Chapter XII

Chapter XII

A Chapter by Calypso

Chapter XII

          Dr. Doffer smiled widely. “Mr. Carlson you just most meet the artist of your painting.” She waved towards January. “This is Miss January Rossi. She’s only a freshman but she has the talent of a genus!”

          The old man twisted at the end of his pipe and scanned January. She didn’t feel comfortable with his gaze but there was nothing she could do.

          The very, fat man took one last look at the painting behind January. “If I buy this, which I may not, how much will it cost me?”   

          Dr. Doffer looked the man in the eye and said, “$400.”

          “Good lord! Is this a robbery or art show? These kids aren’t even professionals. Are you crazy?” As the man yelled pieces of shrimp ate earlier flew out of his mouth.

          January wanted to vomit but she held back.

          “Mr. Perkins, what you need to know is that Apple Blossom Art University only has the best artist. We would never sell you anything that we didn’t think was worth the money.”

          Mr. Perkins stopped twisting his pipe. “I’ll have to pass up on this ‘deal’.”

          As the man wobbled away Dr. Doffer placed a hand on January’s shoulder. “Some people are so blind. Don’t worry about it, things like this happen all the time.”

          January nodded. She hadn’t really cared that the man didn’t want the painting. All she really cared about at the moment was the memories.

          Dr. Doffer, January’s advisor, had told her last week that two of her paintings were on show. Instead of calling Lily with the good news January sat in her room and cried. Even when Willow came back from a friend’s she kept up.

          Willow had tried to console her but she would dare tell the real reason why she cried. She ended up giving up and sitting on her bed and sadly watched January cry into her pillow.

          This time around she just wore jeans and a dirty, smelly shirt. Dr. Doffer looked like she would kill January but once the showing started her focus went elsewhere.

          The last thing January wanted right now was attention, especially from men. When men looked at her longer then a second her stomach would ache and her head spin.

          She stood where she was supposed to but the whole time memories flashed in and out of her mind.

          One lady who bought her other painting commented that she looked sick. She did look ghostly.

          That night she started having nightmares. The dream started out with her walking though the woods and then a handed popped out and grabbed her ankle.

          She felt fear and worry and automatically knew that the woods used to be a graveyard. Instead of fighting she sat on the ground and continued to feel worried, scared.

The next morning January looked up what her dream might mean. Apparently walking though the woods can mean a return to an aspect of yourself that is innocent and spiritual. As she looked up hand, fear and not fighting she became more and more confused. She was sure if she had had a good night’s sleep she could have connected the dots better.

After two cups of espresso she didn’t feel more awake, just wired and as if she was high.

In her Literature class she tried to consecrate on the book she was reading but her mind went elsewhere.

The professor kept on about Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland but January was more concerned with the art showing.

She hadn’t seen Jared and if she had she wasn’t sure why would have happened. In the days leading to the showing she cried for hours but if she would have seen him she doubts she could have been liable for her actions.

What was happening in her body left her feeling sick. According to Google it’s too early for morning sickness. Maybe it’s just life sickness. That sounds about right.



© 2011 Calypso

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A really good professional might be able to help her since her life seems to be crumbling around the edges. It will probably just get worse until she can't do anything. This is a really good story!

Posted 11 Years Ago

A very strong chapter. I like how you describe each situation. I like her emotion to the fat man. I like the way you ended the chapter. Mental sickness can take you down quickly. A excellent chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

wow the memories till haunt her...she needs to tell somebody! I hope the police catch jared...maybe a support group would help her feel better, though she'd have to talk about what happened to her.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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