Chapter 17: Meeting Again

Chapter 17: Meeting Again

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  "Seems to be no meat here," disgusted Terra. Then she saw a bush filled with berries next to a small creek. "Hmm, sorry Stormfast but berries are healthy."

  As she was picking off berries, she noticed a figure on the other side of the creek, about three feet from her. It was a wolf. A wolf with light brown fur. She knew immediately who it was: Rhys.

  "Sister, I am so glad to see you!" Rhys gasped as she saw her.

  "Stay away from me!" she barked.

  "Rhys, what are you talking about?" Terra was now confused with her new behavior.

  "You know what I'm talking about! You almost killed me on that waterfall! Trying to make me fall onto that sharp rock. Well, guess what! It worked, see this!" She showed her flank. The would had healed a bit bit it was still visable.

  "Idiot! I wasn't trying to kill you! I was trying to pull you to the side of the river that didn't fall onto the rocks!"

  "Whatever Terra, hard to believe you came from The Pack of Honesty."

  "Rhys, I am telling you the truth!' She turned her back on her. "Fine! I don't need you! Hey guess what! I've found my true love!" Rhys looked back. "That's right!" she bragged. "He's a black, tough, alpha wolf named Stormfast!"

  Stormfast! The name rang in Rhys's head. It was the same wolf who left Stone to human!

  "Where's Stormfast!' she demanded. Her head was filled with fury and revenge. "I'll rip him limb from limb!" Terra was now scared.

  "Whoa, whoa, calm down."

  "No! How could you do this? Mate with that... that wolf!?"

  "I don't know what you're talking about. Stormfast is the most caring wolf I've ever met." Rhys just laughed.

  "he's hiding soemthing. He has a dark side."

  "Since whae were you an expert of him?"

  "'Cause I am," said a strange voice.

  "Who are you?" Terra asked. He then appeared out of the shadows. He was a white wolf with light brown spots on him. He also smelled like apples.

  "my name is Stone," he quietly said. "and tell Stormfast that if he wants to see you again, he better come to me, unarmed." They both walked back into the shadows.

  Did I just lose my sister? she thought. She did not know who Stone was but he didn't sound good. She knew she must tell Stormfast because her own life was on the line.

  Stormfast and Sparks were still in the den when Terra came in with a mouthful of berries.

  "That's not meat," Stormfast said.

  "Nope. It's better than meat," she told him.

  "You're right! Berries are healthier," blurted Sparks.

  "Oh, but there's something else too Sparky, I need you to give us some privacy."

  "Uhh, okay." He then walked out.

  "What is it?" Stormfast asked. He was laying on the ground. He seemed half-asleep.

  "While I was away, I met my sister.'

  "Really? Where is she?"

  "No, no, she's not here.'

  "Why?" he both said and thought.

  "It's because there's another wolf, who calls himself Stone." Stormfast's eyes quickly opened.

  "Say that again!" he shouted.

  "A wolf who calls himself Stone."

  "He's alive, he escaped the humans?!"

  "Wait, you did do something bad to him?" Stormfast now felt ashamed for himself.

  "Uhh- yeah, a while ago he got captured by humans. I had went to save him but they came back. so I ran and left him."

  That doesn't make sense, Terra thought. How could such a nice wolf do something unthingable to a wolf? "Anyway, he said if you wanted me to live, come to him, unarmed." Stormfast started crying.

  "I'm sorry I put your life in danger because of my mistake."



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Author's Note

Wolf Paws
Funny, I just started writing Chapter 25: Stone's Fury which is a "come back" on this. Stormfast is in neither of them but that one has Sparks in it.

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Awesome chapter. I love these characters that you created. They have real concerns in their lives.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Relationships are so complicated and with truth's are revealed, explanations are needed. I enjoyed this chapter of your book. Good writing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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