Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Three

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

Oh lovely. More explanations.

"Hi Bree---Oh dear."

Bree glared at Desdemona, who was stretched out on her desk, and cursed at the cat under her breath as the tail she was cursed with lashed back and forth.

This wasn't going to go well, she just knew it.

"Um...I see you've learned how to shift---"

"No. I don't. This little gremlin over here did it."

Lenobia pursed her lips, and eyed the Guardian with a thoughtful expression.

"Well, then this may take some time...Class! Independent study, please!"

Lenobia motioned for Bree to follow her towards the back of the room, where some yoga mats were spread out.

She saw Alice take Roxas' black and white checkered book-bag and use it as a pillow to take a nap on while he took out a map and started marking on it with a red sharpie. Seth took out some lined paper and started writing on it boredly.

Bree sat down, tucking her legs under her, and grabbed Desdemona, forcing her to stay still.

"Hm...Where shall I start...?"

"With how to change me back?" Bree asked hopefully.

She was tired of seeing in the eyes of a cat. All the colors were messed up and she didn't like it for just walking around.

"Sorry, but no," she said, giving her a small half smile. "We need to start at the beginning, and it may be a lot to take in. Ready?"

As if she had a choice. But she nodded anyway, and Lenobia began her lecture.

"The soul. Every living thing has one, be it an animal or human. It's impossible to actually live without one and be considered alive. The soul not only contains personality, but it's the very thing that gives life. Now, there are a few types of souls. But for now we're going to categorize them into only three main groups. Human, Immortal, and Demon.

We'll start with the explanation of the Human soul. No matter how corrupted the person may be, the soul almost impossible to be considered evil, or tainted, unless in the possession of a Demon. Demons don't need Human souls in order to live, but they do take them. Be it for a snack, or just for games. When this happens, the soul, otherwise immortal, is destroyed."

"So...Then Human souls are Immortal souls?"

"No. The Immortal soul allows the body's current shape to stay the same. While Human souls themselves are immortal, the 'host' is not. And since we're already discussing it, Demons aren't immortal either. Just the soul. Although they do have extended lifetimes. With me so far?"

"Yeah. Continue."

"Alrighty, then. Within the three groups, there are different types of souls. You can think of our souls, Soul Chasers, as a type of hybrid or something. While it's still human, it has another attribute normal souls do not. We have the ability to share the energy of other souls."

"Will it work for any soul?"

"That's where it gets a bit strange. While we have this ability, we can only use it in the presence of an Immortal soul. Other souls aren't strong enough, or give off enough energy.

But consequently, the type of soul a Guardian has is the only one we have a chance with sharing the soul's energy. The final rule is that the soul has to have a similar frequency to our own. A special connection."

"...Is...That it?"

"Yes, I suppose that's enough lecturing for now. Close your eyes.and get comfortable."

Bree did as told, wanting to get back to normal.

"Now, you need to---"

Open up your senses.

Bree's eyes flashed open to reveal...Nothing?

It was pitch black, and she couldn't even see the back of her hand let alone figure out where the f**k she was.

Wait...A voice. Where did it come from again?

She tried to move her legs, but she couldn't exactly feel them then. It was like they were glued the the non-existent floor.

So...She was floating, right?

D****t, this was confusing! Why couldn't the voice just talk or something---

Look for a light.

What light? What the Hell are you talking about? There's nothing here.

Intention is key. Just search for a bright light.

So she found her self looking for said bright light that wasn't anywhere to be---Oh, hey. There it is. Cool.

A small ball of blue made it's way into Bree's line of vision. As for it's appearance of getting bigger, it was either coming closer or Bree was moving.

Honestly, she didn't care at the moment.

'Kay. Cool. Ball of light. Now what?

Look at it.

Okay. So she'd just do as the voice in her head was telling her to. But didn't that mean she was insane?

No, you're not insane. But sometimes I wonder...

...Do I know you?

Tch. She didn't give you a very thorough explanation, did she? Oh well. Yes, you do know me.

Any hints?

You love me to death, no matter how much I annoy you.

I'm finding it hard to love something, or someone, that won't tell me what the f**k it is.

Really? You're kinda bad at guessing games. It's Desdemona.

So you're inside my head?

Not exactly.

Care to elaborate on that?

Hm...I guess you could say you're on a different...Universe? I don't really know how to describe it to you. Your consciousness isn't on the Earth plane anymore.

Is that dangerous?

No. But it'd be in your best interest not to stay around here for long periods of time.

Care to tell me why?

Not everything on this plane is good. It's not safe to be here without guidance.

Okaaay...So...What was I doing again?

Looking at your soul.

Oh. Okay---HER soul?

Yes, your soul. It's really not that weird if you think about it.

Fine. Okay. Sure. She'd look at her perfectly normal soul that was covered with something she was one hundred percent sure wasn't natural.

It's...Black. Why?

This is what happens when one starts to become partially dependent on another's soul energy. It starts to become corrupted. In this case, it's not a bad thing. But in other's, it means an inevitable destruction.

So...What do I do?

Remove it.

You're just so helpful, Demona.

Imagine it dissipating,
see it dissipating. Not absorbing. Never absorbing.

Feeling like she was in one of those mediation classes Skyla had talked her into going to once, she blocked out everything and focused on the task at hand.

Bree imagined the black on her soul falling away, leaving it clean and back to it's original state.

When that didn't work, she was more then a little pissed off.

So much for that idea...

How else was she supposed---

God she was stupid.

Bree walked/floated/what-the-f**k-ever over to her soul and placed both hands firmly on the blue orb. Then she simply peeled the partial coating away.

Voila. All done.

Well. That's different, I suppose.

Er...How would I...get it back on?

It won't be this difficult again. You have the experience. Just picture all of this again, give or take a few features. You'll still need to open up your senses, but you won't need to travel to this plane again. You can, however. Just...Make sure I'm here, alright?


Open up your soul a bit. That way I'll be able to talk to you as well. It'll be nice, having you hear me after years and years.

Pffft. Whatever, Demona.

Run along now. I'll be there when you get back.


Her eyes slowly opened, and she winced at the sudden brightness.

Color. F**k yes, it worked.

"I see everything's in order. Good job!"

"I missed human vision."

Lenobia laughed and rose from the floor.

"Well, class ended about five minutes ago, but Alice insisted that she stay. I already gave her a pass. You're free to go to your next class, now."

Bree nodded and hurried out the door with her things.

"No more cat ears," Alice pouted, looking at the top of her head.

"They were annoying for school use."

Alice rolled her eyes and hooked arms with her.

"On to Ace's class," she announces, walking towards the work out area.

"Is...He like all the other gym teachers?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh...I forgot. You didn't really go to a normal school, did you?"

Alice frowned. "No, we did. We started here in...I guess you'd consider it sixth grade. We went to a different school, closer to home. But everyone went there."

"I see.But why not go to an elementary school with normal people. Why only other Soul Chasers?"

"Well...A lot of us were reallf fond of our Guardians. So they tended to hang around us a lot. Now, what would you do if a large tiger popped up out of no where?"

"Flip the f**k out."

"Yeah. So, we had to go to a secluded school, away from everybody else. Our parents decided when we were ready to go out in public. They had to make sure it was okay, and that we looked and acted like any other human being. I can remember being really confused and upset that I couldn't take Cytheria with me when we went out to dinner and stuff. Other kids had no problem with having their Guardian out of sight all the time. But some of us were just really attached to them."

"So the reason I don't see a zoo everywhere around here is..."

"That since we were little, we've been told that our Guardians shouldn't be in seen much. People still stick by that at this age. Cytheria's usually running around, or just by my feet during class. I'm assuming it'd boring to stay...Where ever she goes when she's not here all day."

"That makes sense, I guess."

"So, ready for class."

"Sortta. Why?"

"Forgot to tell you earlier, I think...Don't take this literally, but Ace is kinda the teacher from Hell."

They entered the building and the first thing Bree heard was yelling and demands.


F**k. Yeah. She hated training already.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

I had this all written up in my notebook, with perfect explanations, and everything mapped out. But then I lost the damned thing. So I had to rewrite it.
Especially when I kept wanting to say "wavelength" but I didn't so I'm proud of myself. :D
But I'm done, so it's all good. <3

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*cannot review properly 'cause she wants to read the next chapter so badly*

Posted 12 Years Ago

Rayne have you noticed that this is your second "Chapter Twenty Two." .__. I MAY BE WRONG CAUSE I DON'T FEEL LIKE CHECKING AGAIN, BUT...

Oh and also.

""Now, you need to---"
Open up your senses."


Posted 12 Years Ago

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