#6 Garment Fabrication - Part One

#6 Garment Fabrication - Part One

A Chapter by tynamite

I want to end Excess Rah Style with a big finale.


Going there

When I landed into the other world, I was on the streets. Now people in this world don’t have cars, and there are no roads. There are just pathways. When I walk somewhere, most times I am walking past some pavement, grass, or some cobbled stones. As I was on pavement, I noticed that there was a crowd of people walking somewhere. I don’t know who was following who, and who was the one who knew where they were going. But what I did know was that I wanted to follow the crowd, and so did many others who were in the crowd. I wouldn’t be surprised if only a few people knew where they were going. As I was now in the crowd following the crowd to a place, I knew that where I was going would be somewhere important. I didn’t have a map, or the time, and I was just like the others for being disorientated in that way. What I did presume was that at least one person knew what the time was, to know where to go at what time. I’ve never met anyone here who knew the time before, but if I did, I would call them a timekeeper.

So there we were following a mystery timekeeper to a place, and everyone in the crowd was excited to be going there. All I could hear was people talking to their friends getting excited about the mystery place they were going. As the crowd kept walking, the crowd got bigger like a tornado sucking people as it moved around. I liked it how the crowd was quiet and orderly, nobody ever fell over. I had just landed in the other world, and myself alongside a crowd was following a mystery timekeeper to a mystery place, and all everyone was doing was getting excited. The excitement was infectious, as their increasing excitement made me more excited. I knew that this would be something I would not want to miss.

When we finally got to the destination, I noticed that we were outside a theatre. I thought we were going to see a play. The theatre looked like it was made before the 1990s; it didn’t look glossy with curved edges. I wonder what sort of a play the people who lived in this world would put on. This is something I would have to see.

When I got inside, I noticed that some people were already seated. There were some seats left, and the crowd wasn’t massive enough for me to get lost in when I was walking to the theatre. The theatre had a really nice environment, and I was impressed with the way that it was designed. The seats were filling up fast, and I couldn’t see anyone that I recognised at all. I couldn’t see my girlfriend around. As the seats were nearly full, there was one seat taken next to me. As soon as there was only one seat next to me, that quiet girl went and sat next to me. The one with a ribbon in her hair was now in my presence, and I couldn’t move to another seat. I wish I could have moved. I think she needs to move on in her life, without me being in it.

© 2011 tynamite

Author's Note

Song: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
I'm deciding to use indie music for a change instead of uk garage. I do not like indie music.

I want to end Excess Rah Style with a big finale, so I chose something daring.
I like to challenge myself as a writer, so I can better myself and not become complacent, always writing about the same old things.

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i liked this chapter. it was very interesting :)

Posted 12 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

I loved this chapter. I was curious about where he was going. The building detais where interesting to me. I loved the ending where the little girl sat down beside him and he thought she should get a life. Funny!

Posted 13 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

I think you like the ending because it reminds you of an event in your life that you was in.

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