#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Two

#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Two

A Chapter by tynamite

The show begins!


Start of the show

The lights darkened, and I could hear some theme music playing. The audience started clapping their hands every second, and I saw the people around me doing so as well. I looked around to find anyone not clapping their hands, and I swore I could see my girlfriend in the crowd for a second, but then she got lost in the crowd getting into their seats. Lights were also whizzing round the room. Maybe she’d seen the show before. I decided to clap my hands too. When the music and lights stopped, the curtains opened, and I could see a set of a house.

A mother and her son and daughter were in a clothing factory, and a long table had two people on it stitching clothes. A man then walked through the door, shut the door, and walking quickly, he got everyone’s attention and then stopped.

“I’ve won some money with a scratchcard” he said with a scratchcard in his hand.

“How much did you win?”asked the woman turning the electronic stitching machine off happily turning her head round to see the man.

“£1.” (laughter)

“£1?” (laughter)

“£1.” (laughter)

“What are you going to spend it on?”

“I don’t have it I spent it.” The man then looked sad. (laughter)

The woman then got up from the her seat behind the table to stand and look at him. “So you brought a scratchcard for £1?”


“And you won £1.”

“Yes.” (laughter)

“And what did you spend it on?”

“Another scratchcard.” (laughter)

“And did you win?”

“No.” (laughter)

The woman started to then sound firm. “Dylan you’ve got to stop doing these get rich schemes. They’re doing you no good.”

“But I wanna get rich dough.” (laughter)

“There’s other ways you can make money. Why don’t you the mow the garden of your next door neighbour? Then you can win £2.(laughter)

“But he don’t like me though Milah.”

“Don’t like this. Don’t like that. I don’t like the shoes you brought me, but I still have to wear them.”

“You don’t like your shoes?”


“But I like them.” (laughs)

“Well when you’ve got your coat off, you can sit down and get some stitching done.”

“Alright then I will. But when I win a hundred grand off a scratchcard, you’ll see.”

(15 seconds of turning on an electronic stitching machine, and stitching. Dylan and his wife who is the woman, are stitching clothes.)

“Dylan, we’ve got a visitor coming around tomorrow so we better reach our daily targets. We have to work quick, and we can’t afford to make any mista-”

Dylan puts a tear in a piece of clothing with the stitching machine accidentally. (shocked laughter). Dylan picks up the clothing slowly, and turns to look at the woman, who then looks at it and gets a shocked look on her face. (shocked laughter)

“What have you done now?” said the woman to Dylan. She goes to take the torn up infant trousers off Dylan, and as she grabs them off him, she ends up tearing them herself due to the tear being so big, making it easily torn. “What are we to do with you?” Milah said to him.

“We have to get rid of it. We can’t have the manager know that I ruined a piece.”

“No. You’ll have to make that piece again, along with the rest of your batch you’ve yet to finish.”]

“Yes Milah. You’ll have to dispose of the broken piece.”

“Me? Don’t you mean you Dylan? You ruined it, so you get rid of it.”

Me? You’re asking me to get rid of it?” asked Dylan pleadingly.

“Yes. Get rid of it.”

“Please? I’m your husband.”


Dylan gets out of his seat and towards the door. Just as he is about to leave, he says “I wuv you.” (laughter) Milah looks indifferent, taking a quick look at her husband before going back to work.

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

Garment Fabrication is a sitcom episode about people working in a clothing factory.
I'm writing the first and final episode, and it's estimated to be 11,000 words once complete.

If you didn't this funny in any way (like the person below), skip straight to #7 Loss. Everyone's a critic.

Song: Sound Stage Orchestra - Heavy Action

Would you find this funny if this was a tv show? Comment your thoughts below. This might turn out to be rubbish.

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This is very cute and well written.
I enjoyed the story line of this chapter.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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