serious. When we were in a group in class, we had to write down places where we could research things that affect health. I said money and employment unknowingly. A girl added in employment to what I said. Where can we research employment she asked. The Job Centre, I said. We laughed. I think the people there got used to me. One time at a school trip I took my empty McDonalds Fanta drink inside the minibus to go back to school as the trip was over. I was asked why I was bringing back an empty drink. I said that I was going to wait for the ice to melt and then drink it. The people there knew me, and they knew the sort of things that would annoy me.

There were people there who were really interesting. In fact everyone there was nice. One girl seemed to like the way that I think, and loved every word that I said. Once she told me to steal a gorgeous flower out a garden. She was sweet. Another girl loved to know everything I was thinking as well. Unlike me she's extroverted and assertive. Another friend I had is safe as well. He knows I'm a badman and he rates what I do. He wrote on my shirt, call me when you get rich.

The people there were amazing.

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

My top 2 favourite fonts are in that picture above. I use them everywhere. I made the font that's in orange.

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I like this chapter, it lets the reader get into the head of the character.
Giving them the chance to know his everday life.
How serious he is, yet people find him funny.
That he's introverted.

By the way, I like to wait for my ice to melt too and drink it. lol

Posted 12 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Believe me he's not introverted.

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