#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Four

#6 Garment Fabrication - Part Four

A Chapter by tynamite

Here's where the story gets a bit flat.


Back to the stitching

I'm back!” said Dylan to Milah announcing his return in a grand way.

“Welcome back” replied Milah plainly to him. Dylan then takes a seat with what he has in his hands. I notice that there is a plastic case with fabric and paper on top of it. The plastic transparent case is held together with a black button. Milah continues her speech. “So did you get rid of your garment mistake?”

“No” says Dylan plainly after a pause.

“No? So what did you do all that time.”

“I had a meeting with the boss.”

“He’s left a plastic case of work for you to get on with, so you better get rid of the faulty piece before he gets back.”

“Faulty piece? No Milah it’s not a faulty piece. I had the boss look at it, and he says that it’s great.”

“It’s great? He says it’s great? What’s that meant to be? A pair of tights?” (quiet laugh) “Please don’t tell me they’re a pair of tights.”

Dylan looks at Milah with a smile. He then says “They’re a pair of baby tights.” (laughs)

“Baby tights? Dylan, was this your idea?”

“No it was the boss’s.” Milah looks mildly shocked and disappointed for a while. (laughs) “Don’t be disappointed, I wanted them to be arm warmers.” Milah looks disappointed again. (a much louder laugh)

Arm warmers, baby tights, I don’t care. You’ve got a package that the boss put here whilst you was gone.”

“I know what that is. It’s a t-shirt I have to do. It’s very important.”

“How did you manage that?”

“I dunno, I just did. I’m supposed to make it for the visitor tomorrow. He’s a gangster rapper.”

“You better do that t-shirt good, you don’t want any mistakes.”


Dylan gets started on the shirt for the gangster rapper, and Milah, not content on getting her stitching done says, again, “You better be careful on that t-shirt Dylan. You better not make any mista-”

There is a tearing sound to be heard, but the audience can see that Dylan tore a piece of paper in half. Milah gets shocked and a bit scared, and she turns to look at Dylan. Dylan then holds up a piece of paper that is 75% torn, and he tears the rest of it in front of her. Dylan then laughs, and then he laughs some more at Milah’s reaction.


I see that Dylan and Milah are doing some knitting on the knitting machine, knitting the garments. They are working quietly and peacefully. The t-shirt for the gangsta rapper which needs to be done lays in a plastic case on a table, closed with velcro. The case is see through so I can see some fabrics and a piece of paper in it which lays on top. They are both getting on with their work to their own devices, for about fifteen seconds, and the audience and myself are waiting for something to happen.

Milah looks at Dylan and says “Baby tights” in a low mocking voice. Dylan smiles submissively, and the audience has a small laugh. They then continue working on their stitching. I see that they are stitching for about seven seconds instead now.

“You, making clothes for a gangster;” a few people are laughing now “without tearing them!” A few more people are laughing now.”

“Yes that's me. I'm finally being recognised for my talent, talents.”

“Talents. You don't have any talents.”

“You will see. You will see me stitch the gangster shirt all by myself.”

“See what? Talent. Gangster rappers are not talented. They sprout their gun and drug rubbish and swear and behave like fools. They will never go to heaven. There are people out their starving, and they behave like they can't find any food in their house to eat.”


I see that the conversation has finished and more stitching with the stitching machines are resumed. Dylan and Milah are facing the audience as they stitch and they are silent and not looking at each other. I hear a tear and I've no idea where it came from. Milah looks at Dylan disappointed, and Dylan lifts up two torn up pieces of paper. We the audience did not see the paper torn. It sounded like the sound came from overhead speakers, and that the paper was already torn.

“How are you doing that?” asks Milah.

“Doing what?”

“Finding the paper to tear?”

“You mean like this?” asks Dylan. He magics a paper from behind his back and tears it.”

Milah screams out of shock of what she saw.

“Milah it's alright. There's nothing to worry about.” Milah looked the opposite. “After all, it's not magic. It's not like I'm a wizard of anything.” I'm looking at Milah and I see that she looked scared by the negative suggestion that Dylan isn't a wizard. I looked at the fragile girl next to me, at her pretty face, and I noticed that she could also see that Milah was scared. Milah then started to frantically get off her seat, and hide behind her seat. There wasn't much else of a place to hide so quick.

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

The font size gets small in places so that it all fits on one page in Microsoft Word.
Garment Fabrication ends at Part Eleven.

There's no song this time. I've tried listening to a song and reading this at the same time, and it's very distracting. I want you to focus on the words deeply and more so you can focus on the humour.

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