Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

This Demon Hunting isn't all it's cracked up to be.

When the three arrived at the West Wing Food Court, it was in surprisingly good condition. Blue goo coated the walls in thick layers, but nothing else appeared wrong.

"Lovely. Demon Artist," Alice said grimly, surveying the blue crap.

"A what?" Bree asked, clueless.

"There's a lot of types of Demons. Didn't I tell you before?" Seth asked from his spot on the floor near the fountain.

"I dunno. Did you?"

Sighing, Alice shook her head impatiently. "Like he said, there are quite a few. This one, a Demon Artist, can use acid, or a superglue like substance. The green stuff is always acidic and deadly. But the blue stuff is only dangerous when it cools off. Something gets caught in that, you're stuck to it forever," she explained more thoroughly. "And why the f**k are you lying down?"

"Because I can," Seth answered dully, pulling out his gun from his back pocket and re-loading it.

The three stood, or sat in Seth's case, around boredly, talking about any topic that seemed to come up.

"I'm glad I got to Victoria's Secret before it got trashed," the crimson haired girl sighed.

"And why were you there?" Bree asked.

"To get you bras and s**t, obviously."

"...How did you get my---?"

"Skyla knows everything about you. She really is your best friend. She told me a lot before she ran off somewhere."

"What else did she tell you?"

"You basically worship your hair, and can't stand to see it short. You detest dogs---"


"---but you love Yorkies, and who can blame you? They're adorable."

"That they are."

"Your three favorite colors are black, silver, and blue. Which is pretty obvious from your room, by the way. You're a smart a*s, and a lazy a*s. You're seriously book smart, but, again, you're lazy and hate to do work."

"...She tell you about Leah?" Bree asked sadly.

"No...No, she didn't. Skyla said that family was a bit of a...touchy subject when I asked. But you do know that you can still vis---"

"Heads up!" Seth yelled, as a table flew over top of them.

Alice gracefully jumped out of the way, her fluffy fox tail swishing as she did. Bree, not as nearly elegant or practiced, evaded it as well. Much faster then she was normally capable of moving.

"You're reflexes are getting better," Seth appraised, sitting on a table and loading his gun without a care in the world, and paying little to no attention to the Demon.

Bree took a few steps back to take in it's appearance.

It was the same red color as the previous few she'd seen. But it had claws, and didn't seem nearly as harmless as the others. The tips of the fingers were either blue on one hand, and green on the other. It wasn't as tall, and wore a sadistic grin on it's face, as opposed to a blank look.

Alice grinned as she ran up to the Demon Artist. Jumping, she flipped frontwards, and brought down her heel onto it's head. Quickly moving her left leg, she used her right to slam into it's neck.

She landed on both feet, and laughed as the Shadow smashed into a column.

"All you," she called cheerfully, acting as if her hand was a gun. "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!" A gunshot was fired for each word.

To both of the Soul Chasers' surprised, the creature arose out of the pile of rubble with no major wounds.

Sights set on Seth, it ran straight pass Alice, leaving her wide eyed and confused, and lunged at him. Much faster then he was expecting.

The Demon Artist's claws slashed Seth's right bicep, shredding the sleeve of his shirt, and cutting a few layers of skin. It was about to attack again when it was hit upside the head with a rock.

"Hey, assfuck!"

The Demon whirred around to see Bree with an armful of rocks, tossing one up in the air.

She smirked smugly...Until the Shadow Demon came after her.

"I did not think this through," she thought to herself as the thing charged after her.

Her eyes grew wide, and she dropped all rocks on hand before running for her dear life.

"S**t s**t s**t s**t!" the girl thought, breaking into a sprint faster then she'd ever gone before.

"A little help here!"

"...I would, but this is funny," Seth said bluntly.

"Alice!" Bree wailed. "Do something!"

"Like what?" The pyromaniac was suddenly right beside her.

"I don't know, and, quite frankly, I don't care! I just don't wanna die...! Today!"

"...'Kay!" she said cheerfully, before stopping suddenly and pivoting on her foot to face the opposite direction. The Demon didn't expect the sudden pause, so it continued to run. Alice used it's gaining momentum to flip it. Before it could hit the ground, she used her elbow to ram it into the ground.

"Try to hit it's head this time," Alice hissed at Seth.
He grunted. The universal guy language for "yes."

The silver eyed girl danced out of the way before the bullets went through her.

Bree watched soundlessly from the center of the food court as the Demon Artist was shot into the ground. With a scream so loud her ears started to ring, the Shadow was engulfed in a flame that sent it back to the pits of Hell.

"...That's what you do everyday?" she asked, walking over to where Seth was sitting.

"Not everyday," Alice sighed, rolling her eyes.

"Fine. For the majority of your life?" Bree amended, tearing off part of Seth's shirt and binding his bleeding arm.

"Pretty much."

"And you're okay with it?"

"We've been training to do this for years. We're all used to the idea. You're the only one who hasn't been brought up this way."

"...How long?"


"How long have you guys been doing this?" Bree asked, wiping away the rest of the blood that trailed down his arm.

Well...We're supposed to first start killing them when we're twelve or so...But Sethy-boy here, being the prodigy that he is, started when he was ten or something. All of us are fifteen turning sixteen, except for Sky and...That thing. So, most of us have been doing it for about three years or so."

"...I think I'm still bleeding," Seth said boredly, staring at the blood that continued to drip down his shoulder like it happened everyday. Even though it probably did.

"Well, what am I supposed to do?" Bree growled, placing her hands on her hips and getting up in his face with narrowed eyes.


"Skyla? When did you get here---Why the f**k do you have wings?" the brunette asked, crystal blue eyes filled with confusion.

"Adalia's a bird. She can fly. Now move over so he doesn't bleed to death," Skyla replied, flapping her pure white wings a few times and pushing her aside gently.

"I'm not gonna bleed to death. It's not a deep wound," Seth sighed.

"No, but you're lucky that acid didn't get into it, or you might as well be dead," the blond hissed back.

Seth shut up as Skyla leaned over the cut to close it up. As she backed away, Bree grabbed his arm as if inspecting it.


"I healed it. I know for a fact that this has been explained to you.

"I know that! But there's no distinct scar."

"No, there's not."

"You healed Alice, didn't you?"


"Her scar looks a thousand times worst. No offense."

"None taken," she shrugged.

"...I was younger. My powers weren't as developed," Skyla replied tightly.

Bree said nothing as Seth hopped off the table and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"So, where's that Larissa chick?" Bree asked after a moment of silence.

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting!"

...Speak of the Devil.

"It's fine!" the blond replied with a false expression of happiness.

Larissa swooped down, making a big show of flaunting off her wings.

Alice rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms. "I'm waiting in the car. I have to put up with Damien, I don't need this." With that, the crimson haired girl was running off.

"...She coming home with us?" Seth asked.

:No. She has her own car," Skyla replied, shaking her head.

"Well...I guess I'll meet Alice in the car before she burns another one. You are coming home with us though, right?"

"Yep. I'll meet you two there in a second."

"Alrighty. C'mon Bree."

Bree was prepared to be tossed over his shoulder, but was clearly shocked by the little squeak she made when her legs were knocked out form under her. And although Seth caught her and picked her up bridal style before she hit the ground, he was promptly smacked in the head.

"...Bree-Bunny...No need to be so mean," Seth sighed, grinning at her.

She elbowed him in the chest while he laughed it off and an after Alice. It was going to be a long ride home.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

...I'm not proofing this right now. I don't feel like it. So, yeah.

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I agree with Cheezit. I'm a total Bree/Seth supporter now. *squees*

*goes on to read more*

Posted 12 Years Ago

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YES SETH AND BREE SHOULD BE TOGETHER. i havent even read the chapter i just saw maddie's review and the breexseth thing so yeah i had to say it.

DEMON ARTIIIIST. XD "what didnt i tell you?" xDDD

lolassfuck. that reminds me. you rewrote some of this book right? tat was the reason i wasnt reading it by the way but i dont care. so ima just pretend i reread it and that everything is the same as usual. 8D. xD

I LOVE SKYLA'S ROOM......did i just put ROOM instead of WINGS!?!?!? GAWD I FAIL FO FAWING MUC FDIHDFHFG I CANT EDHFIHGF. lol. anyway. LALALALA. he threw jer ...HER oer...OVER this ...HIS shoulder again. xD bree-bunny. GAH ITS SO F*****G CUTE.


Posted 12 Years Ago

--this ish still maddie...--

awesomeness. :3

yeah. i support breeXseth too. so, yeah. you should make them go out. :P

yeah, you should post more, but since you're rewriting it, i guess that's not going to happen until FOREVER. ._.

--is going to get on her OWN account now .-.--

Posted 12 Years Ago

i really like it.. write more pls

oh and i think seth and bree should go out

Posted 12 Years Ago

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