Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Mr.Harrison's in the hospital, Peter's crying like a little girl, people can't think for themselves, and Bree and Skyla ditch. Just a normal day...Yeah, right.

The red demon had just pulled it's hand out of Mr. Harrison's chest and the old man had crumpled to the floor, clutching his chest in pain.

Goddamn Shadows.

“S-s-somebody get the n-nurse!” a girl named Kyla stuttered out, who was sitting in the second row.

A few of the kids jumped out of their seats started running over to the door.

“Screw the nurse!” Bree yelled, standing up and slamming a fist onto her desk. “Call the f*****g hospital!” Not like they'll help.

Shakily, a blond haired boy named Peter pulled out his phone and dialed 9-1-1.

The annoyed brunette sighed. Is it really that hard to use your brain once in a while?

Bree looked over at Skyla's desk, only to see that she was over at Peter's desk, giving the standard information to 9-1-1. With a quick,”You might wanna hurry,” from Skyla, she hung up and handed the blond his phone, who was now sobbing.

The girl sighed. It wasn't really surprising that Peter was a mess. Mr. Harrison, Peter's grandfather, and him had been really close.

Blowing her bangs out of her eyes, only to have them fall back into place again, Bree looked at the elderly man on the floor.

Mr. Harrison was now in tears, and letting out soft whimpers, now curled up inside a ball, laying on his side.

Deciding that staring at an elderly man dying couldn't be good for her, she looked out the window and wondered what else could go wrong.

“B-Br-Bree?” a nervous, squeakily obnoxious voice asked.

What is with these people?

“Whaddaya want?” the annoyed brunette nearly growled, giving a cold glare to whoever it was that decided to talk to her.

“S-s-sorry, sorry!” the girl said, who Bree now saw was Molly, a friend of Kyla. Shaking so much that even her brown pig-tails quivered, she took a step back.

Molly turned to look at her group of friends, who all nodded at her in encouragement. Mouthing something back, they had a silent argument. After a minute of two of this, Bree became bored and looked around in her bag for something else to do.

Skyla, who had come back to her seat right after her best friend had snapped at Molly, leaned on the back of Bree's chair.

“Well...The thing is...,” the pig-tailed girl finally continued after giving up talking with Kyla and the others.

“...I'm waiting,” Bree said, eye twitching in annoyance. Skyla sighed as well, and gave the wimpy girl a hand sign to go on.

“Um...Well...Shouldn't we...Um...Tell a teacher...Maybe?” Molly finally squeaked out, voice rising an octave or two.

Bree dead panned. This was what they insisted on bothering me about? Gimme a break here! the brunette thought, almost at her breaking point. If she didn't talk to a relatively sane person in ten seconds...

“What are we, prison wardens? Do whatever the hell you want so long as it doesn't involve me,” Bree said dismissively, putting every ounce of her sanity into at least acting like she had some patience.

“Um...Okay...If it a-a-alright with you...,” Molly replied, backing away and staring at the ground.

God people had some problems.

Bree looked behind her to Skyla, who was now texting her new boyfriend. She gave a weary smile before looking at the door to the classroom, who Molly and Kyla were now running out of, yelling something incoherent, to Bree, in the hallway.

The girl rolled her crystal blue eyes and sighed. She was so bored...Bree almost missed Mr.Harrison giving his lectures...Almost. But not quite.

Now, the elderly man, who Bree had actually forgotten, started coughing very violently. How long was this dinosaur gonna keep breathing? Not that Bree wanted him to die, but still. It was getting a little more than irritating.

As if her silent prayers had been answered, the paramedics burst into the room. Rushing to the elderly man, they pulled him onto a gurney and raced back out of the room again.

“...Well'” Skyla was cut off by Peter.

“NO! GRANDPA! TAKE ME WITH YOU!” the boy screeched, running out the room with flailing limbs and tears springing from his eyes.

Everyone in the class room turned to look at the door if they weren't already. With disturbed faces, they all questioned the blond boy's sanity. “The Hell?” Skyla said.

Bree looked at the retreating figures, giggling insanely to herself.

The rest of the students looked at her, shrugged it off, or rolled their eyes. This was fairly normal. They were all aware of Bree's sick, twisted sense of humor

She wiped the tears that had formed in her eyes from laughing so hard and sighed. Her life was too weird sometimes.

Looking at the clock, Bree saw that the first period of the four period day was about half way over. She frowned. Being cooped up in a school with no teacher was rather boring. Everyone was talking more loudly then usual, and it was making Bree annoyed.

After looking behind her, and seeing that Skyla was not there, and had taken her place back at the desk beside her, Bree stood up. Stretching, she announced fairly loudly that she was ditching.

"Really? I mean, it's the last day..." Skyla looked at her friend, and sighed when it was evident that she wasn't giving up.

"We were never in school today. We both caught summer fever," Bree said, looking over the class, and leaving the room.

Shutting the door behind them, they proceeded to the stair well. Jumping down the steps three at a time, Skyla turned and looked at Bree who was sliding down the railing.

Sneaking into the lobby, they hurried towards the back entrance of the school. Checking to make sure no teachers or police officers were around, they slipped out the door and sprinted to the street. Making a sharp right out of the parking lot, they ran for about another block, just to make sure they were clear.

"So, who do you feel like doing now?" Bree asked.

"Hm...Not sure. How about---" she stopped when she felt a vibration in her pocket.

Pulling out her cell, Skyla saw that she got a text from Damien. “Yay!” she squealed. “Damien texted me back!” Reading it, she looked back at Bree, who was waiting expectantly for the details. “He said, 'Wanna meet up at the mall?' And then he put in a little heart! He's so cute!”

Smiling, Bree replied,”Sounds like fun!”

Grinning, Skyla giggled and said,”Yeah...” Then, suddenly, her grin vanished and was replaced with an expression of guilt. “But...what about you..?”

The brunette rolled her eyes and said, like it was obvious,”I'll be at the book store. Nothing new. Go have fun with Damien. Just...Not that kind of fun.”

Clapping her hands, the blond gave her best friend another grin. With a quick hug, she said,” Imma go to my house. Talk to you later tonight?”

Bree nodded and waved as Skyla ran out of sight to the nearest bus stop.

Pulling out her iPod, she proceeded to walk to the nearest book store a few blocks over.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

Well...After putting it off for to long...Chapter 3 is finally posted...Again...Still boring... But oh well...More actiony (is that even a word?) stuff in Chapter 4....Probably...lolz I feel SOOOOO LAZY.

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'Tis epic. The only thing I have to point out -- she randomly starts laughing, and everyone's okay with it? Not sure on that part.


BEAUTIFUL. Reading on~

Posted 12 Years Ago

“Screw the nurse!” Bree yelled, standing up and slamming a fist onto her desk. “Call the f*****g hospital!” Not like they'll help, but still. ---- Bwahaha I loved that xD

The whole thing was funny in a weird way. I don't know why but it just was. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

This chapter I felt was rushed. While it kept the plot line going, I think it may have been a good chance to go into more detail with several of the characters. There were many things happening in this chapter and it just seemed that everything went by almost to fast. Idk.. just me.

Still, getting the ideas down and continuing on is the most important thing about story writing, so it's all good.

Line 5 - "tarted?" Typo?


Posted 13 Years Ago

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LOLOLOL. THAT WAS SO FUNNY BUT I'M NOT REALLY SURE WHY. It just is. I love it, though. "Just...Not that kind of fun."

Posted 13 Years Ago

Lol. Lol. Lolololl.... that chapter was hilarious for some reason... xD And yeah, I likee. But yes you already knew that... HAHAHAHAH NOT THAT KIND OF FUN and yes I understood that the moment I read it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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