Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

All this does is continues from the last chapter. I was just too lazy to write it and post it together. x3

They found Alice walking around the back of the girls' dormitory.

"Alice?" Skyla asked cautiously.


"What did you do?" Seth asked.

"Nothing out of the usual," she shrugged.

Roxas walked away from them, heading towards the front of the building.

"Define, 'usual'," Seth said skeptically.

"All I did was---"

"Guys," Roxas called. "You might wanna get over here. Now."

Damien ran over in a flash, followed by a weary looking Seth, Bree, and Skyla.

"Oh Jesus---"

"Mother of God---"

"Holy s**t---"


It was, of course, up in flames. The room, I mean.

More specifically, Damien's room.

"Alice," Seth warned.

"What did you do?" Skyla gasped, mouth gaping in awe.

"Hotcakes," Alice said simply.

A firetruck rolled around the corner, and a few men jumped out.

"Alice?" one asked.


"Was anyone in the room?"


He nodded and ran back to the truck to set up the hose.

They all watched as water shot out and flooded the room.

"We couldn't find the cause of the fire," one said. "The evidence was probably burned away."

"Thank you," Skyla said.

Damien said nothing as the firetruck drove off. He couldn't look away from his charred room.

"Alice," Roxas scolded,"what have I told you about starting fires?"

"Not to unless there's supervision," she mumbled, looking at the ground.

He lifted her chin and forced her to meet his gaze. "No more burning up Damien's room unless I'm there, alright?"

"Okay!" she agreed happily. "...Carry me?"

Alice hopped on Roxas' back, and sang softly as he carried her off to her room.

"...Is this normal?" Bree asked, looking at the still dumfounded Damien.

"It happens at least once every three months," Seth sighed, ending a call and rubbing his eyes.

"It's never been a room before," Skyla added, glancing at the room.

"Uh...Dylan said he could room with him for a few nights," Seth said. "So, I'll just, take him there..."

"Night," the girls said.

Bree stood there a moment longer before shaking her head and walking to her room.

It was best just to ignore it all sometimes.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

Yes, Roxie. I remembered the hotcakes. Can't forget the hotcakes. x3

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Posted 12 Years Ago

BWHAHAHA. SHE SET THE ROOM ON FIRE. I'm, like, liking this chick more and more each second.

SDOIDFDJFGDFJOG. I. DIED. Thou must writeth more! So I can spaz and read and comment with more unhelpful reviews!~

Posted 12 Years Ago

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♫ Death City ♥, NV

Hi my name's Rayne and I don't write much anymore which means I'm never on this website. more..

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