Chapter XXIV

Chapter XXIV

A Chapter by Calypso


     Holding a noose in one hand and the knife in the other she formed it into how she wanted to use it. She had to cut two inched off, re-measured and cut another inch off, better safe then sorry.

          She tied the knot an inch away from her neck. January placed it around her neck and tied the other end on to her bedpost.

          Before moving she prayed to God that she would at least go to purgatory. Then she lay down on the carpet and squirmed father away from the bedpost. When she came to the end she pulled even more until a heat and dizziness came upon her.

          It took fifteen minutes to take effect. January knew this before hand so she kept pulling and pulling on the rope to add more pressure on her neck.

          The darkness came but January never felt fear.




           “George! George!”

          January’s mind was foggy and bogged down. What’s wrong with George? Where is he?

          There was a pressure on her chest and a swimming feeling in her head. Something was blown into her mouth that smelled like Dr. Pepper.

          “The ambulance is coming. Hold on George. Please! I love you!”

          January breathed and it hurt every thing she owned. Her vision was coming back but slowly. The pressure came off her chest as she opened her eyes.

          “Janus! Janus! Speak!”

          “Finally, she’s breathing.” George said softly. January winced as George placed his fingers on her neck.

         “Daddy! The ambulance is here!” Little Maia cried. There was fear and sadness in her voice.

          “Go upstairs now!” Lily yelled at Maia.

          Maia stalled but finally ran away when the EMTs came in with a stretcher.

          January was picked up and placed on the stretcher by a large man who looked big enough to carry three people.

          “What happened?” A middle-aged EMT asked.

          “My wife came into my step daughter’s room and when she did she found the girl with a noose around her neck.”

          The guy strapping in January whispered, “Must be a suicide.” to no one in particular.

          “So then my wife called for me and January wasn’t breathing. I administered CPR until she regain conciseness a few minutes ago.”

          “What’s the name?” The strong man put a breaking mask over January’s mouth.

          “January Rossi.”

          “And birthday?”

          “November 1st.”

          January wanted to slip into sleep but she didn’t.

          “When we get her to the hospital you can come after the doctor treats her.”

       Swiftly the men popped up the stretcher and January watched her mother’s sad face and George’s scared look pass by.

© 2013 Calypso

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A very sad and tearful chapter. The depression and darkness finally took over. Now that she's going to the hospital her secret will come out. I hope January has hit the bottom and now things will start getting better for her.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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