Chapter XXVII

Chapter XXVII

A Chapter by Calypso

Lily looked too dressed up to be in the Psych ward just to visit. January knew when she walked into the room that something was going on.

As part of policy January could never be with her visitors alone so

a nurse sat in the corner of the room the whole visit.

          As soon as Lily sat down a tall man in a suit walked in. He looked clean and neatly pressed. The tie he wore had golf balls and tees behind a green background. His shoes were shined and his sandy colored hair, neatly combed back.

          “January, this is Joseph Key, your attorney. Mr. Key will represent you in court soon.”

          “Soon?” January didn’t mean to sound as scared as she did.

          “Miss Rossi we have the green light to start to case in early May.”

          “You can call me January.”

          “Well, January, your attacker is being tried for the first attack and you are being added on. The other girl and yourself have created a hard case for him.”

          “What does this mean? Will he be put behind bars?”

          Joseph Key finally sat across from January. The table and chairs were bolted down, but had they not been January would have moved her chair. She’s still doesn’t trust men, even more so men she just meet.

          “Because of evidence we should move right though this trial. The other victim received a rape kit and so did you. Dr. Penny gave us the results from the kit. I’m sorry that you were hurt in that way.”

          January could remember Lily calling late last week to ask her about the rape kit. January chose not to go in depth as to what they did, but she did tell Lily the doctor and when it happened.

          Lily cleared her throat. “From now on Mr. Key will come on his own accord until the beginning of the trail. I just thought that I would come with him today so you wouldn’t feel so much fear because you were meeting a strange man.”

          “When I visit we will talk about details of the trail and build put your prosecution, which shouldn’t be too hard. Any questions?”

          “My doctor told me I would have to go in front of a judge before this trail.”

          “That’s because you tried to kill yourself. They do that incase you need to stay in a hospital for longer. You’ll be in here for a month and this trail starts in May and your stay here ends in late April. You may end up staying here though out the trail.”

          January bent over her head as if she was praying. She was tempted to pray to St. Eustace or St. Dymphna but she decided to wait for later.

          “We should be leaving now. I’ll meet up with you tomorrow.”

          Lily hugged January tightly and whispered something in her ear. She couldn’t understand it, yet couldn’t care less. Joseph Key shook her hand and the nurse ushered them out.

          The nurse stood by the door waiting from January to move but instead she went down onto her knees and started saying, “St. Dymphna, I long for your intercession to our Lord in your name. Help me, please help me. Amen.”



          “And so you are saying that you drank the coke and wine he gave you?”

          January glanced down at the recorder. Before this even stared Mr. Key had asked if he could record what she said. She didn’t want him to, but she felt like it would have been better just to go with the flow.


          “How many glasses?”

          “I can’t remember.”

          “I need to know.”

          January slammed her hand down onto the stop button and said, “I said I couldn’t remember. I’m not sure if you’ve been drugged before, but it’s hard to remember anything afterwards.”

          All day Mr. Key had been asking her questions, some with different wordings, and she was felling too tired and worn to answer. She’s wasn’t lying either when she said she couldn’t remember. If she weren’t pregnant she would think it was all a dream.

          Mr. Key turned the recorder back on and said, “So you drank what he gave you and then?”

          “I sat in his car. I can’t remember why though. And I remember something about some woods…”

          “You just can’t remember it all.”

          “Hard to believe, but yes.”

          “No it’s not hard to believe. Midazolam can do that to you. What can you remember?”

          “Bits from the hospital, and that’s it. And oh yah I remember when Dr. Penny told me I was pregnant.”

          “How did you feel?”

          “Scared, afraid, embarrassed.”

          Mr. Key tilted the recorder towards January and said, “Why were you embarrassed? Would you say you loved him?”

          Once again January hit the stop button. “Whose side are you on?”

          “Trust me.”

          “I’m not sure I want this to be on tape.”

          “Too late, I have you saying that this can be recorded.”

          He started it again.

          “Yes I loved him, and I thought he loved me to. That’s why I took the drinks he gave me. I trusted him.”

          “Sad, isn’t it?”


          “Sad that Mr. Suave could just hurt you like that.”

          “And he had enough charisma to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. Are you done yet?”

          Mr. Key turned off his recorder and said, “I have all I need. I’ll see you again in a week when you see the judge about staying her longer.”





© 2011 Calypso

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Too bad she was so hostile, putting that guy in jail should be more important to her. I guess she just feels like everyone is attacking her now.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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