Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Four

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.



She did a little salute and skipped away to the locker rooms, leaving Bree all alone.

Great friends she had, right?

"What are you waiting for? LAPS," Ace snapped.

Bree just stood there for a moment and stared.

"I. Am not. Working out. In jeans," she said slowly.

Ace rolled his eyes and retreated to his office. He came out seconds later with a loose T-s**t and a pair of really short shorts.

"Here. Change. Laps. Now," he said, handing her the new gym uniform.

"Do I get a locker...?"

"Kids theses days," Ace sighed, shaking his head. "So needy. You can share Alice's today. I get you one eventually."

Bree shook her head and hurried towards the locker rooms as Ace left the building.

"Hey Alice? I'm borrowing your locker, alright?" Bree said, walking through the door.

"Yeah, sure. Might wanna hurry though."

She changed, stuffed the things in the shared locker, and followed Alice to the track.

"Ew...Effort," Bree grumbled as she started to run around the 200 meter track.

"You'll get used to it pretty quickly."

"I highly doubt that."

"But I could get used to seeing you in this outfit."

Bree stumbled at the new addition to their conversation.

"D****t Seth. Can you not be a perv for five minutes?" she hissed, glaring at him as he came up towards her right side.

"I could," he drawled thoughtfully. Then he grinned at her. "But your reactions are too fun for me not to."

Bree rolled her eyes and picked up her pace a bit, legs screaming in protest.

"Yeah, you're not gonna outrun me," Seth informed her.

"I can try, can't I?" she ground out, idiotically wasting energy by speaking.

"Oh no. Go ahead, be my guest. I might actually humor you, too. The view from behind is nice, too."

Bree's face exploded with blush, and as she tried to push Seth or hit him or something, he laughed at her pitiful attempts.


Bree all but died on the floor with relief. She instantly stopped jogging, and switched to dragging her feet.

"Well, we finished the track and field unit yesterday, so for the new quarter we moving on to something else. Baseball."

Baseball...Meh. There was worse.

"And you'll be picking your own teams! Groups of nine, people!"

Yeah. This wasn't fun.

"Before we start, we'll need some team captains."

Oh lovely. Now she got to be that last one standing.

"Delilah! Mandy! Elliot! Jake! Get up here!"

...Delilah? Wasn't she the chick from this morning? D****t, f**k this.

"I'd rather not..." she said slowly, looking at the ground.

"Oh really now?"

"I-I-I mean, if I have to, then---"

If you won't be taking this seriously, I'll get someone who will. ALICE! Front and center!"

Good. She was saved. Nice.

"I'm picking first because I can, and no one's going to say anything," Alice decided. "Bree, c'mere!"

Bree walked over to Alice, and stood beside her.

"Um...Let's see..." Mandy was twirling her blond hair around a finger, and was apparently as ditzy as she looked.

Bree decided to tune out the voices of the team captains, apart from Alice. Seeing as she was right next to her, it was a bit hard.






"No, I don't NEED anymore players."

"But you only have seven," Mandy argued.

Alice quickly spun around, grabbed Spencer, and pushed him in front of her.

"He is worth at LEAST two people. I don't need anymore."


"He. Can. Clone. Him. Self. I have as many f*****g players as I need!"

"But that's still not---"

"ACE! This counts, doesn't it?"

"Hm...Mandy, do you think it's fair?" he asked.


"Then yes, it does count, Alice."

Alice smiled with triumph and walked back over to the rest of their team as Mandy glared at her retreating figure.

"Twenty minutes with the practice equipment! Starting...Now!"

"Okay, ya little hermit," Alice said, jumping on Bree's back. "Time to introduce all of the small children here!"

Bree adjusted around Alice to make it more comfortable, and started walking over to where Ace pointed.

"You already know Roxas and Seth," she continued, ticking off the names on one hand," and we all know Spencer."

She came to a stop and searched for the familiar but unfamiliar face.

There. He was looking back at her with an eyebrow raised, and an amused smile on his face. His hair looked similar to Seth's, with it appearing layered, but just a bit shorter. Deep green eyes peered out from under his bangs in curiosity.



"You sent that text..."

"I send a lot of texts."

"But the...And the...You don't DO...Alice?"

"Yeeeees?" she asked, swinging her legs.

"Can I borrow your shoe?"


Bree dislodged the pair of converse from her foot, and threw it at an unsuspecting Spencer without hesitation.

"OUCH, D****T!"

Spencer groaned and took a knee, nursing his injured head. Bree just walked away, calmer now that she had worked out her anger.

"I'm Robin!" A girl with burgundy colored hair scraped back into a ponytail greeted, large brown eyes sparkling with happiness. "I'm Alice's mentor. I'm assuming you're the reason she hasn't really talked to me much for a few days."

"Ah. S**t, sorry, I didn't meant to---" Bree started, not wanting to be the friend stealer.

"Don't worry about it," Robin said, shaking her head and waving the idea off. "S'all good. I'm glad she has a new friend."

She gave a sigh of relief and looked to the last member of their team.

"Dallas. Dallas Baker."

Tall with short, sandy blond hair, and blue eyes. His hair looked lighter in some places, and there were freckles on almost every visible part of him.

"Cool to meet you."

"C'mon, Spence," Robin sighed, lifting him into a fireman's carry.

"F**k, Robin---! This isn't comfortable and you know it!" he growled.

"Oh well," she sang.

XxoxX                           ~~~~ XxoxX ~~~~                           XxoxX

"Five bruises, two sprains, one pulled muscle, and just one broken bone. Great stats for the first game."

Everyone agreed and retreated to the locker rooms after Ace had gave the playback.

"God, it was broken?" Bree whispered in disbelief.

"Well, when you throw a heavy metal bat at someone, it normally doesn't result in never ending bliss," Seth ground out.

"I said I'm sorry," she said desperately.

"Sorry doesn't make this any better."

"Whatever happened to it's the thought that counts?"

"That only applies to gifts. This. This is not a gift."


"What did I say about apologizing?!"

"Well what am I supposed to do?! Kiss it and make it all better?"

Seth looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, you don't need to kiss my arm, but---"

"That's it! You're a pervert! End of story, bye!"

Seth smiled as Bree fled the room. It shouldn't be this easy to make her blush.

He growled as whatever medic they had sent set the bone in his arm. Clean break. It'd heal pretty quickly. ...They didn't need to know that though. He could probably get Bree to be a little nice for breaking his arm.

He sighed, and grimaced as the medic tied something tight around where the bone had broken.

"There. You'll be fine in a bit," the monotone voice said, rising from the ground. "it's already healing, and I didn't have to do much but create some cells to mend it together. It'll be sore, but it could've been worse. be happy it didn't splinter."

"Great. I appreciate it," he muttered.

"Later. Hope it doesn't happen again too soon."

"Eh. If it does, it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I get babied for a bit."

The boy looked at Seth as if silently questioning his sanity.

"O-kaaay. If you suddenly remember you hit your head to, come the infirmary ASAP."

As the medic left, Seth inwardly wondered if he was a masochist.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

FFFFFFFFFFFf I wanna write the chapter after this so badly. But this was fun in it's own way. :3

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Where be Dylan? From the yaoiness? Huh.


Spencer. I may steal his name from you. Along with Alice, mebbe.


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