A Nudist Paradise  Part 2

A Nudist Paradise Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 144-1

A Nudist Paradise

Part 2



I told Mom that I had promised a quick sample to Paul and his two oldest boys asking Jennie if she wouldn’t mind, having her giggle telling me to knock myself out, said. “He wanted to play games; I am certainly not going to stand in his way. I trust you that you won’t break the rules. It’s them I am concerned about.”

I said. “The main reasons why I and my friends are abounded by a contract.” Turned to face everyone and said. “I won’t be long, hell I’ll even leave my bedroom open if you would like to watch. Considering he said he didn’t care if we did it in the open and I certainly not going to hide the fact that I like a good penis now and again, and there nothing for me to be ashamed about. You know I am not gay or my friends, we just like a little variety of having both.” I said. “Come long big boy,” and pulled on Paul’s penis as if it was on a leash having his wife and my mother giggle as they followed us down to my room.

I told Paul to get on my bed and make himself comfortable, I watched him hesitate and swallow really hard, but he did what he was asked. I reminded him my rules not his or he won’t get a quick sample. I said “I am going to make it a little more interesting more so for your wife to give her a little sample all of her own. I turned and winked at her. Opened my bag of toys pulled out two of my favorite flavors.

My mother said, “oh, this going to be good.” And took a seat on the bed next to Paul. I said. “As my mother has told you were into the kinky stuff. Besides dipping our selves in chocolate we have other things we like to use and not as messy or sticky. I normally have a box full of these known to us our 24 flavors of skin oils. Which are all edible like our lotions and soap that you used here in my mother's house?” 

I asked. “What’s your favorite place you like to lick your husband and which is your least favorite?” She said; “his lips being my favorite and his penis being my least favorite.” Paul looked at her and gasped, she said. “Well it’s true; I never liked your penis because of all that hair getting in my mouth.”

Paul said. “Everyone’s a critic regarding my manly hair.”

I smiled and said. “Pick and taste a flavor.” She did taking a small taste of each trusting me. She chose wild berries, I took the flavor and told Paul to take a taste of the one she picked and told him to pick three flavors he likes one for his wife, one for Michael and one for Robert. He asked about me I said. “My choice will be a surprise.” Unlike his wife, he didn’t trust me, and like all my friends they needed to find out for themselves.  I handed Robert, Michael’s flavor fresh peaches and told him to put some on his lips, chest, and penis, and giving Michael’s Robert flavor passion fruit and gave him the same instructions. 

I hand Mom my flavor being apple pie. And let her choose anywhere she liked as I had Paul turn around and the boys so they couldn’t see where my mother was putting them on me. Then quickly handed her another one of wild cherry’s and her put it on the places she didn’t put the apple pie. I then handed Paul’s flavor and told her too put it on anywhere on her body that is exposed, she was a little surprised I didn’t ask her to strip naked.

I said clearing her confusion. “You said you are neutral, meaning hands off to the rest of us.” I had her lean down and told her to turn around or go in my mother’s room and put some on her breasts for extra incentive or anywhere else she wanted him to taste you.” She got my point and giggled and closed the door for her own privacy. I waited until everyone had followed my instruction taking the bottles and putting them back inside my bag of toys.

By the time everyone was ready, my friends came into the room and I said. “Paul and his boys wanted a quick sample.” Having my friends give a slight giggle as the stood against the wall. Having us stick out like a sore thumb compared them all being fully dressed and us three naked, even more so having Susan and Becky stand in my doorway waiting. When Susan saw that I was still naked and Paul on the bed as well as his two older boys she said wining and angry. “Come on Mom were ready to go.”

Mom said. “In a few minutes, go make yourself comfortable on the coach if you don’t want to watch Eric give them a quick sample what they are going to get once they sign on the dotted line.”

Susan said. “If I was them, I never sign that damn contract, I run and never look back, knowing the sex is just not worth it, and I hate being naked or being around naked people.”

Mom said. “Then wait on the coach.” Susan stomped out of the room said. “F*g its, every one of them.”

Becky said. “Well, I am staying,” and took a seat next to Mom. I cringed looking at the clock. As it was getting closer to 9 being it was a little past 8 and I hated being late, yet I made my bed now I have to lye in it.

I said. “Ok, Robert had his already, but I willing to do it again, but this time I want him to pay attention because you will be doing it to Michael and him, you then your Dad. Before you three get a chance tasting me, then Paul I want you to taste your wife and have her taste you while my mothers having a light snack finishing me off then will go.”

Robert gave a big arm pump because he gets seconds. I said. “You get it twice because you’re the oldest, and that means making sure your brother follows the rules.” He nodded as he wiggled with excitement. I pulled him close and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him this time he was more than ready so I smiled inside as let my hands slide down his back and placed them on his butt, he jerked a little but pulled him closer so we could touch chest to chest penis to penis.

I deepened the kiss as I rubbed the back of his bare butt and his back; then slowly released him hearing him moan licking his lips tasting our two flavors together. I once again trailed my tongue down his neck all the way down to his n*****s repeating everything we had done in the tub but slower, and this time spending more time on his penis and sack. Letting them get hard in my mouth as he shivered and moaned even louder this time begging me not to stop.

I stopped as he caught himself because I made him weak in the knees. I listened to his mother and Dad gasp while everyone either giggled or said. “Good isn’t he Robert?”

Having Robert give another Arm pump telling them how awesome it was Adam and Jake said. “You just wait until we really get started. This will mean nothing more than a quick sample.” I asked Michael if was ready as he swallowed hard unsure about it as his brother gave him two thumbs up. I repeated the same journey with Michael listening to the same moans watching his surprised face then. Told the boys when I was done to try that why I give their Dad a quick sample.

I told Paul to sit up asking me why I wanted him too when I could easily get on top of him. I said. “My rules remember. I said a quick sample not rump on the bed until you are groomed or until you have signed the contract.” He gave me big hateful glare I said. “It will be worth it, if not we can always tear up the contract and then would get nothing from me or my nudist friends.”

He said. “fine,” and sat up. I looked at the clock on my dresser and cringed, said. “Ok, you want that way fine. But I want you to promise me the second you walk in that door of Bishop Earl’s house you don’t complain if he asks you to do anything and like your wife said. It better be in the nude. In fact when we get dressed all I want you to wear is a waist robe or a full robe out in public. I can guarantee if you lived in a nudist colony they lynch you if wore clothes unless the weather was chilly.” I told my mother to take the girls down to my father and drop the boys off at Mr. Stringum and tell him I’ll be a little late. That Paul promised to be a good boy if I kept him after class.

I told Michael and Robert to taste their Dad as I showed him, all except kissing him, telling them that I want to be the one to break him in. Jake and Adam, Laughed Adam said. “Paul you just let love monster out and he’s taking you to class. Were staying because when that happens, you will be looking for someone else to kiss and won’t be your wife, In fact, if I was her I would demand that you kiss her first, because once he’s done with you it will be our turn.”

Jennie agreed and said, “Come on big boy I have something to show you that will sizzle that brain of yours.”

Mom said. “Don’t do anything until I get back. Come on Becky we don’t need to anger your father now, do we? Or he’ll make you late for your studies.”

Becky smiled and said. “Yes Mom, I do have lots of homework to do tonight, Penis 101 here I cum.” Licking her lips at my friends as they took off their clothes right in front of us, she only stopped long enough asked politely. “May I?” as she stepped in front of my friends including Billy.

Mom said. “Make it quick Becky, just a quick taste.”  Becky started off with Jake and stroked his monster size penis; and said. “I really, really like the big ones, how did you know Eric?” Becky stood him against the Wall and took his penis and placed inside her mouth giving it strokes as she tasted him. Then hesitated then moaned. “If only I had more time.” Then smiled giving it another stroke you’ll be mine tonight Jake I can not wait to ride you.”

Then she moved over to Adams and smiled even more as she stroked it and compared the two with her eyes. Licking her lips and tasted him moaning. “Oh yes, spider love here I cum.” Then said stepped in front of Billy and pulled him to her and kissed him forcing him against the wall, deepening the kiss, then released him and threw him on the bed and dove for him again.

Mom tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Times up Becky. We really needed to go as Becky pouted, pulling her mouth off his penis. “I don’t want to be with Dad today. I want to be them, Mom.”

Mom said. “Sorry, a deals a deal and you know how your father is, and how angry he got when the Doctor said you weren’t a virgin after you pushed too hard with the fake penis, having your father demand to check if some boy got you pregnant. How even angrier he got when they discovered you would never have children with no ovaries, Dad calling you a freak just and not the daughter he wanted and said God made a mistake. First, he gave him a boy that he didn’t want and now he has a daughter that God sent him that can’t have children. Having the doctor tell him there was still a chance that you still could grow them still, but it was a 1% chance.”

Becky said “I know Mom, but he loves me anyway and he cried all night and all week holding my hand begging God to see fit let me have children. I yelled and screamed and say get over it Dad, I didn’t want to have a baby, and he blamed you for it and he blames Eric for it because he was born first when it should have been me or Susan and now he pretends he still loves me, because he doesn’t want anyone to know that I am different. I hate being different. I hate pretending that everything’s ok when it’s not when he won’t even come home or spend one night with you.

“He didn’t even care about you having sex with other men he said he married a w***e, and this was his punishment because I can’t have children. So you told me to have lots of wild sex, and I’m trying to believe me but doesn’t help having Susan tell them I am contaminated and I would contaminate them and their penis will fall off if I touch them. Yet thanks to Eric’s friends and Mr. Stringum and Dave he makes sure my appetite is well taken care of. So I’ll be a good little Daddy’s girl, for now then penis here I cum. I really like that word Mom because not even Dad knows what I am really saying. Like when I say I am cum-ing with you and or I cum-ing over. Or my favorite, I like it when you cum.”

Becky giggled and Mom laughed and pulled her into a kiss. It was the first time I ever saw my Mom kiss Becky like that. Becky said before leaving. “Billy don’t you dare take off your clothes until I get there at the party tonight I want to do it personally. You will be my first to dance with naked tonight and bathe you and groom you; you got that boys? He’s mine.”

Billy gasped and lay back on the bed and shouted. “This so assume.”

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