#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Eleven

#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Eleven

A Chapter by tynamite

After the show


After the show

The curtains fell, and the lights went on . The noise in the theatre slowly went from total silence to quiet chatter, as some people got out their seats, and some people picked up their things off the chairs. I looked at my ex-girlfriend wondering if she was going to sit next to me for the next five minutes until I got up. Not half the people had got out their seats, so I was safe " for now. Just then the same random bredda who was in the show walked off the stage from the curtains, and walked up to me.


“Is that your girl?” he asked as I was standing up.


“Of course it ain’t.”

“So what are you doing after this?” he asked.

“I don’t know, maybe going home.”

“Your girl told me to tell you she said hello.”

“My girlfriend?”


“What? She’s here now?”

“Yes. She’s backstage.”

“Don’t lie!”

“She is as well”, he replied. “Hey look at this!” he shouted to the stage. She peered out from behind the curtains, looked at me, then went back behind the curtains. “Guess what we’re going to be doing after this?”


“We’re going to be backstage with the cast. We’re going to have juice and biscuits.”

“Can I come?”

“No. That’s what happens when you’re anti social. I asked you to draw me in with ya, and you refused. Now you’re sat here by her.” He looked at her and then I did. “So I guess I’ll be going now. I’ll leave you with her to chat.

“What’s your name.”

There was a pause. It was a long pause of which he stared into my eyes. “F**k off!


He then proceeded to walk back to the stage, and then walked behind the curtain to go backstage. That’s when I ran up to the stage. I knew I wouldn’t get far without right of admission. People who were sat were looking at me. Up to this point, I just got down the stairs running


The end.

If Slickedy Swick had to look like someone, he would look like Lil Choppa from my endz. His mixtape is sick. I just realised that I hadn't added any pictures to Excess Rah Style for a long time.

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

I hope you enjoyed my Garment Fabrication sitcom. Let me know if you think this could be an actual tv show on tv. Hopefully I'll be getting people to act this out in October.

Song: Skint & Demoralised - This Song Is Definately Not About You

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Ha! I love the ending. She was waiting for him. The bredda told him.
Cool ending. For some reason the song isn't playing. That's not how I pictured Slickedly Swick looking but I can see him that way now. Nice!

Posted 12 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

“Your girl told me to tell you she said hello.”

The funniest line of the sitcom! .. read more

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