Chapter 7: Stormfast's Dream

Chapter 7: Stormfast's Dream

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  It was winter in the Eastern Territory. The betas have just finished thier grass drills. During the break, Stormfast and Stone were playing near the river that ran along the western border.
  "I'm the leader of this pack now so that means you have to do what I say," announced young Stormfast who was sitting on a large rock.
  "You know Storm, I don't think you have the guts to be pack leader," taunted Stone.
  "Why do you say that?" At first Stone didn't know what to say, but then...
  "Because you need to give a command." He went over to him and patted on his back.
  "O.kay I command you to -uhh- hunt down some caribou and -uhh- bring it to me!"
  "O.kay, sir," answered Stone. He started plucking out grass. "Pretend this is caribou meat."
  "*sniff, sniff* I smell apples," said Stormfast.
  " Oh, its just me."
  "Really? I did not know that." Stone changed back the subject.
  "Here is the meat to feed your family, sir."
  "Thanks Stone. You know, I bet I will be a real leader someday."
  "You're not serious are you?"
  "Yes?" Stormfast was not sure.
  " So, you want to become a lone wolf, find a mate, and start your own pack just to be pack leader, in other words ditching me here!"
  "No, no, of course not, c'mon you know me." Stormfast looked over his shoulder and saw his cousin far behind Stone.
  "Hey, look behind you."


  "Who are those other betas, waving a us?" asked Tony.
  "Oh, just my best friend and my cousin," said young Garth.


"Uhh- Stone! I command you to save me!"
  "Stormfast, get out of there!" yelled Stone.
  "Does it look like I can?!" A landslide had pulled Stormfast into the river.
  "Stone! HELP1 *gasp! Help! Anyone! Hello?!" *slpash!* *gasp!* He tried to keep his muzzle above the water. He looked downsteam and noticed a bank. He grabbed on to it and hanged there. "Stone, where are ou, I can't hang here for long!" Stone showed up on the left side of the river, Stormfast's side.
  "Storm, grab my paw!" he shouted while reaching out for him. Stormfast grabbed his paw and Stone pulled him out from the bank.
  "*gasp!* Thank you bro."
  "Hey, friends stick together."
  Stormfast woke up. Terra was still sleeping. "*sigh* Worst dream ever."
  "After all I done for you," muttered Stone. Simon was sleeping across from him. He had his broken paw on a raised area in the cave. "I mean I've saved his life like many times and he does nothing in return." Simon woke up.
  "Hey kid. Is there any chance, this Stormfast character is related to Tony?"
  "Yeah, Bronx had two sons: Tony and Owen. Owen is Stormfast's father."
  "Hmm, I did not know that," said Simon.
  "Well, did you know Tony had his son, Garth last summer."
  "Great, Garth. Sounds like barf."
  "Yeah. He gets that alot."
  "Anyway, I'm going back to sleep." Stone looked at his broken paw. The onion painkiller was wearing off.
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Very likable characters and good dialogue...its very believable.

Posted 8 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago

Good story. Very entertaining reading.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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