Chapter 4: Two Lone Wolves Part 2

Chapter 4: Two Lone Wolves Part 2

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

The next mourning...



  "*yawn* Where am I?" Stormfast realized he was covered in sand. His once striaght, pine combed, undercoat, he prepared for the Moonlight Howl was now a wet mess.

  He got on his paws and looked around. He was on the sandy beaches of a large lake. So large, it would take many hours to walk all the way around. "Hmm... Maybe 

the river I rode last night flows into this lake," he siad to himself.

  His stomach rumbled. "Well, in Alpha School, they said in times of need, you eat berries or eggs. Just like Eastern leader Bronx, when he got washed away and made it back to the pack. But boy... I don't like eating those foods at all."

  Just then, he heard some noises behind him. He ducked behind a sand dune. In the nearby woods, a small caribou was grazing. All of the sudden, the caribou ran like there was no tomorrow. Stormfast ran after. "This guy has a great sense of smell." Soon, he caught up with him. But then, he turned a sharp left. Stormfast barely missed being hit by a tree. Soon enough, he was running alonside him. "You know, I'm going to call you... Memphis. Do you think that's a good name for you?" The caribou rolled his eyes. He then turned a sharp right. "Whoa!" He barely missed another tree. "Okay. I need to watch out for trees."

  Then, out of nowhere, someone said:

  "Hello?" Stormfast looked behind him.

  "Hey! I'm tryting to hunt down Memphis over here!" he yelled But what he didn't noticed was Memphis turning another sharp right. *SMACk!!!*




  Stone was asleep when Simon entered his cave.

  What the-? Who's this? he wondered. Hmm... Must be a lone wolf. He put all of his fresh-picked onions in a far corner of the cave. He then walked over to Stone. and tapped on his head.

  "*yawn*" He woke up. "Whoa... Uhh... This cave is occupied."

  "Excuse me. Who are you?"

  "Uhh... My name is Stone." He raised his paw. Simon shook his head "no".

  "I'm not going to pawshake you. What are you doing in my cave?!"

  "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I just needed a place to stay."

  "Well, you're not welcome here." He started sniffing him. "Wait a minute... Are you from the Western Pack?"

  "What happened?"

  "I don't want to talk about it." Simon laughed. "What is so funny."

  "Oh, we have a lot in common."


  "Oooo. Do you wanna' hear a story?"

  "No. Thank you."

  "Alright, I'll tell you. A long time ago, when I was a Beta at the Eastern Pack, our Alpha School instuctor gave us an assignment. He said to eat fruits or vegetables for a whole day so we could get used to eating something other than meat." Stone remembered when Smokey said to do that. "So... he gave me a onion to practice with. When I took my first bite, I realized how delicious an onion was. It was so good that I had tears rushing down my face for no reason. From that point on, I was herbivore." Stone tried not to laugh.

  "You mean you were a vegetarian."

  "No!" he growled. "there's a difference!"

  "Okay, okay. Sorry."

  "Alright. Anyway, fruits and vegetables were the only thing I'd ever eat. But... on the day I became an Alpha and went on my first hunt, the pack leader, Bronx told me something that would scar me."

  He lived during the time of Bronx? How old was this wolf? he wondered.

  Simon was a extra-elderly wolf with a surprisingly good amount of energy for a old wolf. He was white with grey on his cheeks. He was much larger than an average wolf. Stone guessed it was from his diet.

  "Bronx told me I couldn't hunt because I didn't eat meat. I had asked for my friends, Tony and Owen to help me but they agreed with him. I told them all I would run away until I was allowed to but nothing changed so I did run away. I told them I would return with vengeance! The end."

  "Wow. That's- Owww!" Stone yipped. It was his broken paw.

  "Oh, let me help you with that." Simon went outside and and came back with a piece of curly, wet bark. He wrapped it around Stone's paw. Then he went to the far corner of the cave and got one of his onions. "Here. Eat this."

  "I'm not eatin' this!" barked Stone.

  "Just eat it!!!" growled Simon. He quickly took a bite out of the onion. Suddenly, Stone's paw stopped aching. He moved it around in amazement. "Whoa, whoa. Don't move it. It's still broken. The onions are just to kill the pain."

  "Oh. Thank you."

  "So... What's your story?"


  "You know, what's your origin?"

  "Oh, me? Well, I never really had a origin. Stormfast's mum adopted me. She said she found me in the dividing river and saved me. I don't remember anything before."

  "Wow. I'm sorry. I'd just have one question. Who is Stormfast?"

  "Oh, just my ex-best friend. Last night, I got capture by humans. When I called him to save me, he just ran away like a coward. Like he didn't care about me anymore." Simon started laughing again. "That's not funny!"

  "Oh... I was just laughing at the Easterns. The fact that Stormfast and Bronx, both pure Easterns did this to us. I say we do something about this."

  "What are you suggesting?" Stone asked.

  "I say... revenge!" Stone thought for a minute.

  "How 'bout I give you a deal. If I help you with reclaimming your peace, you'll have to help me organize a pack of my own."

  "That's not a fair deal. Do you know how long it takes to start a pack? Plus, you don't even have a mate."

  "Oh, don't worry. This pack is going to play a big role in this revenge," he said with a big smile.


  "Oh, you'll see. You'll see..."



Next: Chapter 5: A Wolf of Honesty

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Good job on this chapter. I like it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Awesome chapter. The interest level is really increasing. You're doing a great job with this story.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wolf Paws

7 Years Ago

Thanks! This story is just getting started. Next chapter will kick in some romance.
I enjoyed reading this. This story is developing nicely. It will be interesting to see how their revenge works out.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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