A Walk in the Dark

A Walk in the Dark

A Chapter by Dave Brown



As two lovers strolled beneath

A high cliff in a nature park

Two limp bodies fell past                   

Whizzing quickly by in the dark


The shocked lovers contacted inspector Japp

Who discovered two corpses badly beaten

A man and a dyed blonde in a pink g-string          

A sorry crime, done by some sick cretin


Tire tracks, broken railing, ground disturbed    

Showed where they had gone through

But after weeks of investigation

The authorities didn’t know what to do


Someone mentioned Hercule Poirot

The investigator of fame

For crimes of this sort

Solving them, was the name of the game


Hooking his cane over an arm

And giving his mustache a turn

With his ability to solve great crimes

He was off to see what he’d learn


His ordered autopsy definitely showed

Before they had fallen, both were dead

Prior to being thrown off the cliff

Each was savagely struck on the head


Further investigation of the scene

Yielded the sight of a ticket stub

Where were showing, two bloody letters

From the name of a local nightclub


At that club he found one girl missing

A beauty who enjoyed body dancing

Being known that when lights went low

She enjoyed enticing bits of romancing


A love triangle was soon exposed

Two go-go dancers both after one man

With one dancer in a fit of jealous rage

Ending the other two’s lifespan


Hercule quickly summarized it all

But captivated by the other dancer’s beauty

Instead of informing inspector Japp

He neglected his investigative duty


She had easily won over his heart

He, having long ago lost his one love

In his mind this stunning creature

Had to have been sent from above


Since then, both enjoy go-go dancing

Each clad only in a double pink G-string

And in addition to having his butt tattooed

He’s now wearing a double nose ring


About the murder, these things happen

What’s it really matter, a body or two

Especially since Poirot now enjoys

Such a shapely new field-of-view


© 2023 Dave Brown

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Oh Dave, I am laughing so hard here. Thank you! A nose ring just above that classic moustache and a pink G-string....well, Poirot really has neglected his duties and poor inspector Japp was left to figure it all out without his help. Loved this....great rhyming and a funny story. Lydi**

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

2 Weeks Ago

Thanks Lydia
Just a bit of fun at his expense, hope he doesn't mind
Poirot in a pink g-string? Next it'll be Sherlock Holmes in a pair of bikini briefs.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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Dave Brown

2 Weeks Ago

great idea for another epic
As a reader who has no previous knowledge of the work was a tribute to Agatha Christie's Poirot, I still find the plot and the rhymic nature of this work in particular was very intriguing and entertaining. It really did well capturing my attention and aroused my imagination with the dramatic storytelling and romantic elements it implemented.
A great work and an enjoyable read.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

2 Weeks Ago

Just a bit of fun with an enjoyable Poirot being the unknowing target
Thanks for the visit
Very well written. Love the pace and rhyme scheme. Masterful.

With love,


Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

2 Weeks Ago

appreciate your visit
take care
HILARIOUS!!!! This was so delightful and the twist made it perfect!! As a long time reader of, and viewer of, the Belgian detective, I appreciated it greatly. And btw, I do not know if you are a fan of the series, but if so, you already know of the definitive portrayal by the great David Suchet- but did you know there is a fascinating, and excellent, alternative portrayal by Malkovich, in an Amazon Prime movie of The ABC Murders?

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

2 Weeks Ago

Thanks for that
Didn't know about Malkovich
will have to see if we can find it
.. read more

2 Weeks Ago

Ustinov was indeed a great one- if only he had done more! Best wishes.

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Dave Brown
Dave Brown

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